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Blockchain EcoToken - This is a unique project in which EcoTocen's own crypto currency is growing while people help the planet's ecology

Bounty Allocation

Signature Bounty50% - 50 000 Tokens
Youtube/Blogging Bounty10% - 10 000 Tokens
Twitter Bounty10% - 10 000 Tokens
Translation Bounty10% - 10 000 Tokens
Telegram Bounty10% - 10 000 Tokens
Facebook Bounty10% - 10 000 Tokens

General Rules

Signature stakes will be distributed every week, other stakes will be calculated end of the campaign.
First week of the bounty campaign will start on 17th of January, Wednesday.
For any questions regarding the bounty campaign, you can contact me through PM, write a post to this thread or join into our Telegram channal
We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven't been honest with your work.
We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.


Full Member/Member: 1 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)
Senior Member: 1,5 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)
Hero Member: 2 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)
Legendary: 2,25 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)


Participants have to be at least Full Member.
Every participants must wear our signature and personal text.
Multiple accounts will be banned if spotted. Spam is not allowed.
We expect you to post 10 constructive posts per week. Only 3 of these posts can be in local boards.
Posts should be made in altcoin sections, local board included (excluding bounties sections).
You will have to keep wearing our signature, avatar and personal text until the end of the first round.
Do not fill the form without wearing our signature, or you will be rejected.



Youtube video must be at least 2 minute long. You must have at least 100 subscribers.
There must be a link to our website and WP in the description of your video.
Your account must have at least 50 subscribers. Recommended blogs: Steemit, Medium, Golos.
Your article must be unique and have at least 1000 characters.
You must put links to our website and WP.
You will get stakes based on the quality and popularity of your works that will be evaluated by the end of the campaign.
You can get 10, 20 or 30 depending on the quality of your article/video.

Spreadsheet of accepted works:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zTHZrftEM8KFDjrY1iMiK2DmilkMyQAsoC1MNBDZMb4/edit#gid=1173565946


Every participant must be subscribed to our Twitter.https://twitter.com/Eco_token
Your audit evaluation must be more than 85%.
Your Twitter account must be mainly devoted to cryptocurrency topics.
Media representatives are also allowed to participate.
You are to have at least 100 real subscribers.
Every participant must report about their retweets every Thursday.
You may retweet maximum 5 times per week.

Spreadsheet of accepted works:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/2/d/1PqIg0z-WhIOSAZR8OkZ6cPw-VqJEixyWCoMbbvoi-zM/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=106973906658781122392


It is not allowed to use Google Translate or other online-translators.
We accept only high-quality translation.
You must complete the translation of ANN and Bounty within 2 days (10 days for WP) after you started.
You will be officially appointed for a translation only AFTER you receive a PM confirmation from me (Bounty manager nickname).
Translators of ANN + Bounty threads must manage their threads.


ANN+Bounty threads translation: 60 Stakes
Whitepaper Translation: 100 Stakes

We are looking for translators:


Spreadsheet of accepted works:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11sbbqUrvcOgG0LVqySmiu8RMxJYjEOfTyh5zUjEQmJM/edit#gid=1033563170


Join our Telegram channel and get 1 stake!
Total bounty allocated will be divided to the number of participants.
We will give extra stake for active user on Telegram group.

JOIN THROUGH:https://t.me/joinchat/IDgG7g4AeEtk3BbBIDGFwQ

Spreadsheet of accepted works:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EBKugkbsx9cpmvIAD4XNSEhREV6yI86hSEMe7DkTYX4/edit#gid=1903796987


You will get 1 stake if you have less than 1000 friends
You will get 2 stakes if you have more than 1000 friends


Every participant must be subscribed to our official Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/ecotoken.pro
Your Facebook account must be real. We do not accept fake accounts.
You are to have at least 100 real subscribers/friends.
Each participant must report about their reposts every Thursday.
You can make up to 5 shares per week.