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Crypto Champs
World's first trustless, decentralised fantasy sports platform powered by Ethereum smart contracts


CryptoChamps are actual cryptocollectibles with measurable monetary value. You can buy or sell your CryptoChamps Smart Contract like the normal traditional collectibles using blockchain technology. The Smart Contracts are very valuable and double in price from the very moment you purchase it. Enjoy sole ownership of the Smart Contracts of successful sports champions like Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan and Shaquile O'Neal. But you have to be on the lookout because when someone else matches the current price, theyll automatically assume ownership your Contract. The good news is that you will be paid double of your initial investment in ETH.

By Q4 2018 we will launch our fantasy sports platform, where you can use the champs to set up a team and compete with others. To be able to draft a champ to your team you need to haveowned the contract at least once! CryptoChamps is creating value for everyone on the blockchain. Join the party.

[center]The Cryptochamps CPM Token
This is a revenue share token created for distributing the profits from our fantasy sports and collectibles platform. 100% of our revenue in ETH is airdropped to holders of our CPM tokens. Owning CPM tokens qualifies you to receive this ETH airdrop and all owners of CPM tokens will receive ETH airdrops daily,FOREVER.

48 000 000 CPM ($1,500,000 USD)will be allocated to the Bounty and Airdrop Program (15% of the total tokens available).

The CPM bounty campaign will begin on March 18, 2018 and will finish on September 20, 2018.
Bounties tokens are divided by 6 (6 months duration) and stakes will be calculated and paid afterevery 30 days.


16,000,000 CPM Coins ($1,000,000) has been allocated to the AIRDROP program for first 100,000 users. We are going to distribute 160 CPM Tokens (worth ~$10 ) to each participant who completes at least 4 of the following 5 tasks-

Register on the CryptoChamps website (You must have metamask)
Like us on Facebook and Share our posts
Follow us on Twitter and Re-tweet
Join our Telegram chat and announcement channels
Join our Discord announcement channel

Sign up here:https://cryptochamps.co/airdrop

Distribution of Bounty Rewards

16,000,000 CPM Tokens

Twitter Campaign:10%
Facebook Campaign:10%
Creativity Campaign:15%
Telegram Campaign:1.5%
Blogs, Content and Articles Campaign:30%
Translation and Moderation Campaign:10%
Bitcointalk Signature Campaign:20%

General Terms

Stakes will be distributed in our spreadsheets every week, onMonday 23:59.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spam the forum.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without explaining why we removed you.
In case we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete your stakes.
We may not accept you in the campaign for any reasons.
If your rank changes during the campaign, you must contact the campaign manager,EustormBitin a bitcointalk PM.
Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. It will result getting all of your accounts permanently banned from the campaign.
Weekly reports in this thread.
All participants must be in the bounty telegram group (CryptoChamps Bounty Chat) until the end of the 6 months bounty.


500+ followers: 1stake/retweet |2stake/tweet
1,500+ followers:2stake/retweet |4stake/tweet
5,000+ followers:5stake/retweet |10stake/tweet
10,000+ followers:11stake/retweet |24stake/tweet

Fill this form to Join

How to join:
Follow us hereTwitter
Minimum rank(bitcointalk) of the participant: Jr. Member.
4 tweets(maximum)in a week and retweet of all tweets in our group.
1 tweet per day.
All tweets have to be with a hashtag#CryptoChamps or #FantasySportsandlinkhttps://cryptochamps.co
Your account must be at least 3 month old.
Do not RT tweets replying to other users.
Retweets & tweets must stay public until the end of the Bounty campaign.
Twitter account must be original. Inactive account or account with fake followers will not be accepted.
Post report in this thread.

500+ friends:1stake/repost |2stake/post
1,500+ friends:2stake/repost |4stake/post
5,000+ friends:5stake/repost |10stake/post
10,000+ friends:11stake/repost |24stake/post

Fill this form to Join

How to join:
Like Us HereFacebook
Minimum rank (bitcointalk) of the participant: Jr. Member.
6 posts(maximum)in a week and repost of posts in our page.
2 posts per day.
All posts have to be with a hashtag#CryptoChampsandlinkhttps://cryptochamps.co
Your account must be at least 3 month old.
Repost & posts must stay public until the end of the Bounty campaign.
Facebook account must be original. Inactive accounts or accounts with fake followers will not be accepted.
Post report in this thread.

SuperDuper quality:200-1000Stakes
Good quality:100Stakes
Medium quality:70Stakes
Normal quality:40Stakes

Fill this form to JOIN

Low-quality articles, channels or blogs will not be accepted.
Any languages are accepted; Languages: Chinese traditional, Filipino, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai - add+20Stakes (for SuperDuper quality+100Stakes)
Article must be genuine. You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread(not bounty thread), whitepaper, Blog, Facebook and Twitter.
Articles must be longer than300 words, fewer than 300 words will not be accepted.
"SuperDuper" is a professional article with a large number of viewings/comments or unusual creative video or small movie about our project and how it works.
Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed.
Video must be at least 1 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted.
Blog posts/articles will be accepted in .com .net .org and other premium websites and blogs.
To proof your ownership of the blog you must add your bitcointalk profile link to your blog posts footer.
Put the following links at the end of the article and in the video descriptions (if you didn't use them before)


TOP-15 activity:10-70stake / week

Fill the form to Join

How to join:
You must not discuss bounty topics in the telegram group. Please keep all bounty conversations to this thread only or PM Admins in telegram.
At least10posts in week.
The task of participants is to give a constructive answers on others members questions, to provoke activity in chat if it sleeps, if you have an opportunity - invite people to chat, share your positive opinion about the project.
At the end of the week Telegram-manager will appreciate your activity in chat. The maximum award a participant may receive is 70 stakes in a week, its a 10 stakes daily.
SPAM and non-constructive discussions are not taken into account.

Extra quality:120Stakes
Good quality:70Stakes
Medium quality:30Stakes
Normal quality:10Stakes

Fill this form to JOIN

We don't limit your imagination. It can be memes, comics, pictures, motivators, songs, poems.
Any languages are accepted; Languages: Chinese traditional, Chinese Simplified, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai - add+5Stakes (for Extra quality+30Stakes)

Translation of ANN thread+Bounty Thread:150Stakes
Moderation/Management: 5Stakes per Valid Post.


Junior Members :4Stakes \ week
Members :6Stakes \ week
Full members :11Stakes \ week
Senior members :15Stakes \ week
Hero members :20Stakes \ week
Legendary members :22Stakes \ week
Avatar add2Stakes \ week.