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1. Only one account per user is administered in the modalities of Bounty, any user with more than one account will be disqualified.
2. You can participate in any of the modalities of Bounty, but if you break any of the rules of the modalities in which you are registered, you will be expelled from all of them.
3. We reserve the right to disqualify users who we do not consider to be genuine followers of COINNODE, and who do not show any concern for the development of CNE.
4. The Bounty distributions will begin 8 days after the end of each Bounty stage.
5. the first 7 days will be for registration, the first week will begin to count from day 8.
6. These rules apply to all types of Bounty.
7. For registration in any modality of Bounty only users with the minimum rank of member in bitcointalk are accepted.
8. You can not change the wallet to accept rewards, the wallet must always be the same or you will be disqualified.
9. Participants must keep on their wallet 90% of the reward obtained in all modalities of Bounty to participate in other rounds.

Please note that we accept the maximum registration of 1000 users in chronological order for each modality


1. Dates for Bounty 1 (first quarter of 2018)  Starts: February 10 and ends March 10.
2. Dates for  Bounty 2 (second quarter of 2018) Starts: May 10 and ends June 10.
3. Dates for Bounty 3 (third trimester of 2018) Start: August 10 and end September 10.
4. Dates for Bounty 4 (Fourth trimester of 2018) Starts: November 10 and ends December 10.







If you apply for translations, you can not apply for another modality of Bounty, this modality will receive a different reward, and special, different from the other three modalities that will be sub-divided in the 4 rounds of bounty, the people who register must send their previous works in the forum to be reviewed, and will be published if they were accepted or not, the accepted people should not only translate, if they also must promote the thread they believe in bitcopintalk and make it grow, who does not comply with this, will lose all rewards . please read this well before applying for this modality, 10 languages will be accepted = 10 translators, one person can only apply for one translation









One video will be chosen for each language of translation, only the author of one video per language of translation that meets the requirements will receive the reward, even if 1000 users register.

for the English language, 5 videos will be chosen, which comply with the requirements, and only one registration per user is accepted for the video modality

After reading all the rules you can register on the website, in the Bounty section there is a link that says: REGISTER