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Hey! I am glad to announce KickCity Airdrop

KickCity is decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for event marketing which rewards its participants would allow for more effective & economic event marketing without going through a centralized advertising platform/ institution.  A reward based P2P marketing protocol will allow for the fastest mass adoption of crypto-tokens as more connections will be formed faster according to David P. Reed’s Law (2N?N?1). KickCity proposes a model where the event organizer, user promoting the event and attendee is rewarded while smart contract facilitates instantaneous, transparent and fair distribution of reward. Such a value system according to Reed will have an exponential growth of connections.

For more information please visit website https://ico.kickcity.io
Telegram Chat Community https://t.me/kickcity_chat

Terms and Conditions  [img][/img]

Air Drop is Live ?  

?Reward : 300 KCY tokens  
?Action : Invite 3 people to Telegram Chat ?  https://t.me/kickcity_chat

1. All invited subscribers MUST be real people (fakes are not allowed).
2. All invited subscribers should stay in the community till the end of Token Sale  
3. You should invite your friends via telegram chat  
4. Secure your coins ?https://goo.gl/forms/Wxxkyga0kSNs8Jpt2

?Instruction: ?  

Go to KickCity Community Telegram Chat https://t.me/kickcity_chat ? Go to Chat info ?  press “+ Add Member”