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Bounty Campaigns

Media Campaign
Telegram Campaign
Account Creation Campaign
Translation Bounty

Media Campaign
Total Distributed tokens: 4,000,000 NMX

NuMoney will reward writers who produce good quality articles, reviews, and presentations about NMX Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) or Numoney Exchange. Articles must include details of the NMX IEO or NuMoney exchange. Articles can be posted on blogs, forum, threads, Reddit, or websites. 

NuMoney will reward video creators who create good quality videos to promote or review NuMoney and NMX IEO. Videos can be posted on any video sharing website such as Youtube. 


All pieces of content are divided into three categories depending on quality and distribution of your content:




50,000 NMX20,000 NMX10,000 NMX

Bonuses will be given depending on the traffic, number of views or number of followers







20,000 NMX

10,000 NMX

5,000 NMX

To participate:
1) Upload your content on any media sharing platform
2) Submit the link of content using the application form here:

Terms, Rules and Conditions:

Articles should be more than 400 words long.
Videos should be more than 1 minute long.
Content created must be original and cannot be copied. Unoriginal works will be disqualified.
Articles and Videos should have at least 3 links: to NuMoney’s Official website, Whitepaper and NuMoney IEO telegram group.
Medium, Steemit and other blogging platform submissions will be accepted but if same article is posted on different platforms, only the entry with the best exposure will be accepted.
Bounty payouts will be given out on a first come first serve basis, once the cap is reached, the Media campaign will be halted.
Deleted posts on forums or blogging platforms will not be counted.
Low quality content will not be accepted
Bonuses will be decided on views or followers, whichever is in the higher category.

Telegram Campaign
Total distributed tokens: 1,000,000 NMX

To Participate:
1) Join Numoney IEO Telegram group: https://t.me/NMX_IEO
2) Add at least 5 friends to the Telegram group chat.
3) Send a message to verify your telegram account.
4) Screenshot evidence that you have added 5 friends to the chat.
5) Submit your details using this form:


500 NMX tokens per telegram user (first 2000 users)

Terms, Rules and Conditions:

Only one reward per telegram and bitcointalk user.
Be active at least once a week and post at least 5 messages.
Referrals will be manually verified.
Only the first 2000 successful applicants will be accepted.

Account Creation 
Total distributed tokens: 500,000 NMX

To Participate:
1) After the Exchange launch, create an account with Numoney Exchange:
2) Submit your details using this form:


250 NMX tokens per telegram user (first 2000 users)

Terms, Rules and Conditions:

Only one reward per telegram and bitcointalk user.
Be active at least once a week and post at least 5 messages.
Referrals will be manually verified.
Only the first 2000 applicants will be accepted.

Translation Bounty 
Total distributed tokens: 500,000 NMX

Needed Translations:
Bahasa Indonesia (Reserved)
Mandarin (Reserved)
Malay (Reserved)
Filipino (Reserved) Need WP and Bounty Thread
Russian (Reserved)

Completed Translations:

Please reply on the thread and contact us on hello@Numoney.store to confirm and reserve your translation. 


10,000 NMX each for ANN and Bounty Thread
25,000 NMX for WP

Terms, Rules and Conditions: 

Participants are required to stay active on the thread by posting and translating regular updates on their own, news or any important announcements regularly according to the official thread. A single post thread will be rejected.
Google translations or automatic transactions will be rejected.


NuMoney has the sole discretion to decide if criteria for a Bounty payout is fulfilled.
Bounty distribution may be withheld at the discretion NuMoney. The most common circumstance would be due to the incomplete Bounty requirements. Additional Bounties can be rewarded to users who are particularly active during the NuMoney IEO campaign, in the case there are leftover NMX from the Bounty pool.
All Bounty payouts will be given out 2 weeks after the end of 30-day token sale
NuMoney has the rights to change the terms and conditions of the bounty program without prior notice