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Bounty Campaign Duration: February 12 March 31

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All Bounty Participants needs to join our Telegram Group to received their reward ->MOBILINK GROUP

For any question regarding bounty go here ->MOBILINK BOUNTY SUPPORT

To reward our Loyal Supporters we will airdrop a total of2,600,000 MBX?

Sign upHERE
All other information will be available once you sign up on our dashboard !


We are allocating62,000,000 of tokens (MBX), 2% of the total token amountis allocated for funding Bounty Campaign. If the project's hardcap is not reach before the end of the ICO, the number of tokens allocated to the bounty would be proportionally reduce.

Bounty Rewards Allocation



General rules:

You must join our telegram group to be rewardedMOBILINK GROUPparticipants who didn't join will not receive their reward
The Bounty Manager and the Team reserve their right to make changes to the terms in any moment.
Payment addresses and participants information will NOT be changed after submission.
Any kind of offensive or inadequate behavior when promoting MOBILINK will result in immediate disqualification from the bounty campaign
Bounty Managers/Team decisions are final.

Translation Campaign

The number of tokens allocated within Translation Campaign is3 100 000 MBX

Translation Campaign Requirements:

You must join our telegram group to be rewardedMOBILINK TELEGRAMparticipants who didn't join will not receive their reward
Only high-quality human translation is accepted machine translation using Google Translate and other services is not allowed
Translation should be made in simple language and should be understandable for ordinary people, not only technical specialists
Only Jr. Member Rank is eligible to participate
Users with a negative trust status on Bitcointalk.org are not allowed to participate in Translation Campaign
Check the spreadsheet. Wait for your status to be approved

Only one translation per language is required.
To participate please post a comment using this form:

Bitcointalk account link:
Bitcointalk Username:

A form will be PM to the accepted translators

150 stakes for Website Translation:HERE
150 stakes for ANN thread Translation:HERE
Plus 10 stake bonus per moderation

You need to create an account to our dashboard and use it on the form to receive your reward:https://dashboard.mobilink.io/register
Check the Spreadsheet:HERE


Content Creation Campaign

The number of tokens allocated within Blog & Video Campaign is10 850 000 MBX

Articles, Reviews, Youtube Videos and MEME:

You must join our telegram group to be rewardedMOBILINK TELEGRAMparticipants who didn't join will not receive their reward
We will decide if your MEME is eligible.
Number of words in a blog post must exceed 500, and the post must contain at least 1 image
The duration of the video must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds
The blog should exist for at least 2 month
YouTube channel audience - at least 300 followers
Audience of the blog, groups in social networks - at least 300 followers/subscribers
We accept no more than 3 posts or videos on 1 blog platform, video hosting or social network.
Only unique content is permitted
The MOBILINK Team makes the quality assessment of the post at their discretion
The blog text must be applicable for indexing by search engines
The blog post should contain at least 2 links to any of the following sources: MOBILINK website, WP MOBILINK, MOBILINK BitcoinTalk channel
Blog posts can be submitted in Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Spanish

__________TASK__________ONE-TIME REWARD
Create and Post a MEME on Social Media Platforms 30 stakes
Post an article/review on a blog or social network 100 stakes
YouTube Video Review 200 stakes
Post on a stand-alone domain/website 300 stakes