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What is HireGo ?

HireGo is UK based company building a decentralised car hire and car sharing app in partnership with San Francisco basedOrigin

HireGo peer to peer car hire and car share aims to disrupt the $90billion car hire industry by providing a safe, user-orientated decentralised platform.

HireGo has an experienced and skilled UK based team and is supported by expert blockchain and smart contract advisors.

???We are pleased to announce our bounty campaign to promote HireGos
upcoming ICO. All participants are required to join ourTelegramcommunity group???


500.000 tokens ( 0.5% of total supply) will be given for participants in this bounty program.

Bounty Allocation :

?Signature campaign --- 25%

?Youtube/blog campaign --- 25%

?Twitter campaign --- 20%

?Moderator campaign --- 15%

?Telegram campaign --- 15%

General rules :

?Signature stakes will be distributed every week, other stakes will be calculated end of the campaign.

?Bounty campaign will start on 19th of March until the end of the ICO.

?For any questions regarding the bounty campaign write a post to this thread and you will be replied asap.

?For any participants who are cheating, use multi-accounts,etc will be permanently banned for all others campaign

?We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules, if necessary.

?All tokens will be distributed within 4 weeks after the ICO.

Signature campaign

Weekly Rewards:

?Jr. Member: 0.5 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)

?Member: 1 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)

?Full Member: 1.5 stake per week (+0.25 stake for avatar)

?Senior Member: 2 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)

?Hero/Legendary Member: 2.5 stakes per week (+0,25 stake for avatar)


?Multiple accounts will be banned if spotted. Spam is not allowed.

?We expect you to post 15constructiveposts per week. 10 of these posts can be in local boards.

?Eligible posts must be at least 80 characters long.

?Posts should not be made in bounties, off topic, archival, meta and politic sections.

?You will have to keep wearing our signature, avatar and personal text until the end of the campaign.

?Multiple signatures are not allowed.

?Do not fill the form without wearing our signature, or you will be rejected.

?Participants with red trust are not allowed.



Youtube/Blog campaign


Based on your Youtube/Blog quality:

?High quality: 10 stakes

?Good quality: 5 stakes

?Normal quality: 2 stakes

?Poor quality : 0 stakes


?For Youtube channel, you have to apply to us before start working.

?Youtube videos must be at least 1 minutes long. You must have at least 200 organic subcribers.

?For Blogging, Your Medium/Steemit or other free blog page should have at least 250 followers and contain at least 500 words, should be original.

?You should have links to our website and whitepaper.

?Well review your Youtube/Blog at the end of the campaign.



Twitter campaign


?0-1499 followers: 0.5 stakes

?1500-2999 followers: 1 stakes

?3000-4999 followers: 1.5 stakes

?5000 and above followers: 2.5 stakes


?You must follow ourTwitteraccount.

?Your audit score must be more than 90%.

?Retweet must have these hashtags #crypto #ICO #tokensale #HireGo.

?Twitter followers will not be updated after having registered in our campaign.

?Minimum 1 retweet per week , maximum 5 retweets per week.

Weekly report format:


Twitter campaign

Twitter Username:

Spreadsheet No:


Twitter Links:

1.<date> <link>

2.<date> <link>

3.<date> <link>




Telegram campaign

Rules and rewards:

?Join ourTelegramchannel and get 1 stake.

?Add hirego.io to your nickname and get 5 stakes.

?Set ourAvatarto get 5 stakes.

?You must be active and supportive in the group.



Moderator campaign

Must be active and clear up community s queries.

Higher ranking members are preferred .



We also accept Translation for Website and Whitepaper, here are languages that we needed:





Please apply based on this form:


Translation campaign

Your language:

Bitcointalk profile:

Previous product:

Content to translate: (Website, Whitepaper or both)

ETH wallet