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eKash Token Contribution Event Bounty Program

eKash (EKH) is holding a Token Contribution Event. 
We would like to provide our supporters an opportunity to be rewarded for generating awareness with the introduction of a bounty program. 
Participants in the bounty program will be rewarded with STAKES. 
50M STAKES are allocated to the bounty program and will not exceed the hard cap. 

Official eKash ANN Thread
White Paper


The tokens will be distributed in campaigns as below:
A. eKash Evangelist
B. bitcointalk.org referral program
C. Blog And Media Publications Bounty
D. Twitter Bounty
E. Translation Bounty
F. Facebook Bounty
G. Telegram Moderation Bounty
H. Email Bounty


Terms and Conditions

1. The Bounty Program starts on 1/25, and ends on 3/31.
2. To be added to the Bounty Program, please do the following:
    2.1 subscribe telegram channel https://t.me/e_kash for Announcement.
    2.2 join telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/GXR-QBGH-HDGcDJARNcAxw for discussion.
3 if you have any question, please contact either one:
    3.1 telegram official support account @ekash_coin
    3.2 help@kash.email
4. All campaigns will be counted weekly. The results are published weekly.
5. All rewards for bounty activities will be STAKES tokens.
6. We will send you email about how to claim these bounty coins. Be sure to input correct email to receive our instructions.
7. The eKash team reserves the right to change any rules, or make any changes, if necessary.

A. eKash Evangelist

The Evangelist is the one who promotes eKash most. The evangelist must have to:
1. Complete campaigns B~H.
2. Have additional marketing accomplishment.
3. Have success eKash token sale cases. You need to tell me who contributes eKash because of you, and we will double confirm with the contributor.

Being an evangelist can earn stakes from campaigns B~H, with additional 10000 bonus stakes for your outstanding works!

If you want to be a eKash evangelist, fill this form:

We will review your application to see if you are a qualified evangelist.


B. bitcointalk.org referral program

1. If you invite bitcointalk.org users to join our bounty program, you can receive additional stakes on the conditions that the referee being able to contribute and earn bounty as well.
2. Participants will receive stakes per number of invites as below:

Number of InviteesStakes

3. Please remind people you invite to fill in your Bitcointalk username in the form when applying.


C. Blog And Media Publications Bounty

eKash awards writers, bloggers, journalists, and video editors with STAKES tokens for publishing quality content about the eKash token contribution event. 
For this campaign, we only accept blog posts, articles, and videos (Please provide an English brief to us in Telegram for non-English content).

All pieces of content (including articles, blog posts, videos, etc.) are divided into three categories depending on quality, 
uniqueness, distribution, traffic, number of views, and number of followers of your content.


1. To send the link of your published article or video, fill the form: 
2. Your contents must be original, except eKash official images/logo/paragraphs.
3. Your contents must have a link to your bitcointalk profile to prove your authorship.


D. Twitter Bounty

1. To participate in the Twitter bounty, register in this form:
2. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ekash_coin
3. Your reward rank will be estimated by your followers: every 10 followers exchange to 1 stake. And, you must have 1 pinned tweet, 1 tweet, 1 retweet.
4. Low quality tweet is not counted.
5. Must have hash tag and reference: #EKASH, #EKH, #ICO, @ekash_coin


E. Translation Bounty

eKash awards users who translate the whitepaper and ANN thread.

1. To participate in a language translation, please fill this form:
2. Translations must be original and made by the user only. Using Google Translate and other tools is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
3. Stakes are granted as below:

White Paper3000200
ANN Thread30040
Bounty Thread30040


F. Facebook Bounty

1. To take part in the Facebook Bounty campaign, apply with this form.
2. Like eKash facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ekash.coin/
3. Your account must have at least 100 friends. The number of friends must be public.
4. Your reward rank will be estimated by your followers and your account activity.
    4.1 You need to have at least 2 posts per week. The posts are on your wall and should be public readable.
    4.2 every 10 friends exchange to 1 stakes.
    4.3 must have hashtag: #EKH #EKASH #ICO


G. Telegram Moderation Bounty

In this campaign, we kindly invite you to join us in our Telegram Moderator Bounty. 
Details rules can be found as provided below. 
We welcome everyone who would like to participate to do so maximum to 20 people in this program, so first come first serve.

1. To participate in this bounty program, register at:
2. Always being creative for content to liven up the atmosphere in the group chatting.
3. You need to answer questions constantly in eKash telegram group.
4. We will send out your bonus each week, which is 300 Stakes per week; extraordinary performance will get you some extra credit.


H. Email Bounty

This is very simple. Visit eKash website https://kash.email, scroll down to 02 Token Sale, input your email. Then you will get 20 tokens at the end of sale.