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Bitto Exchange is launching a bounty program Version 3.0 for our strategic partners and our interested contributors that encourages advocacy, marketing, content creation, and public support endeavors for Bitto Coins.
Any questions on Bounty will be answered on bounty Ann or via a private telegram group. Please do not post any questions related to the bounty program in the Telegram group.



1. All participants are required to join the following to be part of Bitto Exchange ICO Bounty programs:


Telegram group: https://t.me/bittoexchange
Like Facebook profile: https://fb.me/bittoexchange
Follow Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/bittoexchange


Good news! We will be picking a random lucky winner on our telegram bounty to make 100 Bitto coins weekly!
All you need to do is simple
1. Use our logo as your profile picture 
2. Wear a tag - Bitto Exchange to your name
3. We will select a lucky winner from a random public group!
4. Your logo and tag must be worn a full week to qualify
5. Must show a screenshot of groups you are in.

Join today!:

1: Join Telegram: https://t.me/Bittoexchange

2. Join Telegram : https://t.me/Bittobounty

2: Apply using form below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wElMq7tRLkUgufjqh7SbO-KCx9Jw233ErDbf1x7Rfog/edit

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G9xncWO5O0xHKY_IUMC7O7ilHpGlntO-GGf4_Qnmjo0/edit#gid=50581174

Payments will be made directly into your wallet at the completion of ICO

2. The Bounty Manager and the Team reserve their right to make changes to the terms in any moment, including allocations of the campaigns.
3. Payment addresses will NOT be changed after submission.
4. Any kind of offensive or inadequate behaviour when promoting Bitto will result in immediate disqualification from the bounty campaign.
5. Bounty Managers/Team decisions are final.
6. For queries or complaints please leave your message on the thread or contact us in our Telegram bounty group.

The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.


This bounty program will comprise of SIX parts:



Avatar https://i.imgur.com/PyotqXk.png



BITTO is pushing a major Signature Campaign. The Bounty Program for Bitcointalk consists of one of the highest payouts in token value! BITTO WANTS YOU!. The more posts you make on Bitcointalk the more Bitto coin you will be rewarded with. If you make around 50 posts, you will get an additional basic weekly rate bonus. If you make more than 151 posts, you will get 2 times more Bitto! (refer to INCENTIVE at below for details) The weekly accounting will start on Monday and end on Sunday.

- $1,000,000 Bitto (Leftover Bounty will be distributed within the bounty program)
- 200 Users (First come first serve)

- Choose a Signature and Avatar accordingly to your Bitcointalk Rank
- Make posts wearing the BITTO Signature/Avatar
- The more posts you make, the more Bitto you can earn.
- Submit Signature Bounty application form

- 10~50 (x1):  10 to 50 posts will get a weekly multiplier of x1
- 51~100 (x1.2): 51 to 100 posts will get a weekly multiplier of x1.3
- 101~150 (x1.5):  101 to 150 posts will get a weekly multiplier of x1.5
- 151+ (x2): More than 151 posts will get a weekly multiplier of x2

- Must maintain the Signature and Avatar until the ICO period is over
- Must post related contents on Bitcointalk
- Must not make posts that devalue Bitto
- Any abuse will have their account banned and reported (All other Bounty applications will also be suspended).


Jr. Member
- REWARD: 15 BITTO/week