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*The bounty pool is 10,000,000 CBT tokens. See details on BitcoinTalk



CIBUS Translation Bounty Campaign                                   15%

                Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)                                       20%                
  CIBUS Blog / Vlogs Bounty Campaign                                  20%

 CIBUS Video Review/Infographic Bounty Campaign          13%

CIBUS Telegram Campaign                                                  2%

     CIBUS Bitcointalk Signature Campaign                                  30%


Translation Instructions:

Translate our official materials into your language and receive Cibus tokens (CBT)
1. Translation of OnePager : 100 CBT
2. Translation of White Paper : 1000 CBT
3. Translation of ANN/Bounty thread (includes graphics where texts only): 500 CBT

1. Your application have to be approved before you start translation
2. Applications for the translations to multiple languages will not be accepted
3. Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants using Google Translate will be instantly disqualified
4. Tampering with the meaning of texts and posts is not allowed
5. Abridging of information or any other structural or conceptual changes are not allowed.
6. Local thread must be regularly updated to correspond with the updates to the original document otherwise bounty will be deducted

Fill in this form to make a request for the participation in the Translation campaign.
Check your Status Here

Translation work have to be submitted via this Translation Work Submission Form

Twitter Instructions:

Follow and retweet us on Twitter accounts and receive Cibus Tokens (CBT)
1. 200-1999 real followers: 75 CBT/week
2. 2000+ real followers: 100 CBT/week

1. Follow the CIBUS Ecosystem official Twitter]Twitter Account
2. Your Twitter account must have at least 200 real followers.
3. Only one Twitter account per person is allowed
4. Retweet and Like at least 5 tweets of CIBUS world Food Ecosystem official Twitter Account a week.
5. Post at least 2 tweets a week about CIBUS. Maximum 1 tweet a day.
6. Twitter work have to be submitted in this thread each week in new post.

fill the form to apply: here
Check your status here
Note: We check tweets and retweets manually, so please be patient.
Post with this format:


Twitter campaign
Twitter url:
Spreadsheet no:


Facebook Instructions:

Like and share and promote us on Facebook and receive CIBUS tokens
1. 200-1999 real friends: 75 CBT/week
2. 2000+ real friends: 100 CBT/week

1. Like the CIBUS Ecosystem official Facebook Page.
2. You must have at least 200 friends on Facebook.
3. Only one Facebook account per person is allowed
4. Like and Share at least 5 posts a week published by CIBUS Ecosystem official Facebook Page.
5. Post at least 2 own post a week about CIBUS. Maximum 1 post a day.
6. Facebook work have to be submitted in this thread each week in new post.

fill the form to apply: here
Check your status here
Note: We check Shares and posts manually, so please be patient.
Post with this format:


Facebook campaign
Facebook  url:
Spreadsheet no:
Own Post:


blog/vlogs Instructions:

Write a good article, review, or blog post about CIBUS FOOD ECOSYSTEM  in your words; Post that on your website or blog.
1. Original article 2000+ words/vlog: 500-1000 CBT
2. Original article 1000-2000 words/vlog: 300-500 CBT
3. Original article <1000 words/vlog :100-300 CBT
4. Posting to your own blog (articles or translations)/vlog: 100 CBT
5. Repost non-original article/vlog about CIBUS in your blog : 50 CBT

1. The article/review/blog post/vlog must have at least 500 words
2. Content must be unique and will be checked for plagiarism or copyright infringement
3. Post on your website or blog. All posts and articles must be published online and accessible by everyone
4. The audience for the posted article/vlog must be crypto related.
5. Website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted
6. Article/review/blog post /vlog must contain link to the CIBUS website

fill the form to apply: Here
Check your status here

Video instructions:

Make any attractive infographic or Video Review of CIBUS and receive CIBUS tokens.
1. High resolution long Video/infographic 4k: 500 - 2500 CBT
2. Short less than 1 min Video / infographic: 100 - 500 CBT

1. Describe CIBUS trace and it's features in your graphic or video review
2. High Resolution high quality work will attract higher bonus
3. Review in your local language is allowed

fill the form to apply: here
Check your status here

Telegram Instructions
Support CIBUS official Telegram group and receive CIBUS tokens
1. Become an approved CIBUS Support person - 25 CBT/ full hour of support (support duty calendar must be pre-approved)
2. At Least 20 positive comments or answers to other members questions / week - 5 CBT    

1. Join CIBUS World official Telegram group
2. Become a support person or just a champion in Cibus Telegram channel
3. No spam or aggressive messages allowed/No spam or foul language against other members or about the project.
4. No bounty discussion allowed in the main forum, only in Bounty forum/Discussion about the bounty is strictly prohibited.
5. Stay in group till the end of the ICO/Stay till the end of the ICO to get the bounty. 
6. Answer / comment positively

fill the form to apply: here
Check your status here

Signature Instructions
We are looking for the active Bitcointalk users. All members need to post at least 10 posts a week until the end of ICO to be eligible for the reward.
Distribution of CBT will be according to user level:

Junior Members 100 CBT/week
Members: 120 CBT/week
Full Members: 150 CBT/week
Senior Members: 175 CBT/week
Legendary/Hero: 200 CBT/week
30 CBT extra for avatar and personal text

1. Participants must at least be a junior member (newbie are not allowed) to participate in CIBUS bounty program.
2. CIBUS Signature, avatar and personal have to be kept till the end of the campaign
3. A minimum of 10 meaningful publications to be made each week.
4. Each post must be at least 75 Characters.
5. The participants can make publications in any Bitcointalk thread without those( bounty thread & off topics)
6. Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.
7. Participants cannot have any negative trust score attached to their profile.
8. The posts should be spread for full week not for just 1-2 days otherwise your rewards will be 0 for the week
9. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.

Fill the form to join here: Here
Check your status here

Avatar Design: 

link: http://i66.tinypic.com/n2zvbq.png

Personal Text:
CIBUS FOOD Ecosystem