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Reservation Sale: Dec 1 - Jan 15 with 70% Bonus
Pre Sale: Jan16 - Feb 15 with 50% Bonus
Public Sale I: Feb 16 - Feb 28 with 10% Bonus
Public Sale II: Mar 1 - Mar 15

Cube Intelligence hereby announces its official bounty program.
Bounty hunters can apply after reading rules here.

About us
Website|ANN Thread|Whitepaper|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram

Welcome to Cubes Bounty Program!

We are offering our participants a total allocation of 5% of contributed token from company owned tokens (5% of cube tokens when all contribution round completed.
= 3,600,000 cubes = 3,600 ETH, about $ 3,272,727)

The bounty program starts on 01.January 2018 and end on 15. March 2018.

We will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants, 1 weeks after the token sale has ended.

We reserve the right to make amendments to the bounty program at any time.
We reserve the right to remove stakes/participants from the bounty for any reason such as unethical behavior and fraudulent submissions.

Bounty Allocation:

23% Signature bounty
14% Youtube bounty:: If you have any updates, please report us for bounty.
13% Telegram bounty:: Please be active. Not active accounts will not be eligible for bounty!
13% Twitter bounty:: Please send us your activities via google forms for each period. We calculate your bounty ONLY based on submitted activity reports. Any unreported activities are not be eligible for bounty.
12% Facebook bounty:: Please send us your activities via google forms for each period. We calculate your bounty ONLY based on submitted activity reports. Any unreported activities are not be eligible for bounty.
15% Blog bounty:: Please send us your activities via google forms for update. We calculate your bounty ONLY based on submitted activity reports. Any unreported activities are not be eligible for bounty.
10% Translation and Moderate bounty:: Please do not start work before our permission.

Bounty Participants list:

Please check your status in this public spreadsheet. The list will be updated every Friday.


Signature Bounty

Earn stakes for adding a signature and avatar to your Bitcointalk profile. We shall reward you for each post wearing signature and avatar during ICO.

How to join:

Sign up via this Google Form:click here
Add signature of level, avatar and personal text


Jr. Member: 2 signature_stakes per post
Member: 3 signature_stake per post
Full Member: 4 signature_stakes per post
Sr. Member: 5 signature_stakes per post
Legendary/Hero: 6 signature_stakes per post

1. The Signature should be kept until one week after the end of the ICO, removing the signature before that time will result in a disqualification.
2. During this period you must proceed with at least 20 Posts per week in order to be considered eligible.
3. Must wear the signature and avatar at all time. Avatar is obligatory only for users eligible to wear an avatar according to forum rank.
4. Only Posts that are made outside the CUBE topic page and are useful and constructive towards CUBEs cause will be eligible concerning the 20 Post goal. All posts must be made in Alternate cryptocurrencies or Trading Discussion sections of the forum. Posts in the off-topic threads will not get counted and spamming and trolling of all kinds will simply get the participant disqualified.
5. Users with negative trust are not allowed to join. Having tagged by them during the campaign period will result in no pay-out and removal from the campaign
6. Posts with less than 75 characters will not count as eligible
7. 1 Bitcointalk account per person
8. Random inspection will be taking place during the week in order to determine if all participants are following the rules. If any of the participants is found to be not following the rules they will be disqualified.
9. If your rank changes during the campaign, proceed with notifying us so that your participation will be updated in the spreadsheet.



Personal Text:"The Best ICO with Best ROI:: Cube"


YouTube Bounty:

Earn stakes via uploading qualified videos on Youtube. Sharing qualified videos in Face book and Twitter are also countable. We shall reward you for each videos and posts during ICO.

How to join:
Upload your fan-made videos about Cube's ICO
Share the qualified video in Facebook and Twitter (These stakes will be distributed from each bounty category, not from the Youtube category)
Register for your bounty via this Google Form:click here


Low Quality Vids: No stakes
Medium Quality Vids: 5 Youtube stakes
High Quality Vids: 10 stakes
*Cube reserves rights to determine the quality level of videos.
Bonus multipliers:
200 - 500 subscribes: x1 bonus multipliers
500 - 1000 subscribes: x2 bonus multipliers
1000 - 2499 subscribes: x3 bonus multipliers
2500 + subscribes: x4 bonus mulipliers

1. Videos must be at least 1 minute 30 seconds
2. Videos must be uploaded to your youtube channel
3. You must have at least 200 subscribers
4. Links toCube Intelligence webmust be added to description
5. Link to your bitcointalk profile should also be added to your video description to verify you are the author
6. All videos should be in English and the voice should be clear. Low quality videos will not be accepted

Telegram Bounty:

Earn stakes via participating actively in our Telegram channel. We shall reward you for your attendance during ICO.

How to join:
Sign up via this Google Form:click here
Join theTelegram GroupandTelegram Announcement Channel


1 telegram_1 stake per week

1. At least 1 meaningful message per week (1 stake per week, until March 15)
2. Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in Cube Groups not allowed.
3. Discussion about the bounty is strictly prohibited.
4. Only to Bitcointalk members are eligible for this campaign.
5. Not Active users will not be eligible for stakes.[/center]

Twitter Bounty:

Earn stakes for retweeting Cubes tweets during ICO campaign.

How to join:
Follow theCubeon Twitter
Sign up via this Google Form:click here

Register your retweets each week via these Google Forms:
For 23.Dec.2017-15.Jan.2018 until 18.Jan.2018click here
For 16.Jan.2018-15.Feb.2018 until 18.Feb.2018click here
For 16.Feb.2018-28.Feb.2018 until 03.Mar.2018click here
For 01.Mar.2018-15.Mar.2018 until 18.Mar.2018click here


1 telegram_1 stake per week

1. Must follow CUBE Intelligence on TWITTER
2. Twitter audit must be equal to or better than 85%
3. Your account must have at least 100 followers
4. Copying previous tweet / retweet or other participants tweet is not countable
5. Must be a member in bitcointalk unless your twitter account is affiliated directly with the crypto community
6. Must use # in your tweet #ETH #ICO #CUBEintelligence #CUBEICO
7. Tweet a maximum 2 per day (at least one hour term) and minimum of 5 retweets per week.
8. Retweet CUBE fan-made contents(tweet, Youtube Video, Blog post, Facebook post) about Cube ICO, a maximum 2 per day (at least one hour term).
9. Retweets & Tweets have to stay public until the end of the Bounty campaign
10. The account must be original. Inactive account or account with fake followers will not be accepted.

Facebook Bounty:

Earn stakes by sharing and commenting on Cubes FB posts during ICO campaign.

How to join:
Follow and LikeCube Facebook Pageon Facebook
Sign up via this Google Form:click here


For comment: 1 facebook_stake
For share: 2 facebook_stakes
For post introducing Cube's ICO: 6 facebook_stakes

Register your facebook activities each round via these Google forms:
For 23.Dec.2017 - 15.Jan.2018: until 18.Jan.2018click here
For 16.Jan.2018 - 15.Feb.2018: until 18.Feb.2018click here
For 16.Feb.2017 - 28.Feb.2018: until 03.Mar.2018click here
For 01.Mar.2017 - 15.Mar.2018: until 18.Mar.2018click here

*This multipliers onyl applies to SHARE & POSTS, comments are not eligible for multipliers!

200 - 499 followers/friends: x1 bonus multipliers
500 - 1499 followers/friends: x2 bonus multipliers
1500 - 2999 followers/friends: x4 bonus multipliers
3000 + followers/friends: x6 multipliers

1. Only 1 facebook account per person
2. Your Facebook account must have at least 200 real followers / friends.
3. You must like and follow the official Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/intelligence.cube.50
4. You must like before Share/Comment/Post
5. Share CUBE fan-made contents(tweet, Youtube Video, Blog article, Facebook post) about Cube ICO, a maximum 2 per day (at least one hour term).
6. You must like and share at least 5 posts which link FB bounty participants provided on the Bitcointalk Thread or our Facebook account:https://www.facebook.com/intelligence.cube.50
7. You must make a maximum 1 post per day, and minimum 2 unique posts per week with the #ICO #cube #cubeintelligence #cubeICO
8. Posts have to be in english.
9. Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate
10. Bounty campaign members, who use unfair methods, such as fake Likes and Shares, are to be excluded from bounty campaigns and will not receive rewards.
11. Email links to your posts/share till every Thursday 23:59 UTC + 1hour tohslee@cuneint.ioOtherwise, no stakes will be given.
12. Only 1 post on the Bounty Thread which posts you liked/shared, unique posts and provide the link for those before each Thursday 23:59 UTC + 1hour (For FB SHARE bounty participants)
13. All posts/reposts will be considered weekly from Wednesday to Thursday 23:59 UTC + 1hour
14. Links to all spreadsheets will be found below

Blog Bounty:

Earn stakes by writing and spreading articles about Cube ICO to public during ICO campaign.

How to join:
Sign up via this Google Form:click here
We reserve rights to refuse to give stakes to the posts below our standards


Rejected: 0 blog_stakes
Okay Quality: 1 blog_stakes
Great Quality: 3 blog_stakes
Excellent Quality: 5 blog_stakes

1. Article has to be at least 500 words long.
2. Make sure you have full understanding of the CUBE Int. platform. Read the CUBE Whitepaper. You can find the WHITEPAPER on our websitehttp://cubeint.io/
3. Article has to be original content.
4. Article has to be available publicly.
5. You can post it on any website (your own blog, medium, reddit, linkedin, quora etc.) under your own name.
6. We dont allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text, must be at least 2 months old and must have user activity.

Notice! Important
- We will review all articles and assess their impact - stakes will be given depending on impact.
- We reserve the right to reject the article without giving any reason
- Article has to contain at least 2 links: to ICO website, CUBE ICO ANN thread, other Cube social media or to the other articles about the project.
- Maximum 2 per week

-------------Some Example Topics for the Posts: -------------------------
- Explain the CUBE Project. Why it's unique and beneficial?
- What are the benefits of CUBE in comparison with competing projects?
- When will CUBE ICO start and why should one participate?
- Any good texts regarding CUBE project
- You can conduct an analysis of the Whitepaper, etc.

??? ???? ????? ????? ??? ?? ??
1. ICO ?? ??, ?? ???? ? ?? ????? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ?????.
2. ????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???.
3. ???, ???? ? ??? ?? ???? ??? ?? ???
ICO ??, ICO ?? ? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?? 3? ?? ?? ??? ??: 3? ?? ??
ICO ??, ICO ?? ? ?? ??? ????? ? ??? ??? ??: 1.5? ?? ??
ICO ??, ICO ?? ? ?? ??? ????? ? ???? ???? ?? ??: ?? ??? ????.

Translation & Moderate Bounty:

Earn stakes for translating ICO Announcement thread and Bounty Announcement thread and moderating thread moderation.

How to join:
Sign up via this Google Form:click here
Provide the translation within 3 days from receiving the task from us via email


ANN+bounty threads: 50 stakes + 5 stakes per valid post (update with a briefing in your language)

1. Do not start work unless accepted by us! If you are accepted as an announcement thread moderator, you must announce the project within 24 hours of delivery of the translated materials to qualify for Bounty Rewards.
2. You have to create the thread and maintain it active. You should be responding to people, engaging the community, maintaining an active role with the updates of Cube Intelligence on social channels, telegram, website and English Announcement thread.
(Participants that do not moderate their thread will receive 0 compensation)
3. You must sustain the announcement thread until the end of our ICO, that is, the 15th of March 2018.
4. Unnecessary or repeated posts shall be rejected for stake counting
5. Automatic (Google or similar) translations or translations with low quality will be rejected. If we will find that the text is translated with the help of automated translation tools, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made
6. You must also take part to the signature campaign.