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Welcome to Booko Bounty Campaign!


Booko Presale starts on May 1st, 2018 10am CEST
Booko ICO starts on May 15th, 2018 10am CEST
Booko bounty fund is about 2% of all tokens.

The bounty campaign ends with the end of ICO (about June 15th, 2018).
The stakes for all bounties will be counted every month.
Amount of BOO will be calculated using the following formula:
(Total amount of one bounty campaign Tokens /  Total amount of all of one bounty campaign participants' stakes)  *  participant's stakes
For example:
 (380 000/8 000)*100 =4750


Campaigns token allocation:
600.000 tokens from team shares are reserved for all the people who will join the bounty campaign:

5% (30.000 tokens) Translation
1% (6.000 tokens) Telegram
20% (120.000 tokens) Signature
20% (120.000 tokens) Blogging
20% (120.000 tokens) Facebook
14% (84.000 tokens) Twitter
10% (60.000 tokens) Youtube
5% (30.000 tokens) Meetup & conferences
5% (30.000 tokens) Special prizes

Participants lists of ALL CAMPAIGNS
Link coming soon

SIGNATURE and avatar campaign bounty: 30%

Bounty per week:
    • Legendary Members 60 stakes

    • Hero Members 50 stakes

    • Senior Members 40 stakes

    • Full Members 30 stakes

    • Member 20 stakes

    • Jr. Member 10 stakes


  • +10 stake per week, if you use a Booko avatar

Booko avatar: published on march 30th 2018

Rules for reward:

Wear signature since your start till the end of campaign
Fill the form to register
Make more than 6 high quality posts in a week
Make each post at a different Altcoin thread
Make minimum 60 post during campaign
No change the signature at the middle of campaign
No use different avatar along with Booko signature
No red trust accounts eligible
No spamming

Deadline date for participation is June 7th, 2018 10am CEST (or 1 week till ICO ends)


TRANSLATION campaign bounty: 5%

0 tolerance about Google translate, people who use it will be disqualified. Participants can register only one translation, applications for translation in several languages will not be allowed.
    • ANN thread opening post translation and starting a local thread: 1000 stakes

  • Activity in the local ANN thread: 10 stakes per 1 of your value update or answer post in your ANN thread

Rules for reward:

Eligible for opening ANN thread are: Indonesian, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Hrvatski, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Brazilian, Romanian, Polish, Filipino, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese languages.
You put value update and answer posts
Any use of machine translation is prohibited.
Your posts in the your thread related to spam, flood, off topic will not be counted.
Translations posted in the wrong section will not be counted.
Fill the form

Put the bitcointalk thread link on this topic, and add your monthly contributions with links.

Deadline date for participation May 15th, 2018 10am CEST

ARTICLES and VIDEOS bounty: 30%


  • 100, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 stakes depend on quality, uniqueness and distribution. Decision of stakes makes by team and it is final.

Rules for reward:

Publication about the Booko should be available for anyone
Publication about the Booko should contain more than 500 words
Video about Booko should be available for anyone
Publication and video must contain 2-3 links to Booko http://booko.webnode.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Booko-294514541081723/https://twitter.com/bookotravel
Distribute your article and video for most channels you can to get more subscribers and views
Fill the form to register
Put the link of your videos monthly inside this topic.

Deadline date for participation is June 1st, 2018 10am CEST

FACEBOOK bounty: 20%

    • Post, repost with your comment available to anyone about Booko with hashtags: 1 stake

  • Response and comment to Booko publication: 1 stake

Rules for reward:
Make more than 3 and less than 6 original posts per week
Make comment to every your repost
Follow us facebook.com/Booko-294514541081723
Put the hashtags to your posts and reposts #BOOKO #BOOKOTRAVEL #CRYPTOTOURISM #TOKENSALE #BOOTOKEN
Put the link http://booko.webnode.com to your posts
Your facebook account should have more than 200 real friends and followers
Make more than 25 posts about Booko till the end of the ICO
Fill the form to register
Put your mothly links to the posts, reposts and comments in this topic
Deadline date for posting report is June 16th, 2018 (may be changed) 10am CEST.

TWITTER bounty: 14%

    • Tweet about Booko with hashtags: 20 stake

  • Retweet Booko tweet and comment : 20 stakes

Rules for reward:
Make more than 3 and less than 6 original tweets per week
Follow us twitter.com/bookotravel
Make comment to every tweet you retweeted
Save the link to your comment for report
Put the hashtags #BOOKO #BOO #BOOKOTRAVEL #BOOKOTOKEN and link http://booko.webnode.com to your tweets
Your Twitter account should have more than 300 real friends and followers
Make more than 30 tweets about Booko till June 15th, 2018
Fill the form to register
Put your monthly links to tweets and comments inside this topic.

Deadline date for posting report is June 16th, 2018 (may be changed) 10am CEST


To be updated during the campaign.

For any questions about Bounty join our special group https://t.me/bookotravel 

Dear colleagues, disrespectful attitude to the moderators and other participants / supporters of the project is punishable by forced expulsion from the Booko Bounty campaign with the deprivation of all stakes.