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You need to join our Telegram group to participate in any of the bounty campaigns.


Bounty Overview


The total amount of CRFT tokens available for the bounty campaign is 5% of the total amount of CRFT Token sold at the end of the Crowdsale.
More tokens sold - more bounty rewards!

Bounty program dates

Bounty campaign begins on a first come first served basis.
Please confirm acceptance in the bounty program before continuing.
Bounty campaign ends: 11 Feb 2018
If you create any content on weekly basis on any of the social channels, please, post your weekly reports in this thread.

Rewards will be issued to the ETH address you have provided after the end of the crowdsale and it will be distributed within 1-2 weeks.

Rewards distribution

Signature campaign: 40% CRFT tokens
Translation campaign: 10% CRFT tokens
Twitter campaign: 10% CRFT tokens
Facebook Campaign 10% CRFT tokens
Blog/Media campaign: 30% CRFT tokens


Instant Bounty

When somebody buys tokens using your referral link (available upon registration here) they get an extra 4% added to their purchase as bonus tokens. Similarly, you get the same number of bonus tokens credited to your account.

Bonus tokens are awarded from the company's reserve token pool and do not reduce the number of tokens available for purchase during the ICO round.

Bonus tokens will be transferred from the company reserve.


Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar Campaign - 40%

Signature Sign Up Form

Signature Spreadsheet

Rules of the campaign:

- You must make a minimum of 5 posts to get stakes for each week.
- Posts must be constructive and on-topic.
- Spam posts will result in a ban.
- You must wear the signature/avatar/personal text appropriate to your rank at all times.
- Removal of signatures/avatar/personal text will result in a ban.


Amount of stakes by user rank:

1. Hero/Legendary 8 stakes/week
2. Sr. Member 6 stakes/week
3. Full member 4 stakes/week
4. Member 3 stakes/week
5. Jr. member 1.5 stakes/week

Translation Campaign - 10%

Searching for Japanese, Korean, Russian translators


Only professional translators are allowed.
Use of google translate is not allowed.

Send links to your previous works. We will pick translator based on his previous work.
A translator can only be assigned with one language translation.
Account level must be Jr. Member or higher.


40 stakes per completed ANN
1 stake/post in your translated ANN
80 stakes per completed Whitepaper translation
100 Stakes per website translation

Translate Spreadsheet

LanguageTranslatorANN ThreadWhitepaper


Twitter campaign -10%

Twitter Sign Up Form

Twitter Spreadsheet

-  Have a minimum of 300 followers
-  Share Cryptf content at least once a week

Every member can prepare a post with their own content and link to CryptF website.

Weekly stakes for the participants:

Followers - stakes
300-500 = 1 stake
500-800 = 2 stakes
800-1200 = 3 stakes
1200–2000 = 4 stakes
2000- 5000 = 5 stakes
5000–10000 = 6 stakes
10000+ = 7 stakes


Facebook Bounty Campaign - 10%

Facebook Sign Up Form

Facebook Spreadsheet


- Follow and like the CryptF Facebook page
- Facebook account must have at least 200 friends.
- Minimum Jr. Members account levels.
- Write at least 3 posts a week about CryptF using the tag #cryptf
- List your posts and reposts in the bounty campaign thread every week.

Bounty stakes for facebook:

7 stakes per week for people who follow the instructions.


Blog / Media Campaign - 30%

Blog / Media Campaing Sign Up Form

Blog / Media Spreadsheet

Create an article, video, publication or review of the CryptF project.


- Articles must be longer than 2500 characters. Articles below 2500 characters will not be accepted.
- Videos must be at least 1:00 minute long. Videos under 1:00 minute will not be accepted.
- Articles must have 2 links to the official project website and a link to the whitepaper.
- In the description of a video, you must have one link to the official website, one link to the white paper.

We will review each creative piece and reward 10, 20, or 30 stakes depending on the views of the video and the overall quality of the blog/video.