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The First North Korean ICO



SpaceKIM Bounty Campaign

Bounty Campaign dates: 9 Jan 2018 - 07 Feb 2018
Pre-ICO Start: January 9th, 2017 
ICO Start: January 15th, 2017
ICO End: February 7th, 2017
Max Coin Supply: 37.900.000 KIM
Hard Cap: 3790 ETH
Total Coin for Bounty: 1.895.000 KIM

10 000 KIM = 1 ETH

Token Name: SpaceKIM
Symbol: KIM
Decimal: 0
Contract address: 0x0fe31fb2fe9ae7e84ee9e570c3463f25ee50d31b

*If we get less than 50 participants in any campaign until end of crowdsale we'll reduce funds to half of the respective campaign, except Translation, Blog and Video and Signature campaign

Regarding the value of 1 KIM Token

All KIM tokens will be sold at rate of 1 ETH for 10 000 KIM token. Each KIM token represents 100 km2 of moon land that is to be distributed to KIM token holders after North Korea conquers the moon and SpaceKIM app is launched.  

Regarding KIM Token Payment

All SpaceKIM bounty payments will be made after the end of the SpaceKIM token crowdsale. The token crowdsale is currently scheduled for January 9 to February 7, 2018. All tokens for crowdsale and bounty participants will be distributed after February 7, 2018. Check the SpaceKIM website and social media and bitcointalk for more information about when you will receive your KIM tokens!




Bounty Overview

1. Social Media: Website share on Twitter or Facebook
2. Social Media: Instagram photo contest
3. Social Media: Twitter Invasion
4. Website article and blog
5. Video and Podcast
6. Bitcointalk Signature Design Campaign
7. Telegram Airdrop 


Social Media Campaign Status : OPEN


Twitter Payment:

25 - 250 followers: 10 KIM per tweet

251 - 500 followers: 20 KIM per tweet

501 - 1000 followers: 40 KIM per tweet

1001 - 5000 followers: 60 KIM per tweet

5000+ followers: 100 KIM per tweet

Facebook Payment:

100 - 500 friends: 10 KIM per post

501 - 1000 friends: 20 KIM per post

1001 - 1500 friends: 40 KIM per post

1501 - 2000 friends: 60 KIM per post

5000+ friends: 100 KIM per post

How to join:

1. Register via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/bpxpSoL9zV50QpZ42

2. Follow SpaceKIM on Twitter (@SpaceKimICO, https://twitter.com/SpaceKimICO )

3. Tweet a link to the SpaceKIM website (http://spacekim.io/) (Please post the link with http:// so the website preview is fetched!!!) including a “@SpaceKimICO” at the END of your tweet.

How to join for Facebook:

1. Register via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/9cinVMBAKi3KmRqy1

2. Post a link to the SpaceKIM website (http://spacekim.io/) on your Facebook account


You must share the SpaceKIM Official Website (http://spacekim.io) publicly on either Twitter or Facebook. If the post is private, friends only, or locked we may not be able to verify it.
Only ONE Facebook post and ONE Twitter post per user per day. Attempts to make multiple accounts will be disqualified and immediately blacklisted from all bounties when discovered and the crookers will be fed to Kim Jong-Un's dogs.


Publish a creative photo in support of SpaceKIM project on your Instagram 

Instagram Payment:

100 - 500 followers10 KIM per post
501 - 1000 followers20 KIM per post
1001 - 1500 followers40 KIM per post
1501 - 2000 followers60 KIM per post
5000+ followers: 100 KIM per post

Contest Payment:

1st best photo:  50 000 KIM tokens
2nd best photo: 35 000 KIM tokens
3rd best photo:  20 000 KIM tokens

How to join:

Register via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/0ZptCw67E06Z3d4x1
Post a creative photo/video on your Instagram
Follow SpaceKIM on instagram
Tag SpaceKIM account (@spacekimio) on that photo  
Write spacekim.io and #spacekim hashtag in the photo’s description

Unlike lousy Western imperialists, North Korea immensely encourages open-mindedness and creativity. Thus, we’ve decided to encourage SpaceKIM supporters with this Instagram Contest. 

Make a creative photo/video of yourself, your friend or your pet showing how much your support SpaceKIM lunar mission. The form is absolutely free. That may be you holding a paper with SpaceKIM signature in your hands or photo of you photoshopped as a SpaceKIM astronaut or your dog wearing a handmade DPRK astronaut suit or launch a papier-m?ch? model of Pulgasari-1 rocket. Just use the book of Juche and your imagination!!! 


You must publish a public creative SpaceKIM photo/Video and send a link so we can verify your post. You must leave the post up until at least the end of the bounty campaign period (February 7, 2018). If the share is no longer available when we check it will not be counted.
Only ONE Instagram post per user. Attempts to make multiple accounts will be disqualified and immediately blacklisted from all bounties when discovered and the crookers will be severely punished.



5 000 KIM - Okay
10 000 KIM - Good
20 000 KIM - Excellent

How to join:

Register via this Google Form : https://goo.gl/forms/vndSyliu0UTRb0gJ2


Must be an original and unique blog post or article introducing the SpaceKIM lunar mission and crowdsale and praising the glory of North Korea and its Flawless Leader Kim Jong-Un. Copy pasting (for example, copy and pasting from our press release, white paper, website, Bitcointalk announcement, other news sites, etc) the entire article will not be accepted. If SpaceKIM team believes your post lacks originality we may ask you to rewrite it.
Blog or article post may be in any language.
Must be 500 words in English (or rough equivalent in your language)
Blog must contain at least one link to the SpaceKIM website (http://spacekim.io).
We can provide any images of SpaceKIM as needed including screenshots, images from the website, images from the white paper, and food/restaurant images if needed.



5 000 KIM - Okay
10 000 KIM - Good
20 000 KIM - Excellent

How to join:

Make a YouTube video review of SpaceKim or discuss SpaceKim on your podcast
Contact the SpaceKIM team by filling out this Google Form with a link to your article and other information: https://goo.gl/forms/9HOd0eQOhgZJRtnw1
If approved, we will contact you by email within 72 hours with a code to add to your article.


Payment: 30 000 KIM

How to join:

Sign up via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/kihTRbDkpopUSL6L2
Signature must be finished by January 14

We need new super cool signatures for our Signature Campaign: Hero & Legendary, Senior Members, Full members, Members and JR. Members


The first who applies for that bounty via Google Form will get the right to design SpaceKIM Signatures and will be rewarded with bounty payment if we accept his work


How to join:
Sign up via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/wRXbSj2REe9o6WSQ2

Pool: 895.000 KIM Tokens

30 replies/week - 2 stakes
Creativity bonus - 1 stake
Get a reply from an influencer - 10 stakes
Get retweeted by an influencer - 10 stakes

That is the only campaign with stakes system


Every week you have to leave at least 30 twitter replies to 30 different twitter influencers’s tweets from the Twitter List
Every reply must tag @SpaceKimICO tag
You can either write a comment from the list of messages or use you creativity and write something in context with the tweet you are replying to
Creativity will be awarded

Full list of influencers:




Every user will receive 10KIM to his Ethereum wallet

How to join:

Sign up via this Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/HOnyB1PDuzhsddHG2
Join our Telegram chat: https://t.me/spacekimico


There is maximum of 1000 participants
You should join this chat until 7th of February