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Bounty Campaign

Zero-Fraud HD-Videos in Ubers, Taxis, and Buses Worldwide

Utilizing Blockchain Technology Mobiuz will tokenize every needed solution from IoT to Biometrics, to e-Identity and e-Payment, but lets start with advertising first to connect companies with customers. We will provide Fraud-free HD-Videos ads in Ubers, taxis, and Buses Worldwide.



There are a million and one ICOs coming up, and just as many new traditional businesses setting up every day. But if you do not solve the issue of Critical Mass, you are not solving anything at all. Mobiuz and Mobitaels very rigidly stick to this very fundamental core philosophy of business itself, at every step of the way. We have solved Critical Mass at every level.
- Kairos Siddharta Kaizen, CEO of Mobiuz.

Aye Pirates, if you are reading this, you are interested in our Bounty Program.

Throughout our Community's expansion, our Bounty Program will be implemented to reward all the contributions of our users.
We believe it is important to recognize the work of our dear followers.
If you think that you can contribute by offering something with quality that helps other people to join or something that could help this Community, you are invited to participate.

Mobiuz is the platform for every person out there that wants to earn money in the new world of Fraud-Free advertising economy. (model: Airbnb)

What is Mobiuz?

Mobiuzis a Zero-Fraud, HD touchscreen interactive video advertising & infotainment platform aimed at worldwide passengers of Buses, Taxis, and Uber vehicles.

Mobiuz only charges by-the-impression, making sure to deliver an advertisement only when its facial-detection software recognizes an actual, living, human face looking in its direction.

Advertiser: I want 9,000 Ubers within Singapore to feature my ad starting 2am this Sunday. Mobiuz: You got it.

?Win an AdSlot through our transparent bidding process at mobiuz.com
?Trigger your ads globally within 24 hours of winning your bids
?Get billed only for impressions that fit your provided criteria

An Advertiser in Germany will now be able to reach out to millions of targeted Singaporean customers within 24 hours - without falling victim to ad-fraud

Mobiuz is redefining Advertising and making it beneficial for ALL.

?Advertisers save money

?Drivers, Operators & Referral Partners(Mobibassadors) earn commissions when ads are successfully delivered

?Passengersearn points that can be redeemed for cash, prizes and promotions

Mobiuz disrupts the process.
Advertising agencies can now deliver in-vehicle ads that are location and time-specific; only relevant ads are played to targeted people, and only when they are looking at the screen.

Industry First: Zero Fraud Ads.
Trace impressions through accurate monitoring and reporting using Blockchain, Biometrics, AI & Crypto.

HD ultra-high resolution videos for the captive-receptive audience. We deliver highly-prized
Intimate Ads.

Massive Network + Availability.
Wherever there are Drivers there will be Mobiuz.


The task is simple. Share the MOBIUZ networking our blockchain vision.BTC

Mobiuz Explanational Video

We are offering our participants a total allocation of USD $333,000 in MOBs (USD $0.003987 /ea MOB total 120,000,000 MOBs). We are committed to go live regardless of the outcome of the ICO campaign.

We will award a total of USD $333,000 and USD $50,000 in MOBs will be set aside for special contests during and after the ICO.

So, USD $283,000 in MOBs will be used for the bounty campaign until the end of the ICO.
The reward system can change if we do not reach the desired number of participants.
Earn tokens spreading the word about the advertising network of the future!

To find out more, visit our website, see the whitepaper, and get excited!

The tokensale will start XXX for a period of 4 months, while the alpha gets finalized

Please note that campaign will end with the ICO.

All Bounty Hunters please join our Mobiuz Telegram group

Total Mobiuz Bounty: USD $333,000 in Mobs

Total Mobiuz for ICO phase is: USD $283,000 in Mobs
Total for future contests: USD $50,000 in Mobs (Contests may start before the end of the ICO)

Bounty Allocation: 100% = USD $283,000 in Mobs

BTCTalk / Signature Bounty $60,000
Article / Blog / Media Bounty $50,000
Translation Bounty (ANN,Bounty, Website, Whitepaper) $45,000
Telegram Bounty $30,000
Twitter Bounty $30,000
Facebook Bounty $30,000
Memes Bounty $23,000
Bug Bounty $15,000

General Rules

Stakes will be calculated at the end of the campaign.
To join the USD campaign, you have to first register asMobiBassador(Invite 50 Mobibassadors to triple your stakes for 1 Bounty, 150 for 2 bounties e.g. Telegram and Twitter)
First week of the bounty campaign will start on 15.3.2018 10:00PM CET.
For any questions regarding the bounty campaign, write a post to thishttps://t.me/MobiuzAirdrop_Supportchannel and ask the Bounty0x teamhttps://bounty0x.io
We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven't been honest with your work.
We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.

Sign up as a MobiBassador

1.Click on any of the Signup buttons onhttp://www.mobiuz.com/, or go directly tohttps://www.mobiuz.com/members_alpha/users/join.php
2.Fill in your details and click Register
3.Check your email inbox to verify your registration
4.Log in to your account
5.Take a screenshot once logged in, and paste this screenshot into the Proofs document.
a.The screenshot should look something like this:

6.Recommended: Go tohttps://tiny.cc, (recommended: create an account,) and shorten your url (https://mobiuz.com/index.php?promo=12345-> please replace 12345 with your own assigned number!), (recommended: and also choose an easy-to-remember custom-url, like mobiuz-yourname) so that it will be easier to share your Mobiuz URL, e.g.https://tiny.cc/mobiuz-kairos.


Unlike regular campaigns, in this system, members don't get paid by fixed rates or pay per post rates.

There is a total budget for the campaign (which is mentioned above) and users get paid distinct shares of that total budget.

If you have X stakes, your payment would be: (total budget)*(personal stakes/total stakes).
E.g. having 10 stakes in a USD $333,000 campaign with a total size of 1000 stakes would give
USD $333,000 *(10/1000)= USD $3,330

Where can I ask to be rewarded for my contributions?

You can do this on Bounty0xhttps://bounty0x.iobut if you get no answers you can also join the btctalk bounty thread.

Who should I contact if I face any problems and need help?

Please send us a mail and tell us what went wrong!

Where should I send my proof of participation at the campaign?

Please send your Proof of Participation to Bounty0x

BTCTalk / Signature Bounty:
Article / Blog / Media Bounty:
Translation Bounty (ANN,Bounty, Website, Whitepaper):
Telegram Bounty:
Twitter Bounty:
Facebook Bounty:
Memes Bounty:
Bug Bounty:

BTCTalk / Signature Campaign $60,000 in Mobitaels

We are interested in quality members of the btctalk forum.

Description: Follow the Signature Campaign rules to get your btctalk bounty.

Budget: $60,000 in Mobiuz tokens will be allocated for the BTCTalk & Signature Bounty Campaign

Weekly Rewards:

Senior Member: 3 stakes per week (+0,5 stake for avatar)
Hero Member: 4 stakes per week (+0,5 stake for avatar)
Legendary: 5 stakes per week (+0,5 stake for avatar)

Signature Campaign Rules:

Participants have to be at least Senior Member.
Every participant must wear our signature and personal text.
Multiple accounts will be banned if spotted. Spam is not allowed.
We expect you to post 10 constructive posts per week. Only 3 of these posts can be in local boards.
We will not accept all posts made in a single day. Try to spread your posting through the week.
Posts should be made in altcoin sections, local boards included (excluding bounties sections).
You will have to keep wearing our signature, avatar and personal text until the end of the ICO.
Do not fill the form without wearing our signature, or you will be rejected.

Note: Please also remember the general btctalk signature bounty rules.
Check here -https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1684035.0

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54407
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Avatar, personal text and signature codes are on the second post of this thread.

Article / Blog / Media Campaign $50,000 in Mobitaels

We are interested in quality articles, blog posts, videos and other publications in English, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai and German preferably these languages, however we will also consider other languages. All publications should be original and will be measured by their quality, length, audience and creativity.

Description: Write a quality blog post, review the project, or create a quality video presentation and earn Mobiuz Tokens for participating in our Article, Blog and Media Program.

Budget: $50,000 in Mobiuz tokens will be allocated for the Blog/Media Campaign


Best Quality: 15 Stakes
High Quality: 7 Stakes
Medium Quality: 5 Stakes

Terms and Rules

The blog/forum must be focused on a relevant topic.
Videos have to be meaningful and related to Mobiuz: the Token Sale, aspects of the Whitepaper, related technology, video edition, etc.
Videos/articles with fake views will be disqualified.
Only original content will be accepted
Spamming/posting in wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts deleted or closed by the forums administration will not count.
ach member should go through registration and wait for the approval.
We reserve the right to consider any article or video not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.
Reposting an article to a different site will earn an extra 50% of the stakes (1 repost allowed)
Uploading a Best Quality video on Youtube and get over 5000 views will triple the stake
You can publish your content through your website/Medium or Steem.it blog or Youtube channel.
Youtube videos must be at least 1 minute long. You must have at least 2000 organic subscribers.
Your Medium - Steem.it - LinkedIn or any other free blogging blog page should have at least 500 followers. Your article must be original and contain at least 500 words. All Articles must have a backup in Steemit, Medium and LinkedIn.
You should have links to our website and whitepaper.
You will get stakes based on the quality and popularity of your work, reviewed at the end of the campaign.
You are not allowed to use Google translate. If you do, you will be disqualified.
You are allowed to use any information or graphics from official sources. You are not allowed to copy paste our whitepaper or blogs.

Use your creativity and skills to promote Mobiuz. Try to be a medium for our Community, create friendly videos so others can join the project. The best quality video over 2 minutes doubles your Article/ Blog/ Media stake. The best quality video over 10 minutes triples your Article/ Blog/ Media stake

Try to use our images or references to Mobiuz, Mobiuz Intro or Mobiuz Whitepaper if you are recording your desktop. Visit our website to get these.
Link your video with our Community on every media we use to help us grow the strongest network in the ocean.

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54417
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Translation Bounty (ANN, Bounty, Whitepaper)
- $45,000 in Mobitaels

Budget: $45,000 in Mobiuz tokens will be allocated for the Translation Bounty (ANN, Bounty, Whitepaper)

Terms and Rules

We will ask you to translate ANN,Bounty thread, website and whitepaper.

We might assign different people to these tasks.

ANN thread translators will be responsible for the moderation as well (we have additional rewards for moderation). The translator must keep the thread active by translation of official announcements, news, posts.

Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as Google Translate or DeepL and similar are not allowed. If found the translator will be blacklisted.

We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.

Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying other to ask questions in your thread is not allowed.

Newbies i.e. users with no previous experience of translation will not be accepted. Always ask before beginning translation and post your previous translation work.
You are expected to finish translation in (for ANN,Bounty 3 days, for WP 1 week) after you've assigned with the job or you will receive no bonus and be disqualified so we can always meet deadlines. We try to be as professional as possible so we want helpers that have the same mindset.

Manager and owners reserve the rights to add rules, or do any kind of reasonable changes.
ANN Thread translation will earn you 10 stakes. Bounty Thread translation will earn you 10 stakes. Whitepaper translation will earn you 40 stakes. At the end of the campaign we will distribute moderation stakes depending on your activity from 1 stake to 20 stakes. The most active thread will triple the Translation Bounty stake of its manager.

[IMPORTANT: You have to send PM for approval to our manager and get approval prior to starting of your translation work. -airdrop-help@mobiuz.com

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54424
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Telegram Campaign $30,000 in Mobitaels

Join our Telegram today. Be a part of the largest Advertising Network and earn bonus rewards. Payment will be paid along with all other bounties.

Telegram chat (EN):https://t.me/MobiuzCrypto
Telegram chat (DE):https://t.me/mobiuzcrypto_de
Telegram chat (RU):https://t.me/mobiuzcrypto_ru
Telegram ANN:https://t.me/mobiuzCrypto_ann
Telegram Love / Memes:https://t.me/MobiuzLove
Telegram Bounty/ Airdrop Support:https://t.me/MobiuzAirdrop_Support

Budget: $30,000 in Mobiuz tokens will be allocated to the Telegram Campaign.

Bounty: 10 stakes / week

Terms and Rules

You must join the Telegram channel and stay there till the end of the ICO and change your profile picture to a Mobiuz related one. See second post for examples. To get 1 stake a week. (Double stake for selfie with fake moustache and our logo) (Insert link)
To receive the full amount of stakes (10 stakes) you have to post our links and add your own description of our project to your post in other crypto and blockchain telegram channels
Must have a verified Mobiuz account. Sign up on our Website.
User must be active and supportive in the group. inactive users can get 50% less payrate or can be simply be disqualified. The most active and helpful user over the whole period will get his chance to join the Mobiuz team as Telegram Moderator and will triple his Telegram Bounty stake.
Using bad language, spamming, advertising any other service in the group is not allowed.
Only one account on telegram allowed. A person found to be cheating by creating multiple accounts will be disqualified.
Any abuse will result in an account ban (All other Bounty applications will also be suspended).
The groups below are simple guidelines, feel free to expand into other groups as well!

Example groups to share our vision:


Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54432
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Twitter Campaign $30,000 in Mobitaels

Tweet about our project, retweet our tweets and share about Mobiuz and promote us. Help us in reaching out the mass and get your reward in Mobiuz Tokens.


Budget: $30,000 in Mobiuz tokens will be allocated to the Twitter Campaign.

Bounty: 3 Stakes / 2 Retweet of official Mobiuz account tweet

Terms and Rules

All participants must follow our official Twitter account.
You must have at least 500 real followers to be approved.
Your audit score must be more than 90%.
If you have at least 1000 followers, you will receive an additional 25% stakes
Only one Twitter account per person is allowed.
Your Twitter account must be mainly about cryptocurrencies. We will also accept media personalities.
Minimum 3 retweets per week. Maximum 2 retweets per day, and 10 retweets per week
A user can participate in both Twitter and Facebook campaigns at the same time.

Stakes: stakes double if you have more than 10,000 followers

If you have more than 3000 followers you'll get:
- 1 stake for retweeting
- 1 stake for like
- 4 stake for custom tweet

If you have less than 3000 followers you'll get:
- 0.5 stake for retweeting
- 0.5 stake for like
- 2 stake for custom tweet

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54433
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Facebook Campaign $30,000 in Mobitaels

Share posts about our project, share our posts and share about Mobiuz and promote us. Help us in reaching out the mass and get your reward in Mobiuz Tokens.

Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/MobiuzLove

Budget: $30,000 in Mobiuz tokens will be allocated to the Twitter Campaign.

Terms and Rules

All participants must follow and like our official Facebook page.
We dont accept bots or fake accounts.
You must have at least 200 real friends to be approved.
If you have at least 2000 friends, you will receive an additional 25% stakes
Everybody has to report their Shares, Comments and Likes.
Minimum 3 reposts per week. Maximum 2 reposts per day, and 10 reposts per week
Use one Facebook account per person
Posts have to be public to be rewarded
A user can participate in both Twitter and Facebook campaigns at the same time
Posting about Mobiuz in less than 3 crypto groups a week will result in a 50% less stake. Posting in more then 10 will double your stake if you keep that up till the end of ICO with proof.

Stakes: stakes double if you have more than 20 000 followers

If you have more than 900 friends you'll get:

- 0.5 stake for comment
- 0.5 stake for like
- 2 stake for sharing the post publicly

If you have less than 900 friends you'll get:

- 0.25 stake for comment
- 0.25 stake for like
- 1 stake for sharing the post publicly

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54438
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Memes Bounty $23,000 in Mobitaels

Terms and Rules

Create a meme stating what your favorite things about Mobiuz are and why you and your friends love it that much
Have Mobiuz logo in bottom of the Meme
Should be portraying Mobiuz in a positive way
Every meme has to be posted tohttps://t.me/MobiuzLove
Share your meme on the ANN Thread to receive a stake of 2 as well as an additional stake of 1 for every of these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter (You have to post the meme and link to our website and telegram channel in the description as well as a little text that explains what you like on Mobiuz)
If your meme gets over 1000 likes/ retweets you will be granted a special bonus. More likes will result in a higher special bonus
If there are less than 5 memes in a week, the contested is postponed till next week and previous memes added to pool without getting stakes for the week
Multiple memes are welcome, but you cannot reuse the same meme
If any odd behaviour or botting is suspected we reserve the right to withhold your prize

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54443
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Bug Bounty $15,000 in Mobitaels

Terms and Rules

First come, first serve
Issues that have already been submitted by another user or are already known to the Mobiuz team are not eligible for bounty rewards
Public disclosure of a vulnerability makes it ineligible for a bounty
Paid auditor(s) of this code is(are) not eligible for rewards
Determinations of eligibility, score and all terms related to an award are at the sole and final discretion of the Mobiuz team
Great improvements can result in a special bonus!

Most of the rules onhttps://bounty.ethereum.orgapply to our bounty program as they are the best when it comes to bug hunting!

Submit your publications to: Bounty0x thread -https://alpha.bounty0x.io/host/bounties/54450
Spreadsheet of accepted works:

Other - USD $45,000 in MOBs

UPCOMING Please wait for our official announcement and invite friends to be Mobibassadors to spread our word!

AyeMobibassadorslets sail together through this revolution,