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Cure WorldCosplay


About Cosplay Token.

The worlds largest cosplay platformCure WorldCosplaywill issue its own Cosplay Token (COT)

COT is aimed to become token of Cosplay Economy, used for both online and offline (e.g. Cosplay Event) trades among cosplayers, photographers, prop makers, fans, event organizers and companies.

This bounty campaign is managed by Anon11073.

Please fill out the Google Form to participate in the campaign.

The campaign lasts until the end of ICO.

Stakes obtained from the campaign are calculated at the end of the campaign and distributed as Cosplay Token(COT).

If you have any technical questions or comments about Cosplay Token(COT), please do it with anannouncement thread.

Campaign list and allocation

Signature campaign:45%
Blog campaign:22%
Twitter campagn:16%
Facebook campagn:16%

Bounty general terms

We calculate the stake of the signature campaign every Tuesday (JST/UTC+9).
Twitter, Facebook campaign stake calculation is done on the fourth Tuesday of every month (JST/UTC+9).
We reserve the right to remove users who are acting annoyingly at BCT, SNS etc. from the campaign.
We reserve the right to remove users from campaign without explanation or notice.
If you are deleted from the campaign, the stakes you got so far will expire.
If you are deleted from the campaign, you can not apply again to the campaign.
If the rank or address is changed during the campaign, you need to reply to this thread or send PM to Anon 11073.
Use of multi accounts, spam, misbehavior is prohibited. If found, it will be deleted from all campaigns.
In addition to the above, there are rules for each campaign, so please follow it.

Signature campaign

Weekly rates

Members : 1 Stake / Week
Full Members : 1.5 Stakes / Week
Sr. Members : 3 Stakes / Week
Hero Members : 5 Stakes / Week
Legendary : 8 Stakes / Week


At least ten posts are required per week by the end of ICO.
Only posts other than Cosplay Token related threads will be counted.
Users with red trust scores will be removed from the list.
Posts must be over 80 letters and be constructive.
Posts with the following topics are not counted. Marketplace, Off-topic, Archival, Marketplace (Altcoins)
It is forbidden to use multiple signatures.
It is forbidden to use another avatar.
Changing the signature during the campaign is forbidden.

How to participate
Wear avatar and signature and fill in the form below.