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Help promote the Shping Coin Token Sale to your network and earn a share of 100 Million Shping Coins!


Why a Bounty Program?


The Shping Bounty Program is our way of ensuring that members of our community who promote the Shping Token Sale get rewarded for the impact of their efforts. With significant bonuses on offer, we strongly urge you to get involved.

How Do I Participate?


Participating in the Bounty Program is super easy.

1. REGISTER for the Bounty Program. When your application is deemed successful, you will receive a Welcome Pack including instructions and tools to participate.

2. NOTIFY our Bounty Managers when you are starting or concluding a campaign or when you have achieved successes. We might even re-share it on our channels to help you boost your reach! You can notify us on this Bitcointalk forum, through our Promotional Partner Telegram or by emailing our Bounty Manager. (Please note: these notification posts are ineligible for bounty rewards.)

3. SCREENSHOT or keep evidence of your content, progress, responses and results. You will need to submit these to verify your performance for our Bounty Managers at the conclusion of the Token Sale campaign (end of March)
4. CONFIRM your eligibility. Special conditions will apply for certain bounties. For full details on how to participate, including mandatory conditions of entry, download the PDF here: PDF Link 

The Bounties and Their Rewards


We’ve created a range of options for our Bounty Program and you can participate in all of them if you wish! Bounties will be tallied and awarded at the end of the Token Sale to give you the maximum number of opportunities to participate.


One of the simplest ways in which to participate in the Shping Bounty Program is by enriching and helping us grow our community. By doing so, you will share in a pool of 20,000,000 Shping Coins!

You can promote our community by: 

Adding our signature and avatars to your Bitcointalk profile
Inviting friends to join you in the Shping Token Sale Community Telegram channel


The exact reward you receive by completing the Bitcointalk activities mentioned above will be based on your Bitcointalk Ranking and Time. Remember, you’ll get more rewards for adding both an avatar and a signature to your profile than if you just add one or the other.




Receive 100 SHPING for every friend you refer to the Shping Token Sale Community Telegram Channel.

This is a strictly limited offer! The campaign will conclude when the channel reaches 5000 members.



If you love social media, are good in front of a camera or have a flair for writing then content creation is the perfect way for you to join our Bounty Program. Content creation has been allotted the largest bounty pool, with 70,000,000 Shping Coins available. Your creativity and initiative is wholeheartedly encouraged!

We are interested in the following kinds of content:  

Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Bitcointalk


Posts in this category will be awarded 10 SHPING per “view”.



Posts in this category will receive 10 SHPING for every interaction e.g likes, reactions, retweets, shares, comments and upvotes.


Have you got an original idea and the skills to help the Shping Token Sale story gain widespread awareness? 

We’ve allocated 10 million Shping Coins for any original, out-of-the-box creative promotional ideas that you might have. 

We’d love to hear your ideas and to work with you to discuss your share of the bounty pool if you succeed!


Pro Tips


If you think like a pro, you will be rewarded like one. Here are two pro tips to get you started:

1. USE REFERRAL LINKS:  Sign up to Buy Shping Coins and claim your unique referral link. You can use this link in conjunction with the Bounty Program to earn 5% commission in ETH for every purchase made by your referrals during the Token Sale! Your referrals will also receive 5% extra Shping Coins on their purchase. Please review our terms and conditions. 

2. AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE ON OUR CHANNELS: Content Creators may publish their clips, articles and posts about and/or reference Shping’s Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Facebook and Twitter channels to gain more views, readers and interactions.  

Need Support or Advice?


At Shping, we love to see our community get creative and encourage their wider network to learn more about our exciting platform. We are here to support participants in the bounty program. If you have any questions, please post below in this Bitcointalk forum, or get in touch with us on our Promotional Partner Telegram.

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Please note: As this is a live Bounty Program, the details and terms of participation are subject to change at short notice.  We reserve the right to amend or suspend part or all of this Bounty Program early if our goals are met, or if the Bounty Pool has been exhausted.