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MPCX Platform?



Welcome to MPCX, we are introducing the catalyst for the New Crypto Wealth Management revolution, help build our community and receive a share in the future of Digital Assets Wealth Management. Every Airdrop is open to existing members of the MPCX's community, we want to reward those that were here first, Thank you .



ANN - Token Sale Announcement page 


Pre - ICO and 1st ICO Round MPCX BOUNTY CAMPAIGN ( 16.04.2018  - August 2018 )





Total Token allocated for this bounty will be 16000000 XDMC This means the total value of the Bounty Pool is approx.  US$2244600.

1ETH =4277 XDMC 

1. MPCX allocates 4% of the whole XDMC Tokens supply for the Bounty Campaign 
2. Total amount of XDMC Tokens allocated to the Bounty campaign is 40000000.
3. This is the equivalent of ETH 9 352 based on XDMC valuation.
4. On Pre ICO and 1 ICO Round 16000000 XDMC Tokens are allocated, which is the equivalent of ETH 3741 
5. The number of the MPCX's Bounty Campaign participants is limited.
6. We expect XDMC price appeciation and higher XDMC Token price by next ICO stages in terms of project and business development. 


XDMC Token Bounty Distribution*: 

Campaign                              Allocation %                              Allocation in XDMC                    ETH equivalent               ETH equivalent in USD
Airdrop                                 10                                              1600000                                 374                                    224460
Referral                                8                                               1280000                                  299                                   179568
Signature                             15                                              2400000                                  561                                   336690
Blogging & Video, PR             12                                              1920000                                  448                                   269352
Facebook                             20                                              3200000                                  748                                   448920
Twitter                                 20                                              3200000                                  748                                   448920
Translation                           5                                               800000                                    187                                   112230
Telegram                             10                                             1600000                                   374                                   224460

Each round will end on Sunday @11:00 PM forum time


Week 1 :- 1st may - 6th May   -- Running 

Week 2 :- 7st may - 13th May   -- Upcoming 


1. MPCX Bounty participants will have their stakes and rewards calculated on weekly basis.                                 
2. XDMC Tokens will be distributed in 5 days after the end of the bounty campaign .                                 
3. After the campaign finished rewards will be calculated using the following formula:                                 
4. XDMC Token Bounty Reward for stakes rewarded participants = ((Total amount of XDMC Tokens reserved for current ICO stage excluding Node1 and  Node2 * % allocated to the paticular campaign) / Total amount of participants' stakes in the campaign)* Total amount of stakes of a participant                                 
E.g. for Signature Campaign with 15% allocation (16 000 000*0,15/1000)*200 = 480 000 XDMC Tokens                                 
5. Stakes for participation in the campaign will be allocated on a weekly basis each Monday.                                 
6. Please all bounty questions ask here: BOUNTY QUERIES                                 
7. It is prohibited to chat and ask bounty related questions here: TELEGRAM COMMUNITY                                 
8. We have the right to remove any participants that will show aggressive behavior towards bounty manager.
9. All bounty participants will receive Ethereum based XDMC Token, which will be available after Pre ICO.



Let's Get Acquainted, Interested in MPCX and the future of Digital Crypto Wealth Management, Join us today and stay in the know, Earn your 50 XDMC Tokens.                              
1. Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/MPCXPlatform                              
2. Like & Retweet at least one Tweet using the following hashtags: #MPCXP #Cryptocurrency#blockchain #token#crypto #Airdrop                              
3. Join Our Telegram: https://t.me/MPCXPlatfromCommunity
4. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MPCXPlatform and like our page as well as share at least 1 post with the following hashtags: #MPCXP #Cryptocurrency#blockchain #token#crypto #Airdrop                              
Earn 50 XDMC just for joining today.                              
Participants need to keep all posts/actions until the end of ICO.                              
Total allowable entries 32000.         

How to Apply https://goo.gl/forms/8J2HzqIJ449jXFwY2

Please all bounty questions ask here: https://t.me/joinchat/HKzpNw7GALGgezy0GrTT9w         
It is prohibited to chat and ask bounty related questions here: https://t.me/MPCXPlatfromCommunity

The Friend2Friend program, completed Airdrop but want to earn MORE?                           
We are giving you the opportunity, by referring your friends and answering simple questions about MPCX. The answers to the questions can all be found on the mpcx.co website.      

Coming Soon               



Number of Followers                           Stakes/Actions a Week
101-500                                                 100
501-1000                                               150
1001-2000                                              200
2001-3000                                              250
3001-?                                                  300
Minimum interval between your posts     1 Day

Facebook Campaign conditions:   
1. Have at least 100 friends and make privacy settings open for your page                                 
2. To be qualified you must  follow and Like MPCX official page on Facebook: https://fb.me/MPCXPlatform,
3. You have to like and share at least 5 posts per week from our official Facebook page and should be done over a week not in one day.
4. To be qualified each participant have to create min 2 his own posts per week
5. Stakes will be allocated if you are qualified. Your Posts should be relevant and with neceassary quality and be checked by our bounty manager.                  
6. Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed, all related accounts will not be checked and will be deleted.                  
7. Facebook account must be original, fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted and will be ineligible for payout if it is found in middle of the campaign.                  
Format to post your work 


Week #1

Shares + Likes

Own Post

How to Apply :- https://goo.gl/forms/JZvkmGGnYa0tGgIY2

Spreadsheet Link (Facebook) :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DiWz6p2BBBXbrf_OPbVYMQaXXqUjKyycpuCicuDFmQ/edit?usp=sharing


Number of Followers                  Stakes/Actions
200-750                                             100
751-1500                                           150
1501-4000                                         200
4001-10000                                       250
10000+                                             300

Minimum interval between your tweets 10 hours 

Twitter Campaign conditions:                     
1. Have at least 200 followers and make privacy settings open for your account.         
2. Follow MPCX official Twitter: https://twitter.com/MPCXPlatform   .                  
3. To be qualified you must  follow and Like MPCX official page on https://twitter.com/MPCXPlatform                   
4.Minimum of 5 retweets must be done weekly to be eligible for payment & retweets should be spread over a week not in one day.   
5. You must tweet at least 2 of your original tweet about MPCX and use hash tags #MPCXP #Cryptocurrency#blockchain #token#crypto #Airdrop            
6. MPCX reserves the right to change terms or apply new term and rules or do any reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount).                     
7. Retweets must be retweeted from the official MPCX's page: https://twitter.com/MPCXPlatform                     
8. Participants need to keep all posts/actions until the end of the Pre ICO and First ICO round.                     
Format to post your work 


Week #1



How to Apply :- https://goo.gl/forms/ESI4Op6tudkCClU53

Spreadsheet Link (Twitter) :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DiWz6p2BBBXbrf_OPbVYMQaXXqUjKyycpuCicuDFmQ/edit?usp=sharing



Translation of ANN thread : 350 stakes (deadline - 7 days).
Translation of Bounty thread : 500 stakes (deadline - 7 days).
Translation of whitepaper: 750 stakes (deadline - 7 days).            
1. Fill in our Translation Campaign form 
2. After being accepted and completing the translation, post in this thread with a link to the translated website or whitepaper.                     
3. We do not allow use Google Translate or any other different services;                     
4. The participants who are using Google Translate or any different services will be immediately disqualified;                     
5. The participants can register only one translation;                     
6. Applications for translation in several languages will not be allowed.                     
7. Do not start to translate until we accept you                     
8. Candidates whose Bitcointalk accounts have negative trust are not eligible.                     
9. No tampering with the meaning of texts and posts, no abridging of information or any other structural or conceptual changes are allowed.                                    
If you reserved the activity but failed to complete it we will cancel your reservation and pass the assignment on to another bounty program participant.                     
The list with reserved translations / languages will be updated in the very first post in this thread.                     
10. MPCX team reserves the right to change the terms or apply new at any time at its sole discretion.                     
11. All the translations will be checked by professional proofreaders.                     
12.MPCX reserves the right to remove you from the campaign if we think your translation is unsatisfactory.      

How to Apply :- https://goo.gl/forms/wawWIJYzQUXr9z2h1

Spreadsheet Link (Translation) :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DiWz6p2BBBXbrf_OPbVYMQaXXqUjKyycpuCicuDFmQ/edit?usp=sharing            


1. Join our official telegram chat and be active: https://t.me/MPCXPlatfromCommunity (DO NOT SEND BOUNTY RELATED QUESTIONS THERE)         
2. You will receive 50 stakes every week for 4-5 post , Posts must be at least 100 characters long.         
3. MPCX reserves the right to change terms or apply new term and rules or do any reasonable changes (including payment structure and amount).         
4. You must update your Telegram username to "Your Name |  MPCX.co "
5. You must replace your profile picture with this one HERE

How to Apply :- https://goo.gl/forms/vmI2qehWhxiOnZGe2

Spreadsheet Link (Translation) :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DiWz6p2BBBXbrf_OPbVYMQaXXqUjKyycpuCicuDFmQ/edit?usp=sharing



MPCX Will Reward Experienced Writers and Bloggers who write quality Reviews or Articles or cretae a video About MPCX Platform, Pre ICO, ICO, Instruction about Investment in XDMC Token in their Blogs, Websites, Forums and Sources.

Blog/Article/Reviews writing instructions:
The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
Your text must be original. Copy and stealing other contents bring to disqualification
The audience for the posted article must be crypto related or match a use for MPCX.co or promote the TOKEN SALE to a suitable audience.
Website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted.
Medium, Steemit and other Free Blogs are allowed but one person can only write 1 Article in one of these (you choose which one you use).
1 articles allowed in premium blogs and websites with .com, .net. .org etc domains and good SEO.
Article/review/blog post must contain at least 1 link to the MPCX.co website (use this Tracking link only)

Video instructions:

Describe MPCX.co and its features
Video must be in good resolution
Video must be minimum 2 minutes.
You can upload them to Youtube, Dailymotion or others.
You will receive rewards based on the quality and the audience of Video.

Normal quality & audience: 20 stakes   
Medium quality & audience: 50 stakes
High quality & audience: 100 stakes

How to Apply :- https://goo.gl/forms/MGOLjGoEyFkSvqqq1

Spreadsheet Link (Blog/Video) :- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DiWz6p2BBBXbrf_OPbVYMQaXXqUjKyycpuCicuDFmQ/edit?usp=sharing


1. Minimum of 10 posts must be made weekly.   
2. Posts must be at least 100 characters long.   
3. Posts must be constructive and not re-state what other people have said.   
4. Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate.   
5. If you receive a negative trust during your time in the campaign, you will be removed.   
6. Everyone participant from Full member have to wear our avatar   
7. Spamming is not tolerated at any cost.   
8. Posts in bounty threads, local boards, off-topic, Games and Rounds, Micro Earnings and Politics and Society will not be counted   
9. Advertising anything else in your signature will get you removed from the campaign.   
Signature Campaign Terms:
Jr. Member:              10 stakes per week
Member:                  20 stakes per week   
Full Member:            40 stakes per week   
Sr. Member:             50 stakes per week   
Hero Member:          70 stakes per week   
Legendary Member:  90 stakes per week   

How to Apply :- https://goo.gl/forms/xfrlTv3Wjq1R83qy1

Spreadsheet Link (signature) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18DiWz6p2BBBXbrf_OPbVYMQaXXqUjKyycpuCicuDFmQ/edit?usp=sharing