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Deep Gold

.Main Thread.

The Deep is starting their Official Pre-ICO Bounty Program, aiming to reward BitcoinTalk contributors being one of the first early adopting communities.

The Deep’s Pre-ICO Bounty programme has been started!

Running until the closing of the Pre-ICO stage, the Bounty Program will consist of 1% of The Deep, worth an equivalent estimate of $48,000 USD, with projections exceeding $1m USD just after one year. Addition 0.1% Deep tokens will be splitted between top 3 participants.

Token distribution will begin in a month’s time following the end of our ICO.

Bounty participants are encouraged to keep a close eye on social media updates via the below listed platforms, keeping Telegram as a priority.

Telegram  |  Twitter  |  Deep.Gold  |  Medium  |  SteemIt  

With the total bounty pool currently worth an approximation of $48,000 USD, a fairly distributed common prize pool is used to distribute the bounty. All campaigns are part of a common prizepool, allowing participants to gain points on a per campaign basis.

.Translation & community management campaign.
Translate our main Bitcointalk ICO ANN thread opening post to your language and start new local thread or on other forum which dedicated in cryptocurrency
Translate all our updates in the main thread and post in your local thread.
Manage the thread after translation.

Translation requirements to Qualify for Bounty:
You should not use any translation services,otherwise you will be disqualified;
   Maximum number of participants is 15. Your Bitcointalk account rank must be at least Jr. (Junior) member with non-negative trust;
You should have similar working experience. Do not forget to enter the links to your previous work in the signup form;

Stakes counting:
Translating The Deep ICO ANN opening post 300 points.
Translating The Deep ANN thread updates: 100 points/ 1 update.
Moderation local's threads/external forums 5 points per post.

How to participate:

.Click Here To Apply For Translation Bounty Application.
contact us directly via deepgoldbounty@gmail.com for materials.


Eligible users will receive 10 points, upon complying with the below instructions:

User must keep Deep Avatar as their display icon, resulting in 10 points per week until the official Pre-ICO;

Users may only register ONE account;

ONE reward is applicable per Telegram user and BitcoinTalk user;

Eligible members must participate till the end of the bounty campaign to qualify, until the end of the Pre-ICO;

Telegram Chat Link: https://t.me/deepgold

.Click Here To Apply For Telegram Bounty Application.



Eligible users will receive 30 points, upon complying with the below instructions:

Eligible members must have a minimum of 100 followers;
Users must follow the official page and retween a minimum of two Deep.gold tweets weekly;
Eligible members must participate till the end of the bounty campaign to qualify, until the end of the Pre-ICO;
Members must NOT unfollow Deep.gold on Twitter.

The maximum number of Twitter and Facebook Participants is 1000 users.

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/deepgoldnews
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/DeepGoldNews/

.Click Here To Apply For Twitter Application.


.Click Here To Apply For Facebook Application.



Eligible Participants must:

Be legitimate BitcoinTalk members of Jn. status or higher;
Make a minimum of 10 posts per week during the process of the campaign;
Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found guilty will be permanently disqualified, effective immediately;

Signature Bounty Terms:

Member - 15 points/week
Full Member - 30 points/week
Senior Member - 50 points/week
Hero and Legendary Member - 60 points/week

Note: Full members and higher are eligible for + 5 extra points weekly, upon placing The Deep Avatar as their profile photo.

Eligible Participants must not:

.Click Here To Apply For Signature Bounty Application.



Eligible members are permitted to participate in creation of promotional content in the form of articles, on topics related to The Deep.

Article Requirements to Qualify for Bounty:

Word Count - 700 Words Minimum;
At least 1 image or 1 diagram included;

Article Topic directly related to The Deep;
Legitimately identify oneself as the author of the article, using Social Media based nicknames, alternatively forum names;
Users are permitted to create Blogs, Articles;
All content must be original and plagiarism free;
Hashtags must be used when articles are shared, such as the following - #thedeep #digital #assets #goverance #virtualworld #crypto #cryptocurrency #ICO.

Media Bounty Rewards:

Posting to your own blog - 100 points ;
Repost non-original article about THE DEEP in your blog - 50 points ;
Medium Blog Post + Facebook Sharing + Twitter Sharing - 100 points

.Click Here To Apply For Media Bounty Application.