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 ETHernitymining bounty program

Twitter bounty program (600.000ETM reward)
Earn stakes for retweeting ETHernitymining tweets during ICO campaign.

How to join:
follow ETHernitymining on Twitter 
register via this Google form 

100 - 499 followers: 1 twitter_stake per retweet
500 - 999 followers: 2 twitter_stakes per retweet
1000 - 2499 followers: 4 twitter_stakes per retweet
+2500 followers: 6 twitter_stakes per retweet

1: You should do a minimum of 3 retweets per week and maximum 2 retweets per day.
2: We will verify your following at the end of the campaign with Twitter Audit: https://www.twitteraudit.com/ and use this number to allocate stakes for your activity for the entire campaign.

Track results here

Facebook bounty program (600.000ETM reward)

How to join:
Like ETHernitymining fan page on Facebook 
Register via this Google Form 

Stakes: 1 facebook_stake per like, share
             2 facebook_stake per unique post on your own page

1: You must have at least 100 friends/followers and profile set to public.
2: You are required to engage positively with at least 3 posts per week (comment / share / like / heart / ha ha / wow)

Track results here

Telegram Bounty (600.000ETM reward)

How to join:
Register via this Google Form
Join the Telegram group and channel

Stakes: 1 telegram_stake per post (max 5 per week)
             2 telegram_stakes for posting in crypto related telegram groups or own groups/channels

1: You have to post at least one meaningful message per week.
2: We reserve the right to reject any message as not meaningful without giving a reason.

Track results here

Video/blog bounty (600.000ETM reward)

How to join:
Register via this Google Form (once your article is posted) 

Rejected - 0 video/blog_stakes
Low impact video/blog post - 1 blog_stake
Moderate impact video/blog post - 5 blog_stakes
High impact video/blog post - 25 blog_stakes

1: Article has to be at least 500 words long/ video at least 3 minutes
2: Article/video has to be original content.
3: Article/video has to be available publicly.
4: You can post it on any website (your own blog, medium, reddit, linkedin, quora etc.) under your own name.
5: We will review all articles/videos and assess their impact - stakes will be given depending on impact.
6: We reserve the right to reject the article/video without giving any reason
7: Article/video has to contain at least 1 link to ICO website.

You can track results here

Translation Bounty (600.000ETM reward)

Earn stakes for translating ICO Announcement thread and Bounty Announcement thread and moderating thread moderation.

How to join:
Register via this Google form to apply for translating in chosen language 
Provide the translation within 3 days from receiving the task from us via email

Stakes: 1 translation_stake per translation

1: We will reward only one person per language. Please apply via given form and wait until you will be assigned with translation task, before you start translating.
2: We will accept only high quality translations. If you use copy-paste method with tools such as google translate, automatic translators and so on, your submission will be rejected and blacklisted.
3: We will pick the translator for each language from all submissions and reserve the right to re-assign the task if the translation provided will not meet quality expectations.
4: Bounty Manager and the team reserve their right to make changes to this terms or apply new ones.

Rewards will be published here

Files to upload weekly results will be published in our bitcointalk bounty thread.

Token rewards will be distributed within 15 days after the end of the token sale