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What is Hush?
Let's build the first participative, regulated, tokenized and cryptocurrency compatible bank.

Hush is developing a project of a regulated, participative and tokenized neobank that provides you with simplified services for placing and using your money in currencies or cryptocurrencies.

An account with an IBAN for your currencies.
A wallet for the main cryptocurrencies
A premium payment card Mastercard World
Contextualized and geolocated services, warranties and insurances
A USH token for a shared income and governance for an active and committed community
A bank offer with costs under control for all

Find out more: Website and Whitepaper

Hush Bounty Campaign

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our bounty campaign for the next couple of weeks. It’s a big opportunity for you to be a part of a world-changing project by sharing it around you. Our Bounty Campaign will take place between 01/01/2018 and 03/04/2018
We put at your disposal for the bounty campaign 500,000 Hush tokens (USH), that equals to 350 000€. These USH tokens will be distributed to the community at the end of the ICO. The total amount of USH token is already known, despite the total number of participants is not. This amount in token is distributed as follows.

Twitter Campaign : 20% = 100,000 USH
Media Campaign : 50% = 250,000 USH
Signature / Avatar Campaign : 30% = 150,000 USH
Newsletter & Referral available soon!

The whole campaign works with a stake system. The final value of the stake in USH will be evaluated at the end of the bounty program, according to the total number of stakes.

How to join the bounty program?

To participate in the bounty program, there are two steps to achieve. 
The first one is to register through THIS FORM. Thank you for scrupulously filling in the information fields, depending on which bounty campaign you want to participate in.


The second step is a weekly proof of participation. This report has to be sent each Sunday before 9:00 PM CET (8:00 PM GMT // 11:00 PM MSK) to the following address: hush-bounty@chaineum.com.

This proof of participation should be formatted as follows in this template:


In case of delay, your actions of the week will not be eligible for stakes, and therefore USH. Actions performed after Sunday 9:00 PM CET may be entered in the proof of work for the following week.

Every week, you will be able to consult your stakes in this spreadsheet:USH BOUNTY PROGRAM

By entering into Hush’s Bounty Program, you wear the colors of Hush. Special attention will be paid to the messages you spread by communicating on Hush.

Anything injuring or offensive post is yours and therefore cannot be associated with Hush. By doing so, you could be instantly excluded from the Bounty Program, canceling all due tokens, without notice.

Twitter campaign (20% - 100,000 USH)

How to be eligible?

Follow @HushLine Twitter account
Retweet and like every official tweets
5 self-tweets per week with hashtags #Neobank #HushBounty
Report with links to Twitter activity every Sunday before 9:00 PM CET to hush-bounty@chaineum.com

Terms & Conditions

Minimum age of the account = 6 months
Number of followers fixed at registration
Only one account per participant
Only based on real followers (based on Twitter Audits)
No tweets deleted
No negative trust Bitcointalk accounts

Number of weekly stake based on the number of friends you have (this number won’t change):

150 to 1,499 followers : 1 stake per week
1,500 to 2,999 followers : 2 stakes per week
3,000 to 4,999 followers : 3 stakes per week
5,000 to 6,999 followers : 4 stakes per week
7,000 to 9,999 followers : 5 stakes per week
10,000 to 49,999 followers : 7 stakes per week
50,000 and more : 10 stakes per week

The amount in tokens will be delivered one week after the ICO on the provided ETH address.

Media Campaign (50% - 250,000 USH)

How to be eligible?

Quality blog post
Review Hush project
Share Analytics
Quality Video

Report with links to your content every Sunday before 9:00 PM CET to hush-bounty@chaineum.com

Terms & Conditions

Only authentic content
2000 characters minimum
Video 1’30 long minimum
Links to Hush website and social media included
Ownership of blog or media has to be proved in the author field

Number of stakes based on the quality of the blog / article / video you posted:

Standard = 1 stake
Good = 2 stakes
Exceptional = 5 stakes

To class your article / video, we will check the popularity of the media and the quality of the content. The amount in tokens will be delivered one week after the ICO on the provided ETH address.

Signature / Avatar Campaign (30% - 150,000 USH)

How to be eligible?

Add Hush avatar / signature that matters your rank the next monday following the application date
Post at least 10 posts per week during campaign

Reports with links to BitcoinTalk activity every Sunday before 9:00 PM CET to hush-bounty@chaineum.com

Terms & Conditions

Keep the avatar / signature on profile until the end of the campaign
Hush signature only
Post in Altcoins
Posts on-topic only, no copy-paste or off-topic
No count for the following sections: Archival, Auctions, Beginners and Help, Lending, Off-Topic, Politics and Society
No count for posts in Hush thread, any bounty thread
No count for posts under 50 characters
No negative trust BitcoinTalk accounts
Spam, abuse and insults are prohibited under penalty of disqualification

Number of weekly stake based on your BitcoinTalk rank:

Junior = 1 stake per week
Member = 2 stakes per week
Full member = 3 stakes per week
Sr. member = 4 stakes per week
Hero / Legendary = 8 stakes per week
Avatar = 1 stake per week

The amount in tokens will be delivered one week after the ICO on the provided ETH address.

If you want to join this bounty, first wear the signature based on your rank.