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Open Source Uni


Website - https://os.university
Blog - https://medium.com/@opensourceuni/open-source-university-ico-bounty-program-c0e651ef1c38
Registration - http://bit.ly/OSUniBounty


The tokens which are going to be distributed for the bounty program are 960,000 EDU Tokens for the following Bounty Campaigns:

30% - Media Publications - articles, vlogs, Youtube videos, LinkedIn
20% - Blog posts - Bitcointalk (+ Signatures & Avatars), Reddit, Medium
20% - Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
30% - Translations & Community

Starts: November 3th, 2017 at 00:00:01 UTC+0
Ends: At the end of the ICO


Rewards are part of the total EDU Tokens supply, and not shares in a company. Whoever participates in the campaign will share all 960,000 EDU from the Bounty Program with all the participants.


No spamming or accounts that have been used for spam
All activity must be in good faith
Violation of any rule may lead to a reduction in stakes/tokens or total ban
Plagiarism or claiming someone else’s work as your own will result in a complete ban without appeal
Members with negative trust here in the Bitcointalk forums are not eligible to join any campaign
Stakes/tokens will be locked will the end of the ICO


Follow the link and register for the campaign you'd like to contribute in.

The Media Publications campaign includes news articles, YouTube videos, and other media. This is a very wide open category where you can be creative and publish almost anywhere, such as on LinkedIn, YouTube, a news site, or just about anywhere that people will see it. 

All submissions will be graded for quality, message, and reach. *Industry professionals may contact us in confidence. 


Quality is for the quality of the submission. For example, blog posts must be reasonably free of grammar and spelling errors, while videos must have decent production value, e.g. good audio quality. Submissions that fall below acceptable quality criteria will be rejected. 

We expect that you've create a positive image for Open Source University. The Project has substantial advancements and innovations, and isn’t just another “me too” project. 

That being said, some points in your message that you may want to include are: 

Skills and qualifications together in one place on the blockchain
Changing the way businesses hire
Comparison to traditional resumes
Education beyond institutional and national borders changing traditional university education
Changes in corporate learning and development
and more...

The white paper covers many more topics that you may wish to include in your message. You don’t need to cover technical details, but your message needs to be positive.


Reach is graded according to how many people you can reach. For example, a YouTube channel with 100 subscribers will not receive as high a grade for Reach as one with 100,000 subscribers, etc. To increase your reach score, you may wish to promote your article or video on Twitter, Facebook, various forums, etc. Don’t spam to promote your article though. Use good judgement. Also, when submitting your finished article, include links where you have promoted it so that we can give you a higher score. 

Reach is probably the most important criteria.

Professional journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, and other new media professionals are encouraged to participate. Feel free to contact us directly. 

Articles Campaign Rewards

The rewards will vary, but will be based on the following general guidelines. 

Low quality/reach: 5 to 10 shares
Average reward: 50 shares
Excellent: 200 shares
Professional-level and/or high reach: Varies widely, but could receive upwards of 500 shares

Articles must remain published at the time bounties are awarded which is at the end the ICO.

Please watermark your work by inserting a link to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, or another resource where we can contact you to verify in case someone else attempts to steal your work. 

This campaign is open to all Junior Members and above. We’d like to encourage everyone writing in Bitcointalk, Reddit and Medium to join us, ask questions and discuss Open Source University, academic education and professional development opportunities on Ethereum blockchain. 

How to Participate

Follow the campaign rules at the top of this page. In case you want to join us for the Bitcointalk discussions, add a Signature and Avatar. You'll be given more details after registration for the Bounty Program here.

You can find us here:
- Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenSourceUniversity/
- Bitcointalk Main Thread - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2393582.msg24679047#msg24679047
- Medium - https://medium.com/@opensourceuni


After registration for the Bounty Program - you'll be given BBcode for signatures and Avatar
Post at least 10 qualifying posts per week
Do not spam or you will be removed from the campaign
Posts in this bounty thread will not be counted
The following boards are off limits for this campaign: Politics & Society, Off-Topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners & Help

Follow Reddit’s rules, e.g. no brigading, etc.
Subscribe to /r/OpenSourceUniversity
Don’t feed the trolls, but let us know.

Bitcointalk.org - Signature and Avatar Rewards

The list below details how many shares members earn for each valid post and for using the Open Source University avatar.

Signature rewards (per user):
Junior member: 1 shares
Member: 2 shares
Full member: 3 shares
Senior member: 4 shares
Hero member: 5 shares
Legendary member: 6 shares

Avatar rewards (per week):
Full member: 6 shares
Senior member: 8 shares
Hero member: 10 shares
Legendary member: 12 shares

Blog Post Rewards

Our aim is to foster good discussions and reward participants in every platform - Bitcointalk, Reddit, Medium.

The first 50 people to subscribe to our Reddit - /r/OpenSourceUniversity will receive 10 shares each. Active Redditors will be additionally rewarded in the sub for good questions and discussions, and especially for helping others.

The first 50 people to follow our Medium - @opensourceuni will receive 10 shares each. 

NOTE: Please post links and updates for your participation in this thread so that we can verify information. This will assist us in catching any potential bugs, should there be any. Our goal is to ensure that everyone gets fully credited for their efforts. Also, further bounties may be added, so please check back here often. Further, we will try to ensure that the campaigns are balanced. This may require adjustments, so we reserve that right. We will make every effort to ensure that the campaigns are fair to everyone.

Join and participate in our Facebook page, Twitter and Telegram channel and to earn additional shares. Join our Telegram here, Facebook here and Twitter.


Avoid profanity and attacking other users
Good faith discussion is encouraged
Only 1 account per person
Being active in the channel is expected


The first 50 to join our Telegram will receive 20 shares each, the first 100 to like our Facebook page will receive 10 shares each and the first 100 to follow our Twitter account will get 10 shares each. Active members will be additionally rewarded in the channel for good questions and discussions, and especially for helping others

For any questions or clarifications, feel free to post in here. Also, try getting in touch with us in Telegram and we may be able to answer you more quickly there.


This campaign is for translating the Announcement thread and maintaining it, e.g. answering questions in the thread, etc. 

For our white paper and website, professional translators that have translated technical documents, marketing materials, websites, and/or white papers are invited to post in here as well.

The Announcement thread only needs to be maintained until the end of the token sale. 

In your post in this thread, please include some reference links to your translation portfolio. 

We will assign shares based on the amount and quality of work. Our aim is to ensure that your efforts are very well rewarded.  


People who want to manage a local community are also invited. Open Source University will be happy to help you build a community in your local place and provide you with all the needed information to do that. We believe that there are a lot of people out there that might be interested in building a community around the idea and grow. Feel free to ask for additional information about it.