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OpenGift - New Model of Software Monetization
We invite you to participate in our bounty campaign and help OpenGift to build a wide and strong community.


What is OpenGift?
OpenGift is a place where companies and users can direct open source software development with their donations.

OpenGift vision at glance
All software should be free and open-sourced. People should pay only for fulfilling their requests for building new software/features.

OpenGift Changes Everything

Why care?
Many developers all around the world write the same code for different organizations. Companies day by day spend millions of dollars to build something that already exists...
VR/AR and AI solutions, self-driving cars and virtual assistants, all these break-through innovations are going to become much more expensive than they are needed to be.
This can be changed with OpenGift.

Where is the market?
We target $357 billion software development market. We offer companies to cut a substantial part of their costs while not sacrificing quality and development time.

What has been done?
We launched MVP version of the platform and the blockchain network. The core functionality is already available on opengift.io We also make weekly announcement of released features, you can get the updates on our Telegram chats.

Why do you need money?
Although donation-on-goal is a central feature of OpenGift platform, its not nearly enough for open source projects to compete with proprietary software rivals.
Organizations are getting paid for software development exactly because they are organizations. Thanks to established business processes and capacity to leverage external resources they can deliver solutions with quality and time predictable for clients, and provide add-on services like preparing documentation, providing training and support.

Our goal is it to give open source projects everything they need to become commercially successful: early-stage financing, team, marketing, access to clients and a platform to communicate with them.
It requires substantial funding both on development and marketing sides.

Why blockchain and cryptocurrency?
We use smart-contracts to guarantee transparent income distribution for projects teams and facilitate building open-source organizations.

Why ICO?
We believe the platform should be completely free. This is the way to make it happen.

How are you different to other ICO projects?
People can donate on our platform only with internal currency called GIFT.
It means that GIFTs popularity will be based on sound market fundamentals, rather than short-lived crypto euphoria.

Give me the pre-ICO details!
PreSale will be performed in two phases:
Public PreSale:17th Feb 26th of March.
GIFTs available for distribution:10 000 000 (out of 160 000 000; no further emission implied)
GIFT price:0,06$ + 20% bonus
Soft Cap= 100 000$
Hard Cap= 480 000$
GIFT PreICO price:0,06$ = 1 ERC20 GIFT

We have an official page dedicated to crowdfunding campaign, where you can find further details:ICO PAGE



We are happy to announce our pre-ICO Bounty Program! In the following weeks, we invite you to participate in our project and help us spread the word about OpenGift. You are welcome to join it at any time. However, the sooner you do it, the more tokens you will get after once our sale ends!

OpenGift is to allocate 1,13% of the overall token distribution (all ICO tokens) for pre-ICO bounty pool divided intoTelegram, Blogging, Mentions, Reddit, Translation & Moderation and Special Projects programs.

The bounty campaign will last until the end of the pre-ICO. The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week. To receive bonus, each person must participate until the end of the campaign and follow the terms enumerated above. All bonuses are to be paid in GIFT ethereum tokens. Tokens to be transferred within 30 days after the end of the pre-ICO.

Web-sitehttps://opengift.io, telegram:https://t.me/opengift, twitter:https://twitter.com/OpenGift_io, medium:https://medium.com/@opengift

All successful participants of PreICO bounty-campaign will receive bonuses during ICO bounty campaign.

Your activity should be reported once a week throughform

.Bounty Pre-ICO budget is 1,13% (incl. telegram lottery) of all coins:.

Blogging campaign - 20%
Translation and Moderation Campaign - 15%
Signature and Referrals Campaign 15%
SMM and Mentions 20%
Reddit Campaign 15%
Special Campaign 15%

.Telegram Lottery Campaign:.

We have three prizes for OpenGift Telegram chat participants:

Golden Prize, 30 000 GIFTs
Silver Prize, 20 000 GIFTs
Bronze Prize, 10 000 GIFTs

The prizes will be distributed randomly between chat participants who followed the campaign instructions.
We will determine the winners using random.org and publish the screencast on official OpenGift chats.
The results of the campaign will be published within a week after the end of pre-ICO.

Join official OpenGift Telegram chat:https://t.me/opengift
Buy any amount of OpenGift Ethereum tokens during pre-ICO.
Register in thisform
No spam or foul language against other members or about the project.
Discussions of the bounty are strictly prohibited
Stay till the end of the pre-ICO to get the bounty.

Participants list:

.Blogging Campaign:.

All you have to do is to publish an article/review or create a video about the project and we will reward you!
Publish an article/review??or??Create a video about the OpenGift platform.
Choose one of the blogging campaign options or both of them, realize your promotion and your contribution will be rewarded with GIFT tokens.

If you chose to make a video about OpenGift, you will be rewarded with extra stakes depending on the amount of your channel subscribers, respectively:

1000 subscribers = 25 stacks/week;
20003000 = 50 stacks/week;
4000 and + = 75 stacks/week;

If you are able to realize the both types of promo, the number of stakes will be the subject of discussion.

Eligibility criteria:

Your blog should be connected with cryptocurrency or open source
Good writing/speaking skills are must. You may also add links to your previous works on the registration form to confirm they seem OK for us.
You have a minimum of 500+ followers
Posts are unique (cannot be a copy and paste)
Must be in English, Russian, Chinese or Korean language
Posts should be published publicly
1000 characters or more without spaces and minimum 1:30 minute for video
Must contain a link to our website (main or ICO page) or WhitePaper;
You cant delete them till the end of pre-ICO
Ownership of your blog or media must be proved.
Reporting of your activity
Join official OpenGift Telegram chat:https://t.me/opengiftDiscussions of the bounty are strictly prohibited

OpenGift can refuse to accept the content, if it doesnt satisfy the specified criteria.
Bonus for interest content:100 stacks/week;
Bonus for traffic:

500+ views 75 stacks;
1000+ views 150 stacks;
5000+ views 200 stacks;

Register your participation now and we will contact you soon to provide further details:here

Participants list:here

.Signature and Referrals Campaign:.


Hero / Legendary - 400 stacks/week;
Sr. Member -250 stacks/week;
Full Member - 150 stacks/week;
Member - 80 stacks/week;
Jr. Member - 40 stacks/week;
Newbie - 10 stacks/week;

Bonus + 20% per week
for 15 constructive posts
Bonus + 10% per weekfor 2 constructed answers on ANN / Bounty thread
Bonus for Avatar:Hero/Legendary 180 stacks/week , Sr.Member 120 stacks/week, Full Member 80 stacks/week

Eligibility criteria:
Dont delete signature and avatar until stakes are calculated;
Make your posts only in relevant treads

You should public at least 5 relevant comments per week and
No more than 3 comments on ANN OpenGift page in total;
No less than 50 words in each post and 20 words in answers
Spam is prohibited
Write a short report in English one time in two weekshere

Join official OpenGift Telegram chat:https://t.me/opengift
Discussions of the bounty are strictly prohibited

Signature Codes and Avatars:

signature codes,avatar1,avatar2,avatar3

Please register to participate:here
Participants list:here

.Translation and Moderation Program:.

List of language translations:


Whitepaper:600 stakes (proofreading - 150 stakes)
ANN Thread & Bounty Thread translation and moderation:250 stakes (proofreading 30 stakes) for each thread;
Telegram Moderation:100 stakes/week +Bonus for activity (4 participants)
Moderation + translation of news/announcements from the official Telegram chat- 200 stakes + activity bonuses + 5 stakes for attracting each user (1 participants)
WeChat Moderation + translation of news/announcements from the official Telegram chat- 200 stakes + activity bonuses + 5 stakes for attracting each user (1 participants)
If you want to moderate any other channel in Chinese language, please write pr@opengift.io

Terms and Conditions:

Only experienced users will be accepted.
Only translation + thread moderation accepted.
One translation + moderation per person.
Google Translator or similar tools not allowed, translation quality will be verified.
The translator must keep the thread active by translating all the official announcements, news, posts.
Increasing the thread post count by spam posts not allowed.

Join official OpenGift Telegram chat:https://t.me/opengiftDiscussions of the bounty are strictly prohibited
Participants list:here

.SMM and Mentions Campaign:.

Constructive mentions of OpenGift on the following platforms:

Telegram, WeChat, Kakako

Terms and Conditions:
- This program is for English and Russian languages only;
- you should have been register on a platform you make a publication for no less than 4 months.
- you will need to prove an ownership of account you make a post from
- no spam and agitation, only meaningful mentions count.
- you should either name OpenGift or provide a link or it should be obvious for every reader that you mean the platform
- Join official OpenGift Telegram chat:https://t.me/opengiftDiscussions of the bounty are strictly prohibited

Reward depends on quality of posts:
- normal post 20 stakes
- good post 40 stakes
- excellent post 100 stakes

Spread the word in your Telegram, WeChat, Kakao group about OpenGift and earn some tokens:

100-249 Members: 100 stake/post
250-749 Members: 150 stakes/post
750-2499 Members: 200 stakes/post
2500+ Members: 300 stakes/post

If you make a post/comment in Telegram, WeChat, Kakako you will need to specify the chat name and text of the post. Text shouldnt violate the chat rules
Please fill In the the form to participatehere
Participants list:here
No more than 50 participants allowed.

.Reddit Campaign:.

You can earn 20 stakes per constructive post/comment, plus 5 stakes for each 5 up-vote of your post/comment. For more bonus, you should answer any questions or concerns from the community to the best of your ability or link to proper content.

How to Apply:

Your Reddit account should be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or 20 comment karma.
Must subscribe to the official OpenGift SubReddit (the address to be announced)
Fill in theGoogle form

1.For a post to be counted, it must to be posted in one of the following subreddits, or cryptocurrency related subreddits such as:


2. Posts and comments with negative Karma will not be accepted.
3. Any spam will not be accepted.
5. If it is not obvious from the context that you mean opengif.io, or your posts should contain a link to either tohttps://opengift.ioor posts on the official OpenGift blog medium.com/@opengift
6. Join official OpenGift Telegram chat:https://t.me/opengiftDiscussions of the bounty are strictly prohibited

Campaign tracking:here

.Special Projects:.

Take part in one of the following options for promotion of OpenGift platform:

Meet-ups arrangement??spreading a word about OpenGift in your city/region
Introduction to potential investors
PR outreach - arranging interviews with the platform executives, Media promotion, etc.

The terms to be discussed individually.
You can contactpr@opengift.ioregarding this program.