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Hello, and welcome to theDogezer Bounty Campaignthread!
Dogezer is an innovative solution which connects idea authors and developers, designers, artists, salespersons and other individuals to collaborate on projects of their liking. Our solution allows the project owner to launch his startup without the need to raise an investment, and for individual contributors it is a perfect opportunity to become cofounders of innovative startups.

With the help of Dogezer product you cangenerate your own tokens(including the ones which are based on Ethereum blockchain) in a matter of minutes, and use these tokens to pay to your team mates, or tostart your own ICO.

Our main website ishttps://dogezer.comand alpha version is available athttps://dogezer.io

Our logo and other materials available here:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1ILIEVDYodySkJ3YWRySHp3UEU

You can find our main BitcoinTalk topic at:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2100916.0

To find out more about Dogezer:

OnePager -https://dogezer.com/static/files/onepager_eng.pdf
Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/dgzcom/
Twitter -https://twitter.com/dogezerCom
Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/dogezercom/
VKontakte -https://vk.com/dogezercom

We are happy to answer any of the questions and looking for your help in promoting out solution as a part of our bounty campaign!

Our ITO dates: Jan 15th - Mar 8th 2018.
Our Hard Cap is 98,000,000 DGZ tokens, which is somewhere between 70M and 98M USD depending on bonuses usage. Depending on a funds collected, we would be burning greater percentage of token each time when it is used, reducing number of tokens available. Any unsold tokens would be burned. 0.5% of tokens sold are reserved for Founders, and 1.5% of tokens sold - are for bounty campaign participants.
To understand the value of DGZ token, it is highly recommended to go through the whitepaper. One DGZ token will worth $0.7-$1 on ITO, and will allow customer to consume $4 worth of resources from our platform. The value $4 will grow over time - after first customer will use his token on a platform, then next user will get a bit more worth of resources, next one will get even more and so on (actual values will be calculated by formula in smart contract). Refer to whitepaper for details

Referral Campaign

Our Two-Tier Referral Program offers:

3%on all contributions received via your referral link
0.3%on all contributions received from referrals of your referrals
ETHPayment is done in Ethereum!

How It Works:

Generate your referral link by completing the fields below.
Publish this link across the internet and refer new visitors tohttps://dogezer.com
Do not SPAM with the link! If we receive any SPAM complaints, you may be banned. Try to be creative with ways to use your referral link!
When the person visits our website via your referral link and provides us his/her wallet and email, this person will be recorded in our system as your personal referral.
If the person joins Whitelist, this person will be recorded as your referral.
If the person opens this page and provides his/her email/wallet to generate a referral link, this person will be recorded as your referral.
In other cases, your referral code will be stored in this persons browser cookies, so if they use the same device/browser to visit our website later and execute any task where he/she provides email/wallet pairs, this person will be recorded as your referral
For public ITO purchasers, the tracking details that a person is your referral will be stored in cookies and will be recorded only at the moment when they execute the purchase.
If the person already visited our website through a referral link, all future visits will not change the referrer of this person.
Referral program has 2 tiers, which means you will also get 0.3% from each purchase done by a referral of your referral.
You can go back to this page at any moment and see the list of your referrals by entering the same email and wallet you used to generate the referral link.
You will be able to audit the transactions for our ITO smartcontract and see the purchases your referrals have made.
The minimal payment in referral campaign is 0.05 ETH.
Referral program payments will be executed only if SoftCap is collected.
All of the payments for referral campaign will be executed manually and will be completed no later than May 1st, 2018. We will do everything possible to expedite this process.
Dogezer Team will do everything possible to ensure proper behaviour and stability of our referral tracking solution, but as we depend on third parties, there may be cases when referrals are not properly tracked.
Dogezer Team reserves the right to ban referral campaign participation in case of spam complaints or if there is any other misbehaviour. Banned persons will not receive referral payments.


Bounty Campaign
Our Bounty Campaign is split into 5 key phases.

Announcement Campaign: 21 Aug - 1 Oct: Finished. 0.12% of all DGZ tokens
ITO Preparation Campaign: Dec 1st - Jan 19th: Finished. 0.40% of all DGZ tokens
ITO Campaign: Jan 19th - Mar 8th: Currently Active0.40% of all DGZ tokens.
Translations: Currently Active0.18% of all DGZ tokens.
Others: audits, code reviews, competitions, etc.: 0.40% of all DGZ tokens.

Note that percentages above are from total number of tokens which would be sold at ITO. Final rewards would be determined and distributed in 2 weeks after end of ITO in March of 2018.

The first part, "Announcement Bounty Campaign" have finished in October of 2017. Results with stakes assigned for every person are available in this spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/158w6o1jqDFnPqWgZqhk_ibAmlFLTRvwQspNg1afz0Gk/edit#gid=0

Second part, "ITO Preparation Campaign" have finished Jan 19th. The latest reports for it are currently being processed, final stakes distribution will be published on Jan 28th in this spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ksouboHwIRtlvL1ySb6MaXd4kc5fWsTlE8w9MVSa_zM/edit#gid=646024783

Third phase of bounty campaign, starts Jan 19th, 2018 and ends March 8th, 2018.We invite you to join this phase!

Active Bounty Campaign phase
Currently active ITO Bounty Campaign consist from:

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram SubCampaign: 0.18% of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO (0.06% for each social network)
Telegram SubCampaign: 0.04 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO
BitcoinTalk Signature SubCampaign: 0.045 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO.
Blogs SubCampaign: 0.09 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO
Other SubCampaign: 0.045 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO

We will use stakes to determine how much tokens you will get. Assuming for example there will be 100 eligible participants for Facebook campaign, each person may get between 588DGZ and 6DGZ for 7 weeks of posts and reposts in just one SubCampaign (depends on funds raised on Dogezer ITO). The maximum amount one person could earn by participating in each SubCampaign is limited to 3000 DGZ (3000$ equivalent). Maximum what one person could earn from participating in multiple SubCampaigns during ITO Campaign is 15000 DGZ.

General Rules

Only one account per one person.
Use of multiple accounts, cheating and spamming is strictly prohibited and could result in a ban.
Accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
Only positive information. No negative information.
Your posts, comments, reposts should be of a good quality and be related to our project.
Your posts, comments and reposts should be unique in each network and SHOULD follow grammar rules.
We do not want to reward spammers. If your posts are off-topic (or you are engaged in spam), you will be disqualified.
If you don't reach minimum amount of posts/retweets/likes in Twitter/Facebook/Signature/Telegram campaigns, you will not receive any stake for the current week. We would not remove you from campaign, you can try again next week.
Members with negative BitcoinTalk rating may be rejected from campaign. We may need to confirm the relation of your Twitter/FB/Telegram account to BitcoinTalk account through personal message on BitcoinTalk.
User can participate in several Dogezer SubCampaigns at the same time.
We are looking for active BitcoinTalk, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram members and bloggers. You may apply for additional bonuses if you are influential and well connected. Mail tocommunity@dogezer.comwith requests.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without any explanation.
In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes.
We reserve the right to change these conditions, if we will find that these conditions are not working well either for Dogezer or for members of bounty campaign.
We invite you to join our portal athttps://dogezer.ioto know our product better.
We plan to start managing our bounty campaign through our product available athttps://dogezer.iosometime in January. You may be requested to join athttps://dogezer.ioand send reports thorough our system when this process will start.
We reserve the right to change the conditions of our bounty campaign before the next bounty period starts.
Do not remove shares, likes, comments and reposts before the end of Token Sale. Removal will nullify your stake for the week when they have been assigned.
All of the participants of first two phases of our bounty are automatically accepted into current phase (ITO Campaign) and dont need to register once again.

To participate
1. Fill this Form of participation for every chosen SubCampaign:

Bitcointalk Signature SubCampaign:https://docs.google.com/a/dogezer.com/forms/d/167EOONYdtyZx1PJJ05WglSXIzxEGc5VWyjIKn3BS3Kc/edit
Other SubCampaign: contact us at Telegram bounty channelhttps://t.me/dogezer_bountyor through emailcommunity@dogezer.comif you want to participate

2. Join Telegram Bounty channel:https://t.me/dogezer_bountyand Dogezer Official Telegram channel:https://t.me/dogezer
We would use telegram to contact you if we would have any questions/would need to discuss any of the topics related to bounty.
Joining Telegram channels is mandatory condition to participate in Dogezer Bounty campaign. We will be discussing campaign details inside "Bounty" Channel inside Telegram, please dont post reports/bounty related questions into main channel.
3. Check this spreadsheet to see, if you were accepted:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LI49P61sKfACqssEnvYM_RgOG95cJlVYa3v2flvj8a8/edit?usp=sharing
The acceptance process can take a couple of days as we manually review applicants.
4. According to the chosen SubCampaign in ITO Campaign, follow our profile in the next network(s):

Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/dgzcom/
Twitter -https://twitter.com/dogezerCom
Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/dogezercom/
Telegram - join our chat -https://t.me/dogezer
Medium -https://medium.com/@dogezercom
YouTube -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxaU9UXzG7VvjHhnlmmSmJA

5. Complete tasks for appropriate campaign
6. Deliver the reports on job done within the timeframes enumerated below through one of these methods:

A post in this thread (English Language Thread only)
PM on BitcoinTalk
PM in Telegram to @nikita_gazlowe, @Nataliya_dogezer, @Callibur

Weekly timeline:

Jan 19 - Jan 26 (including), report due Jan 27-28, stakes assigned Jan 28 - Feb 1
Jan 27 - Feb 2 (including), report due Feb 3-4, stakes assigned Feb 4 -Feb 8
Feb 3 - Feb 9 (including), report due Feb 10-11, stakes assigned Feb 11 - Feb 15
Feb 10 - Feb 16 (including), report due Feb 17-18, stakes assigned Feb 18 - Feb 22
Feb 17 - Feb 23 (including), report due Feb 24-25, stakes assigned Feb 25 - Mar 1
Feb 24 - Mar 2 (including), report due Mar 3-4, stakes assigned Mar 4 - Mar 8
Mar 3 - Mar 8 (including), report due Mar 9-10, stakes assigned Mar 10 - Mar 15

You would need to send reports to us to receive rewards. Please provide the evidence of the work done in a report (list of links, screenshots, etc). We will contact you over the medium you used if we will have any questions and to let you know assigned stakes.
Sample report for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or another SubCampaign (to be provided in Dogezer Bounty Telegram Chanel to get stakes):

Campaign Name: Facebook
Account Name: Alex Kozlov
Account URL:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100018674143477
Link Type: Likeshttps://thisisalinktomylike.com
Link Type: Posts

Feel free to ask any questions on Dogezer Telegram Bounty channel:https://t.me/dogezer_bounty
In case you need assistance through email - usecommunity@dogezer.comemail address.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram campaign:

Repetitive posts or senseless posts AND COMMENTS may result in you being banned, better do less posts but with a good quality.
Text shouldnt repeat any other your posts AND COMMENTS in other social network or any other Dogezer posts
You can participate in multiple social networks campaigns at the same moment of time.
Registration is separate for each social network
To participate in Facebook campaign, you need to have at minimum of 100 real friends
To participate in Twitter campaign, you need to have at minimum 200 followers
To participate in Instagram campaign, you need to have at minimum 200 followers
At least 85% of your subscribers shouldnt be bots
If there are not enough recent posts to like/comment/repost by some reason, you may like/comment/repost older posts

Available Bounty Tasks:

Like our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post
At minimum 10 likes a week
More likes in a week dont have any impact on reward
1 stake per week if all requirements are satisfied
2 stakes per week if all requirements are satisfied and you have more than 300 followers on this social network.

Share/Repost our message from official Dogezer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page:
At minimum 7 share/reposts a week
More shares dont have any impact on reward
Not more than 2 share/reposts a day
7 stakes per week if all requirements are satisfied
10 stakes per week if all requirements are satisfied and you have more than 300 followers on this social network
Post about us on your or any group which is cryptocurrency, ICO or technology related:
Minimum 5 posts during the course of campaign, maximum 10 posts in one week
Maximum of 50 posts during the course of campaign
More than 3 posts a day wouldnt be counted
Minimum 20 words
Should contain #dogezer hashtag
Should contain link tohttps://dogezer.com
Text content should be reasonable and say something about our platform
Language should be good, dont post low quality content
Repetitive posts or senseless posts may result in you being banned, better do less posts but with a good quality.
1 post = 5 stakes if all requirements are satisfied
1 post = 7 stakes if you have more than 300 followers on this social network
If we will like your post and repost it on our social media +20 stakes per such post

Comment our posts

Comment on our posts or posts about us

Not more than 3 comments a day

Minimum 10 words

Text content should be reasonable and say something about our platform

Language should be good, dont post low quality content

If thread you are commenting dont contain #dogezer hashtag or our linkhttps://dogezer.com, please add this in your comment

Minimum 10 comments a week

More than 20 comments a week wouldnt be counted


  • 1 stake per each comment

Write article/big post about us:
Min 300 symbols w/o spaces
Should have #dogezer and #dgz hashtags
Should have a link to our websitehttps://dogezer.com
Language specific content is accepted (i.e. you could write in your native language)
30 stakes per article
5 stakes for reposting it to different other social networks/blogs/etc
No limit on reward there and additional reward may be provided for quality and popular content

Set profile picture with our logo except your picture or on top of your picture:
Logo should stay till the end of campaign
Logo should be clearly visible
You need to complete one other task in this social network a week
The last day when you could join Logo campaign - Feb 17th. Applications after this date would be rejected.
30 stakes

Reports should be provided according to schedule defined above.
Feel free to ask any questions in on Dogezer Telegram Bounty channel:https://t.me/dogezer_bounty

Telegram campaign (0.04 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO) Tasks and Rules:
Available Bounty Tasks:

Send short message in ICO topic telegram group/channel about Dogezer
Message should have a link tohttps://dogezer.com
Min number of symbols for message: 20 w/o spaces
Every message should be posted only once in one group
10 stakes per message

Invite Friend into Dogezer telegram channel
You need to convince a person to join our telegram channel -https://t.me/dogezer
You need to send us a screenshot of your chat with that person where you talk on Dogezer and convince that person to join our channel
That person should stay in group for at least 2 weeks
20 stakes per friend invited

Big post in telegram group about ICO/ITO/Crypto about Dogezer:
Should have a link tohttps://dogezer.com
Min number of symbols for message: 200 w/o spaces
Every message should be posted only once in one group
20 stakes per message

Reports should be provided according to schedule defined above.
Feel free to ask any questions in on Dogezer Telegram Bounty channel:https://t.me/dogezer_bounty

Blogs campaign (0.09 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO) Tasks and Rules:
Available Bounty Tasks:

Comment our content at Medium/Reddit/Youtube and Like it
At least 10 subscribes on a media you are writing comment
Comment should be reasonable and properly spelled
Writing spam comments would be HIGHLY discouraged and persons doing so would be banned.
Comment min 20 words
Reward: 6 stakes

Write message on various platforms & blogs about Dogezer
Use link to our website or whitepaper
Each message is counted only once, if you post the same message again and again daily or repost the message from one media to another you may be disqualified
10 stakes

  • No limit on how often you could do this repeat the task 10 times with different messages and get 10x stakes

Write article about Dogezer.
Min 300 symbols w/o spaces
Should have #dogezer and #dgz hashtags
Should have a link to our websitehttps://dogezer.com
Language specific content is accepted (i.e. you could write in your native language)

No limit on how many articles you could publish


25 stakes for article

3 stakes for publishing article in additional blog/platform/media - i.e. for reposting your own artcile

Create a video about Dogezer
Minimum 1 minute
25 stakes for 1st minute
5 additional stakes per each next minute up to 10 minutes
So, maximum is 70 stakes for 10 minutes long video

Reports should be provided according to schedule defined above.
Feel free to ask any questions in on Dogezer Telegram Bounty channel:https://t.me/dogezer_bounty

Other Campaign (0.045 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO) Tasks and Rules:
Other SubCampaign include promotions through any other methods possible. Write us to Dogezer Bounty Telegram Chanel:https://t.me/dogezer_bountyor PM on BitcoinTalk with your ideas on what you could do to help as many people as possible to learn about Dogezer, and share your expectations on a payment for that activity and we will work towards making a deal. We are open towards any ideas!
We dont guarantee payments for promotional activities which are done before discussion and approval from Dogezer Community managers.

Translations & Local Threads Bounty Campaign: 0.18% of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO
Our translation campaign continues, and we continue to reward our translation team for the great job they do in spreading out the word about us in their local communities. We did increase the payment for translation bounties to be able to compensate translators' additional effort they would need to spend translating changes in website and changes in whitepaper. We will distribute that additional reward on a case by case basis contacting our translators and asking them to do appropriate modifications.

We will use stakes for translation (to handle cases if not all languages will be translated), and the rules are:
Whitepaper translation: 100 Stakes for Priority language, 30 for Additional Language
Website translation: 15 Stakes for Priority Language
Creating and supporting ANN thread in your local language: 15 Stakes for Priority Language, 5 For Additional Language
Creating and supporting Bounty thread in your local language: 10 Stakes for Priority Language, 5 For Additional Language
Every update in whitepaper/website/official news to be published in your local language (only updates which we will communicate in slack channel and in bounty telegram channel would be counted): 1 Stake.
Supporting threads in your language (answering questions, ensuring that thread is alive, moderation): 1 Stake for every 100 posts after first 100 posts.

Currently available (i.e not translated) Priority Languages
Spanish (all)

Currently available (i.e not translated) additional Languages
Italian (all)
Turkish (all)

Rules and Terms:
Translations must be original, no Google translate. If we will find that the text is translated with the help of automated translation tools, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made
If there will be a lot of mistakes in translation, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made
We will be paying for translation validation using fiat or crypto, so mistakes will be noticed.
ANN thread translator will be responsible for the moderation as well. The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.
We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.
Whitepaper translator should have an experience translating whitepapers
Increasing the thread post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not allowed.
Dogezer team reserve the right to add rules, or do any kind of reasonable changes.
There will be only ONE translation per person. Applications for multiple translations/ languages will not be accepted.
Translators are expected to remain engaged in discussion about Dogezer on an thread specific to their language.
Translations have to be done professionally.

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign (0.045 % of all DGZ tokens sold at ITO) Tasks and Rules:
In Signature Campaign we would like you to use our signature and/or avatar here at BitcoinTalk forum to promote Dogezer solution

You would need to add bb code of Dogezer signature campaign for your rank (see signatures at the end of this post) into your signature.
Do at least 10 posts in a week.
Low Quality posts are not accepted.
Have at least 30 posts with Dogezer signature before end of current phase bounty campaign. (until March 8th)
Posts should be at least 100 characters long.
Posts on your account with our signature must be well thought out and actively contribute to discussion
Participants with negative rating/red trust score will not be allowed.
You should be at least Jr. Member to participate in Signature SubCampaign.
Signature should remain on profile until end of current phase bounty campaign (until March 8th)
We may be proposing new signatures overtime and may be asking you to change signature


Jr. Member: 30 stakes/week
Member/Full Member: 50 stakes/week
Senior Member: 80 stakes/week
Hero/Legendary: 100 stakes/week

If you use Dogezer avatar, you will get additional 40% of stakes/week
If you rank changes during campaign - contact us through your preferred means of communication and let us know.