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Kimera Systems

BTC   Kimera Ambassador Program*   BTC


Kimera is excited to launch an official ambassador campaign. We invite everyone interested to join and help us grow a large and strong community.

Kimera is combining powerful Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain to enable devices to proactively make peer-to-peer connections across any industry. Other ICOs are using blockchain to disrupt a single industry, but Kimera's technology will decentralize the entire global digital network and change the very fabric of human life.

Kimera has created the world's first Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Unlike traditional AI, which is limited to one field or set of tasks, AGI can do virtually anything across any industry. Kimera’s vision is to use this technology to Move Humanity Forward. 


Dates: Ends July 15 or when all tokens are sold

Ambassador fund: 1% of 2 Billion tokens = 20,000,000 tokens = ~$6M in value 

Tokens will be distributed to participants’ wallets within three weeks after the crowdsale ends.

To get your ambassador award you will need any ERC-20 compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet. 

For performing certain actions you will get stakes, after the end of the ambassador campaign, the stakes will be converted into tokens, according to formula:
Your % of tokens =  (total number of tokens/total number of stakes)*number of your stakes.

Distribution of rewards

Facebook 5% (~$300K)
Twitter 10% (~$600K)
YouTube Documentary 10% (~$600K)
Mass Media 5% (~$300K)
Whitepaper Translation 5% (~$300K)
Telegram 15% (~$900K)
Blogging 10% (~$600K)
Positive PR 10% (~$300K)
AI/AGI Thought Leadership 20% (~$1.2M)
Reserve fund 10% (~$600K)