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Join our Bounty & Affiliate campaign and become part of the StopTheFakes Project!




1.624.000 STF tokens (5,6%)
? 3123ETH (ICO Price)
? $ 1,000,000 $


For information on StopTheFakes, please visit our main thread: HERE



Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement blockchain service using IPFS and Ethereum




Tokens will be distributed in the following percentages:

  • Signature campaign – 25%

  • Translation and Moderation Program – 25%

  • Blog&Media – 20%

  • Facebook Bounty Campaign – 10%

  • Twitter Bounty Campaign – 10%

  • Telegram – 4%

  • Incentives – 6%

Calculation Method:

Number of tokens in the company/number of all stakes received = 1 stake in tokens

1 stake in tokens multiplied by each one’s number of stakes = number of assigned tokens

Terms and Conditions:

  • End of the program: on the last day of token sales.

  • You’ll get STF tokens as a remuneration for your participation in the Bounty program. As a bonus, the most active participants will be offered ETH, by decision of the StopTheFakes owners.

  • Remuneration will be distributed and credited to your Ethereum wallets within a month after the end of token sales.

  • You can use your referral links when participating in the Bounty program. The higher the quality of your ads, the higher your cumulative remuneration will be. To get a referral link, register on the following website: StopTheFakes.io.

  • To get technical support, email us at bounty@stopthefakes.io or visit our group on Telegram

  • The project’s owners reserve the right to make adjustments to the Terms and Conditions, if necessary.

  • Moderators of the community are: apoloo, New Member, Dintal




Budget: 25% of total Bounty Pool

Rules and Terms of the campaign:

  • You must write at least 50 posts during the whole bounty campaign

  • Your posts must conform to the topic, be constructive and meaningful.

  • Spam, low quality posts and copied posts will not be considered.

  • We consider only posts written in the Alternate cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Discussion and Local section.

  • Throughout the campaign, you must use the signature/profile picture/personal text that corresponds to your rating.

  • Deleting your signature/profile picture/personal text will result in your disqualification.

Amount of stakes by user rank:

Hero/Legendary 80 stakes/week
Sr. Member 50 stakes/week
Full member 30 stakes/week
Member 15 stakes/week 
Full Member and upwards can receive an additional 5 stakes/week for the added avatar and а personal text.

How to join:

1. Fill in the form – https://goo.gl/forms/mdaH6LD5Y9JCSCp02 
2. Set in the field your rang code.
3. Replace your avatar with an avatar StopTheFakes
4. Replace your personal text with text StopTheFakes!

StopTheFakes Avatar: 



Personal text: 
StopTheFakes.io | pre-ICO 21.01.2018 | +40% Bonus

Check the status of everything here: https://goo.gl/drQxgH