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Crypterium Official Bounty Program

We hare happy to announce the Crypterium Official Bounty Program 

3% of the total supply  will be allocated to the Crypterium Bounty Program.

The program will run until the end of the token sale ( scheduled on the January 18th 2018)

Bounty Allocation

Campaign 1 : Bitcointalk Signature - 50%

Campaign 2 : Translation & Moderation - 25%

Campaign 3 : Media, Videos, Forums & Blog Posts - 15%

Campaign 4 : Twitter - 10%

General Terms

- The bounty campaigns starts at the moment of creation of this thread
- 3% is allocated to the bounty, the amount of rewards will depend on the token sale results
- The Bounty Manager can make slight changes in the Bounty Campaign if deemed necessary
- If your rank change during the campaign, PM the Bounty Manager Aerys2 
- Using multi-accounts, cheating, using someone else to do the work and spamming or any kind of unethical behavior when participating to one of the campaigns are not allowed and will get you disqualified from all bounties.


Bitcointalk Signature

Stakes allocation for each rank :
Full Member: 4 stakes/day
Sr Member: 6 stakes/day
Hero/Legendary: 10 stakes/day

Instructions to participate :

- Add the signature corresponding to your rank level and the avatar and personal text
- Notify in this thread once you have the signature, avatar and personal text on, and only then you can fill the form.
- Fill out this Google form  The form is currently closed, 100 participants reached 

Rules :

- Participants have to be at least Full Member, do not apply if you are not at least Full Member
- Signature, avatar and personal have to be kept until the end of the token sale (you will be notified on this thread when you can remove it, do not remove it until further instructions )
- A minimum of 15 meaningful posts per week must be made. 2 weeks without posting the minimum of 15 posts a week will get you disqualified. Off-topic, spam and  burst posts will not be counted 
- Posts must have a minimum length of 80 characters
- Posts are counted every sunday
- If you rank changes during the campaign, notify me.
- Accounts with negative trust from DT-2 or DT-1 are not allowed to enroll
- This Signature Bounty is limited to 100 participants only !

Check your participation status here


Personal Message

Crypterium - Digital Mobile Cryptobank For Everyone 

Translation and moderation

Stakes for each task :

Announcement thread translation : 100 stakes 
Post from the thread author with a relevant news shared ( check for news on the official  twitter/telegram/thread/ website for official news) : 20 stakes

Bonus if your thread has more than 1000 views :   200 stakes 
Bonus if your thread has more than 2000 views :   300 stakes 

Instructions to participate :

- Fill out this Google form
- Notify in this thread when your translation is done, providing a link of the translation.


- A single post dead thread will get you disqualified and you may have a 50% penalty for very rare updates.
- One reservation per person
- Google Translator ( or other similar tools) work, bad quality work will get you disqualified, apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation in the requested language.
- Will be counted only the posts bringing a relevant and new update, no spam or repeated unnecessary posts allowed.
- You have to provide an answer for any questions asked in your local thread, contact the team if you have doubts about an answer.
- Translations have to be posted only on Bitcointalk, no other forums.
- Wait for your approval in green to begin the work
- You have 6 days to finish your translation from the moment you fill out the form, you will get disqualified if you don't respect the deadline.
- You have to post a link to the official ann thread and official bounty thread on your local thread.

Ann thread : File for translation 

Check your participation status here


Stakes depending on the followers :

500-1000 followers : 3 stakes for 2 valid weeks
1000-3000 followers : 5 stakes for 2 valid weeks
3000-10000 followers : 8 stakes for 2 valid weeks 
+10000 followers : 12 stakes for 2 valid weeks 
+20000 followers : 16 stakes for 2 valid weeks ( you'll have to post on this thread your twitter audit to have 20 000 followers counted )

Instructions to participate :

- Follow the Crypterium twitter and then retweet their tweets
- Fill out this Google form with your actual followers number
- You have to retweet a minimum of 15 tweets to have the full stakes for the weeks and no more than 3 per days, if you retweet only 9 tweets, you get half of the stakes, if you retweet less than this , you get no stakes for the weeks 
- Report your retweets every 2 weeks in these forms to get the stakes  :

Weeks 23/10 - 05/11 ( reports have to be sent on the 07/11 maximum)
Weeks 06/11 - 19/11 ( reports have to be sent on the 21/11 maximum)
Weeks 20/11 - 03/12 ( reports have to be sent on the 05/12 maximum)
Weeks 04/12 - 17/12 ( reports have to be sent on the 19/12 maximum) 
Weeks 18/12 - 31/12 ( reports have to be sent on the 02/01 maximum)
Weeks 01/01 - 18/01 ( reports have to be sent on the 20/01 maximum)


- If you don't fill out the form every 2 weeks, your participation will be disqualified.
- Your report has to be sent no later than 2 days after the end of the 2 weeks.
- You have to be at least Newbie to participate.
- The followers number is fixed and won't be changed after you filled out the form.
- Do not retweet tweets that are answers to other users.
- List your tweets with a number when you fill the form
- Don't fill the form twice, someone who fills the form twice will get disqualified !
- 500 participants maximum, once this number is reached, the form will be closed for new participants, unless other participants are removed from the list
Do not retweet everything in 1-2 days, retweets must be regular or you might be disqualified

Check your participation status here

Media, Videos, Forums & Blog Posts

Stakes are based on the quality of the content :

Low Quality : 20 stakes
Average Quality : 50 stakes
High Quality : 100 stakes

Instructions to participate :
- Fill out this  form with the link of your video/blog post/article once it's posted.
- Share your link here.


- Only original work is accepted, using the work of someone else or copy/pasting parts of the ann thread/website/whitepaper will disqualify your work(s)
- The blog must be at least 3 months old
- The blog/video/article must be public
- The blog post/article has to have at least 200 words
- The website/blog where you post the content has to be relevant and connected to crypto/financial world.
- Your article/blog post has to have a good writing quality
- You must have at least 50 subscribers on youtube for a video
- The video has to be of good quality
- Forums must be active, same for the thread, the author has to bring updates about Crypterium
- Maximum of 10 contents submitted per participant, the same article/blog post can only be posted 3 times on different websites by the same person and each reposting of the same article will get you half of the stakes of the first one
- Any content must have a link to our website and Bitcointalk thread ( in the description for videos)

Check your participation status here