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Welcome to Musk Project Bounty campaign!



MuskCoin ICO starts March 16, 2018

We are introducing our new bounty campaign, which will last for 4 weeks.To find out more about MuskCoin, you can follow the links above.
There are 14,000,000 MSK coins available for this campaign representing 1,4% of the total coin available for sale.
You have to fill the Application form in order to claim the bounty at the end of the campaign.
The stakes will be distributed on Wednesday/Thursday of every week.

Bounty Allocation

Signature&Avatar Campaign (25%): 3.500.000 Coins
Blog Article & Videos Campaign (20%): 2.800.000 Coins
Twitter Campaign (20%): 2.800.000 Coins
Facebook Campaign (15%): 2.100.000 Coins
Translation Campaign(10%): 1.400.000 Coin
Telegram Campaign (10%): 1.400.000 Coins

Twitter Campaign


Follow the officialMuskProjectaccount on twitter.
You have to have at least 200 real followers.
You must have at least 90% of real followers.
You have to retweet at least 5 tweets per week from our Official twitter account
We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter account is genuine.
Tweets to be in English and should be posted here every week.
Positive comments must be posted with HASHTAGS on all shares.#muskcoin #ico


300-500 followers:1 stakes/week
501-1000 followers:2.5 stakes/week
1001 2000 followers:5 stakes/week
2001 5000 followers:7.5 stakes/week
5001- 10000 followers:10 stakes/week
10000+ followers:25 stakes/week


Facebook Campaign


Follow the officialMuskProjectaccount on facebook.
You have to have at least 200 real friends.
You have to like and share at least 5 posts per week from our official facebook page.
Only one facebook account per person is allowed.
We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter account is genuine.
Tweets to be in English and should be posted here every week.
Positive comments must be posted with HASHTAGS on all shares.#muskcoin #ico


300-500 friends+followers:1 stakes/week
501-1000 friends+followers:2.5 stakes/week
1001 2000 friends+followers:5 stakes/week
2001 5000 friends+followers:7.5 stakes/week
5001- 10000 friends+followers:10 stakes/week
10000+ followers:25 stakes/week


Translation Campaign


Only members with profile rank Jr. Member or higher can participate.
Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed.
Ann thread Translator will be Responsible to keep the thread active with latest updates, news and Official Announcement Posted in the Main Thread.
Following languages are welcomed: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Polish, and Turkish (We are open to suggestions for other languages).


Translation of ANN/Bounty thread to your language:250 Stakes
Translation of Whitepaper:500 Stakes


Translation Reserves:

Spanish:th3nolo Reserved.
Greek:killerjoegreece Reserved.
Chinese (Traditional)
RussianSmart man Reserved.
Filipinoagustina2 Reserved.

Telegram Campaign


Join the officialMuskProjectcommunity on telegram.
Stay till the end of the ICO to get the bounty.
We promote regular members to moderators if they consistently contribute high quality content and encourage frequent discussion. This is at the discretion of the Networkunits team.


Join the Telegram:5 Stakes

Be promoted to moderator:50 Stakes


Blog Article & Videos Campaign

Write a good article, review, or blog post about MuskCoin in your words; Post that on your website or blog.

We are open to working with all channels and suggest tocontact muskus at to discuss details of unique arrangements.

Article Rules:

The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
Your text must be original. Copy and stealing other contents bring to disqualification.
The audience for the posted article must by crypto related or match a use for MuskCoin or promote the ICO to a suitable audience.
Website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted.
Article/review/blog post must contain at least 1 link to the MuskProject website.

Video Rules:

Describe MuskCoin and it's features.You should have links to our website and whitepaper.
Video must be in good resolution.
Video must be minimum 1 minutes.
You can upload them on Youtube, Dailymotion or others.
We will give stakes according to the quality and audience of the article/review/blog post/video. The better it is, more stakes you receive. The amount of stakes assigned is not negotiable.

Lowest Rewards (Per video):

Normal quality: 5 stakes
Medium quality: 10 stakes
High quality: 20 stakes
TOP quality: 40 stakes


Signature & Avatar Campaign


Participants have to be at least Jr. Member.
Every participants must wear our signature and personal text.
Participants must send at least 15 constructive messages per week.
Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.
Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.


Jr. Member:1 stake per week (+1 stake for avatar)
Member:2 stake per week (+1 stake for avatar)
Full Member: 3 stake per week (+1 stake for avatar)
Senior Member:4 stakes per week (+1 stake for avatar)
Hero Member:6 stakes per week (+1 stake for avatar)
Legendary:8 stakes per week (+1 stake for avatar)



You can get your wallet passwords at www.muskproject.com/wallet/create and create wallets.
bounty awards will be made via online wallet.

Musk is the COIN, not token.

If you take a message with that in mind, we are delighted.[/center]
Note:Bounty campaign distributions will be made via the MSK address.
You can create a wallet at http://www.muskproject.com/wallet/create .

The reason we do not use the ETH address is that we do not create a token.

Thank you,

Difference Between Cryptocurrency Coins And Tokens(for those who do not know and insist on commenting)

[center]For most of those who are new to cryptocurrency, it is very difficult to understand the difference between cryptocurrency coins and tokens.
The terms 'coins' and 'tokens' are confusing and are interpreted differently by different individuals.

Coins and Tokens

Coin is a Cryptocurrency which operates independently of any other platform. For eg. Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin.Token is a cryptocurrency which requires
another platform, such as Ethereum, to exist and operate.For eg. OmiseGo, Golem, TenX, Tether & Gas.

There are many tokens built on top of Ethereum platform like Augur, Status, Golem, OmiseGO, TenX & Kyber Network. Ethereum is not the only platform out there.
There are a number of other platforms available, for the Tokens to be built upon, i.e. Nxt, Omni, NEO, Waves, Qtum, Counterparty, Bitshares, Ubiq & Burst.

Coins and Tokens Categorized in Coinmarketcap

If we see coinmarketcap, the website that tracks all the cryptocurrencies in the world, we will find that they have categorized the cryptocurrencies in two groups,
Coins and Tokens. In the category of Token, there is an additional column called platform to identify the platform used to build the token.

Just to summarize, Coins are standalone cryptocurrencies that do not require another platform to run, whereas Tokens are actually built on
other platforms and they exist on that platform.


Text For Translate:

There are thousands of recorded not-encrypted money according to Coinmarketcap. Most of it is not active and they do great job only in terms of palm development. The reason of high popularity of cryptocurrency is that it carries out the techonologic revolutions of the world so fast. It also triggers symtematic revolutions and changes besides technologic development. Cyrptocurrency is an important part of this fast change.
Now, while tens of ICO (Initial Coin Offering) happens every month, hundreds of cyrptocurrency continues to be traded in coin stock market thanks to coin demands. Cyrptocurrency has been going through a nonassessable development process in the last 3-4 years and continues to cause a change in monetary system. Musk Project aims to play an important role in cryptocurrency world consistently and the beneficial ideas to go into operation with its own block chain.

What is Musk Coin?

Mush Coin, is a decentralized, high technological, block-based new generation trade and angel investment platform that enables to make transaction with its opportunity no load transfer fee founded under the name of Musk Project. Musk Project started to be developed with its own block chain technology with its slogan Im not a super hero, Im a super cryptocurrency in 2017 and set off to be the future cryptocurrency of the future. Moreover, the Musk Project which has been open to new ideas and projects for years will be able to find new ideas and new audience thanks to this project. It is also created to be used easily by shop owners, online shopping websites and other platforms by choosing its developer, innovator and experienced team.

Musk Coin (MSK) which was produced in a limited number also lets creating token. It makes all the transactions transiently on p2p applications by using its own block chain by its experienced developers. In addition, API platform was created for the entegration of Musk anf other party applications. I want to start with the concept of enterpreneurship before the concept of angel investor. Besides being a term used for a long time, enterpreneurship has come until today growingly. But, it is hard to define what enterpreneurship is with explicit lines. Most people says it has come to their mind when they hear or see a new idea. The difference of enterpreneurs is that put them into practice at the same time. Then, we can define the enterpreur as the person who founds mercantile business by determining a need and make it into a busineess idea and taking the risks over. If so, does he become an enterpreneur if anyone with and idea put himself on the market? At this point, we should mention the tiny line between enterprize and enterpreneurship.

Who is an enterpreneur?
An enterpreneur is the one with dreams, that can take risks and gets organized by observing the opportunities and that has necessary knowledge and skills. When it comes to enterprize, the question asked shortly before comes to minds. To jump into a market without any plans makes it hard to survive in that market. This idea is related to enterprize.

Who is angel investor?
Angel investors can be anybody or a platform generally with enough finance. You have an idea that has not been heard before or you want to evaluate a project by putting a new point of view to it. You set a course for your idea, your presentation is ready. You believe in your project and do not hesitate for a second if it wil be successful or not. The only missing part is to find somebosy that will provide you with financial support.
At this point, angel investor steps in. Angel investors provides fund for the business to develop and get bigger by investing on business opportunity which is at start-up level. In other words, they are special investors that provides fund for the firms that have high risk or high development potencial at the very beginning of their foundation.

On addition that they purchase share according to the amount of their invest, they generally suggests individual support and consultancy. Together with financial factors, economic, social personal reasons effect the investment decisions. The angel investors who sees no harm in adding their insights into the decision process prefers to be a part of the enterprize until checking out this invest.
The increase in the networks of angel investors and the laws enacted in this fields lately are promising. To work in a network has a big importance to move forwards faster than your rivals. Among the basic features of this networks are the share of idea and information, getting help, meeting people and setting a connection in between, making a relationship without any benefits and being able to keeping this relationship.

Make your ideas happen with Musk!

Musk is a noncentral blockchain platform that devotes itself to new ideas and projects and provides individuals and foundations to present their project offers.Musk Project evaluates incoming ideas and projects and eliminates the inappropriate ones and targets the potencial users that it considers as beneficial. There is no certain idea or limit targeted. As it seems in our sneak peek, it is going to support every idea or project that seems impossible and will contribute the world future with the concept of nothing is impossible.

Why Musk Coin?

I have to say that 90% of the tokens created in cryptocurrency world are completely fake. Because, as you see, is a little bit marketing.Even the tokens that serves no technology can get around 40.000-50.000 $ by using the simple marketing tips and giving hope. When we look in the past, there are lots of coins and tokens that are ruined (so to say, swindled).It is somehow a piece of cake to realize if the coins or tokens created are fake or not but the ones who do not know what the blockchain is, see cryptocrrency as gamble and invest in with the idea of what if it happens are generally the side that loses money ( swindled).

Therefore, the aim of Musk is to choose the proffessional project search team and the presented projects and gather them under a single roof. Musk Project determines the the projects that are appropriate for its target and suports. The other projects that wins a qualifying heat but not appropriate for the target are presented to the community and angel investors. The presented projects are invested at the end of smart contracts and certain agreements and gets into practice.

What are the features of Musk?

Among the most important features of Musk come the performance and security. As you know, the most important factor in every field that money transaction exists is security. So Musk Project targeted to create a system that could do thousands of transaction in a second with no problem and a a team experienced in security and team friends that revolutionized on this and it made it.
Moreover, the Musk Team that disaproves the jawdropping transfer fees offers the chance of to make transaction as no-load transfer.
Musk Project that prioritises the easy usage and simplicity prepared a API WRAPPER that is easy fpr developers and other platforms.

Noncentral own blockhain base
High performance with high technology
The chance of thousand of transactions in a second
Free comission fee
API platform for other services
Pictographic user interface in sync with all browsers
Its own online wallet with simple usage for trade

What are the system functions?

Musk coin benefits fronm RSA algorithm while creating a wallet. Your Musk private and public passwords are infact the RSA keys encrypted with base64. When you log on the system, base64 datas are disintegrated and verifies if your keys match or not. If your key matches, you can reach the wallet interface and you can make fast, easy and no-load transactions.

What is RSA algorthym?

RSA, is a encrypting technic based on the difficulty of transacting with too big integers. This algorythm is named from the first letters of the developers called Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman first and last names.

It is an asymmetrical encrypting algorythm. Instead of using only one key as in the encrypting, two keys used one of which is private key and the other is public key.
?ts degree of reliability is in proportion with the superiority of the prime numbers used in encryption.
It enables to make authentication with digital signature and safe data sharing especially in the systems with many users.
The numeric superiority of the key to be used is also important for the high speed besides system reliability. The necesaary superiority to reach enough reliability degree is determined by using Eliptical Curve Coding algorythm (ECC).

Symmetrical coding makes private key sharing essential for the side that takes the coded data to decode it. But there is no need to share the private key because RSA is an asymmetrical coding system. The private keys of users are not needed to be kept. This frees the system from the burden of a big storage.Because it is hard to transact with big numbers, it is a decoding technic with extreme reliability.


Spreadsheet:FORM LINK