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ANN - Token Sale Announcement page

PreICO Starts: 16th April 2018
ICO Starts: May 21st 2018


GLOBATALENT BOUNTY CAMPAIGN (1%): 8500000 GBT ? ($1,105,000)to be divided according to the stakes accumulated.

TOTAL REWARD POOL:1%of all GBT tokens sold!

1 GBT = $0.13

The funds will be split into 9 categories in such a format

1. Translation & Community management Campaign :14% (1190000 GBT) ? ($154700)
2. Telegram campaign: 9% (76,500 GBT)? ($99450)
3. Artwork campaign: 6% (51,000 GBT) ? ($66300)
4. Youtube campaign: 13% (110,500 GBT) ? ($143650)
5. Twitter campaign: 13% (110,500 GBT) ? ($143650)
6. Facebook campaign: 10% (85,000 GBT) ? ($110500)
7. Blog Post campaign: 13% (110,500 GBT) ? ($143650)
Blogs/News and Steemit/Reddit/Medium etc. Campaign
8. Signature campaign: 14% (119,000 GBT) ? ($154700)
9. Linkedin campaign8% (68,000 GBT) ? ($88400)

Extra Bounty:
PR and marketing campaign
Meetup Campaign
Influencer Campaign

Each round will end on saturday @11:00 PM forum time


1. Translate ANN Thread:50 stakes
2. Translate Bounty Thread:50 stakes
3. Translate Whitepaper:300 stakes
4. Moderation/Management:5 stakes per Valid Post

1. A translation must be of a high quality. Using any kind of tools such as Google are not allowed and will be instantly disqualified.
2. The translator should be responsible and moderate and keep the thread active (we have additional rewards for moderation)
4. Participants must fill the form and accepted translator will get confirmation by PM.
3. Enter your translation results no later than 6 days after accepted.

How to join:
1.Apply to join the campaign here:https://goo.gl/forms/K5oNl3lkUCQd7Tnt1

ANN thread :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2654545
Whitepaper file :https://globatalent.com/whitepaper/


Help Globatalent build a community on Telegram! You can participate by contributing to the discussion in the Globatalent Telegram Chat.
Your activity will be tracked and rewarded based on the number and quality of your messages, as well as how many days you are active in the chat group.


1 .1 stakefor join our Telegram
2.100 stakesfor each week youre active in the chat and send at least 8 qualified message.
3 .10 stakesper qualified message (MUST be constructive and on-topic)
4 .+300 bonusstakes for each of the top 5 participants (weekly)
Additional bonus tiers may be added depending on the number of participants

1. Join toGlobatalentTelegram chat grouphttps://t.me/globatalent
2. Must stay active in the group until the end of the bounty.
3. 8 messages Minimum Throughout the week. (Will be counted as 2 maximum per day) Messages must be on topic and constructive. A shares bonus will be shared between the more active. I will designate them at the end of the campaign.
4. Excessive short text and emoji/sticker only posts will not count.
5. Only one telegram account per each BitcoinTalk user is allowed
6. Inactive users will be disqualified from the bounty campaign.

How to join:
1.To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/boAYTLYL7xvifZJf1

1. Normal quality (1000 - 2000 Views) :10 stakes
2. Medium quality (2000 - 5000 Views) :30 stakes
3. High quality (5000 - 10000 Views):50 stakes
4. TOP quality (10000+ Views) :100 stakes

1. Describe aboutGLOBATALENTand it's features
2. You can upload them on Youtube
3. Must500Subscribers
4. Duration of not less than2 minutes
5. We will give stakes according to the quality and audience of the video. The better it is, more stakes you receive. The amount of stakes assigned is not negotiable.
6. Youtube Channels Related To Crypto (Views)

How to join:
1.To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/Z0sVhb1LOa8ojaae2

1. Have more than 150 followers:1 stakes / week
2. Have more than 500 followers:10 stakes / week
3. Have more than 1000 followers:40 stakes / week
4. Have more than 5000 followers:60 stakes / week
5. Have more than 10,000 followers:100 stakes / week
6. Have more than 50,000 followers:200 stakes / week

Extra bounty
You can get extra GBT each week by leaving your tweet pinned!
250-500 followers15 stakes / week
500-1000 followers50 stakes/week
1000-2000 followers100 stakes/week
2000+ followers150 stakes/week

1: Twitter account must have over 150 Followers
2. Must follow@globatalent, like and retweet Globatalent tweets daily at:https://twitter.com/globatalent
3. Tweet this:


Be part of a Sport #Blockchain Revolution! Globatalent.com #decentralized sports #ICO #cryptocurrency #TokenSale #crypto

Include the image in the tweet:https://globatalent.com/sport-blockchain/0001.jpg

4. You have to make 5 tweets/week about Globatalent, include hashtag #globatalent, #crypto, #ICO, #cryptocurrency, #ethereum, #blockchain. Only 1 Tweet per day will count. Tweets must be in English.
5 . Followers will be Freezed at the time of registration till the end of campaign.
6. For Extra bounty: Pin the tweet to your profile page.

Format to post your work


Week #1


How to join:

1. To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/fTiiZrs23QavU9p22
2. Spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-HhvlEMYXUdQwBMMFQRM-E037afNTd0CKk1bkP0Udmk/edit?usp=sharing

1. Have more than 150 followers:1 stakes
2. Have more than 500 followers:10 stakes
3. Have more than 1000 followers:40 stakes
4. Have more than 5000 followers:60 stakes
5. Have more than 10,000 followers:100 stakes
6. Have more than 50,000 followers:200 stakes

1. Facebook account must have over 150 friends
2. Must like, comment and repostGlobatalentposts daily at:https://www.facebook.com/globatalent.official/
2 . Account needs to be public
4. Post this:


Be part of a Sport #Blockchain Revolution! Globatalent.com #decentralized sports #ICO #cryptocurrency #TokenSale #crypto

Include the image in the post:https://globatalent.com/sport-blockchain/0001.jpg

Format to post your work


Week #1

Shares + Likes + comment

How to join:
1.To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/LIAUVlLJJ04o8zjv1

Blog bounty will be distributed between the creators of the posts, reviews and press releases about Globatalent project.
Anyone can participate - just create a 500 words long text about Globatalent and publish it accordingly. The better is your text - the more stakes you will receive.

1.For Medium post
100+ Followers= 5 stake/week
250+ Followers= 10 stake/week
500+ Followers= 15 stake/week
1000+ Followers=30 stake/week
5000+ Followers=60 stake/week

2.For Steemit post
10 + upvotes=5 Stake /week
25 + upvotes=10 Stake /week
50 + upvotes=20 Stake /week
100+ upvotes=30 Stake /week
300+ upvotes=60 Stake /week

3 . For Reddit post
10+ Upvote = 5 stack/week
20+ Upvote = 10 stack/week
50+ Upvote = 20 stack/week
100+ Upvote=30 stack/week
300+ Upvote =60 stack/week

4.Freelance Bloggers or other third-party websites
Unique content/perspective=10 stakes

1.The Blogs and Webs accepted to access this reward are: blogger, Wordpress, personal websites, third-party websites, strictly related to cryptos.
2. The posts and articles must use english language and the topic for article publication should be related to Crypto/ICO/Blockchain.
3. We dont allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text must be at least 2 months old and must have the user activity.
4. The posts and articles published must contain a minimum of 500 words, the GLOBATALENT logo and: be clear, Concise and explanatory
5. The posts and articles must contain 1 link to ANN thread, 2 links to globatalent.com, 1 link to your own bitcointalk profile
6. The copy / paste or any type of spam or publications that go against the globatalent.com project are not allowed
7 . Make sure you have the full understanding of the Globatalent project - the project is not very complicated from a technological point of view. Read the Globatalent Whitepaper first - you can find them on our website (www.globatalent.com).

How to join:
1. To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/1FvtrFLVRuIPxItw1
2. Spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gv0lWE3dFV14TiqmYoximWZyftjzCqRVM4zLdXgK_T8/edit?usp=sharing

1. Standard :10 stakes/art
2. Medium :30 stakes/art
3. Hight :50 stakes/art

1. Artwork must be original, positive and creative usingGLOBATALENTlogo or globatalent.com, sharing artwork to Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.
2. Follower or friend must 1000
3. Max 3 artwork/day.
4. Artwork must be related to cryptocurrencies / blockchain / crowdfunding / crowdinvesting or something else in these theme
5. use hastag #Globatalent & #blockchain

How to join:
1. You have to post your posts and Artwork in this thread every week:
2.Form to fill up:- https://goo.gl/forms/C7KJJGRqV9kpd5rs1
2. Spreadsheet :https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_PcibEg0yd5JB6ioKcvOzb1GHkKrfmcCKA3Ujqg0TfY/edit?usp=sharing

Never miss any of our updates! Follow Globatalent on Linkedin and share our news to your connections to earn GBT tokens.

1 . Like a Post:5 stakes per like
2 . Comment (Comments must be constructive and at least 30 characters in length. Limit one comment per post):20 stakes per comment
3 . Public Share of any post (limit 1 per post):30 stakes per share
4 . Public Share of any post to a public LinkedIn Group :35 stakes per share

1. Your LinkedIn account must have at least 100 followers
2. Your LinkedIn account must be open as a Public Profile
3. Comments must be constructive and at least 30 characters in length. Spam posts will not count.

How to join:
1. Follow Globatalent on LinkedIn:https://es.linkedin.com/company/globatalent
2. Join to Globatalent Telegram channel @globatalent
3. To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/HEjYHOTHrSiIVrDi1
4. Spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IETR6FhaBnpyOI-1C4uphrVMRZwnY2s2X2g3rT3BDFg/edit?usp=sharing

Jr.Member:1 stakes
Member:3 stakes
Full Member/Sr.Member:5 stakes
Herro/Legendary:7 stakes
Avatar:0.5 stakes

1. Newbies are not allowed to Join
2. Use Globatalent signature to the end of the campaign
3. Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted as valid posts
4. Make 10 posts per week
5. Register with multiple accounts, will be blacklisted

How to join:
1. To sign up follow the link:https://goo.gl/forms/1oDR1IODch0qpl4s1
2. Spreadsheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nHR-X7D-Uz4eD6fpF5lpW4lsdPV68QZ0mS7BYF4-k-g/edit?usp=sharing

What we require is press releases published on major sites, feature articles, YouTube reviews and more, related to Crypto/ICO/Blockchain.

How to join:
If you feel you have someone who can published press releases or articles in crypto sites, please contact us tocontact@globatalent.com

For YouTube review on a crypto related channel with over 50,000 subscribers please contact us tocontact@globatalent.com

1 . Send an e-mail tocontact@globatalent.com, including:
Your Name.
Where are you going to publish.
Comments & rate:

2 .When you have the approval publish the Press Release. It should be in the manner a Press Release is written. Please follow proper guidelines.

Spread the word about Globatalent project all over the globe.

How to join:
If you feel you have someone who can organize a meetup for us, complete the following form and we will contact you directly:

Send an e-mail tocontact@globatalent.com, including:
1. Email Subject: MEETUP BOUNTY
2. Your name
3. Social media account for verification and communication (Facebook or LinkedIn preferable)
4. City in which you will organize the meetup
5. Meetup location suggestions (can be a bar, restaurant, university,)
6. Meetup.com page (including topics to be discussed)
7. Date and time of meetup
8. A link to a public Facebook post or tweet with your Meetup event
This information will be added to a public Google Spreadsheet. You can use that document to check if your application was accepted.

There can only be only one meetup per city! (two might be ok for big cities)
Photos of the meetup, must be provided no more than one week after it took place.
Ideally, it should be a new meetup group, but relevant established ones can also be accepted (upon revision).
Videos are welcome, but not mandatory.
Feel free to provide us with ideas that can make your event extra special!
Globatalent will provide free beers at every meetup

Similar to our Translation and Community Management Campaign, we are closing this for the general public, and are accepting specific entries into this program.

How to join:
Send an e-mail tocontact@globatalent.com, including:
2. Your Name.
3.Influencer accounts.
4. Comments & rate:

Founder and campaign managers are entitled, change rules, add rules, reject you from campaign.