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Advanced Miners Official Bounty Program
We are glad to announce our bounty campaign that will continue until the end of the ICO.

Website|Whitepaper|ANN THREAD


Hard cap= $32m
Price will start from $0.7 per 1 ACM Token and will change during ICO stage.

We have allocated500 000tokens in to the bounty campaign.


??????ANY BOUNTY CAMPAIGN QUESTIONS?????? -https://t.me/advminers_bounty

Bounty Allocation:


Each participant can use only one account to join the campaign
Each participant must write aproof of joined postin our bounty thread with the following details:


Proof of joined post
Bitcointalk username:
Campaign in which you participate:
ETH address:

It is necessary to join our Telegram chathttp://t.me/advminersand channelhttp://t.me/advancedminers
Stakes will be calculated every week.
First week of the bounty campaign will start on25.04.2018
We reserve our right to terminate your participation in the Bounty Program if we think you haven't been honest in representing the work done.
We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
Follower/Friend numbers cannot be changed during the bounty campaign.

30% =150 000ACM

Weekly rewards:
Jr. member 1 stake per week
Member 3 stakes per week
Full Member 4 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)
Senior Member 6 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)
Hero/ Legendary 8 stakes per week(+0,5 stake for avatar)

SIGNATURE conditions:
Fill and submit this form:https://goo.gl/forms/1jpshltQxt8qDVj63
Join our official Telegram chathttp://t.me/advminersand channelhttp://t.me/advancedminers
Jr. Member signature campaign is limited 30 participants;
You need to make at least 15 constructive posts each week;
Posts must have a minimum length of 60 characters;
Posts in any bounty threads will not be counted;
Off-topic, spam and burst posts will not be counted;
Maximum 3 posts a day will be counted;
You will have to keep wearing our signature, personal text and avatar until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the ICO (allow around a week for these calculations);
Accounts with negative trust are not accepted;


Link for check your status in signature campaign:https://goo.gl/aMnyvX

15% =75 000ACM

You will receive rewards based on the quality and the audience of Article.
Low: 0 stake per post
Good: 2 stake per post
High: 3 stake per post

Blog/Media/Article conditions:
Fill and submit this form:https://goo.gl/forms/Qwj6rYTQIu3pswbu2
Your account must have at least 50 subscribers. Recommended blogs: Steemit, Golos;
Low quality articles will not be accepted;
Your article must be unique and have at least 800 characters; Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread, Facebook and Twitter). If your article will be more than 50% non original the quality of your article will be set as low;
Article must have a link to the official website and Whitepaper.
To confirm your ownership of the video, your Bitcointalk profile must be added at the end of the article.

Link for check your status in Blog/Media/Article campaign:https://goo.gl/bP5XAQ

20% =100 000ACM

There are 600 free places to register
Real followers(r.f.) will checked by twitteraudit.
300-1000 r.f. - 1 stakes/week
1001-2500 r.f. - 3 stakes/week
2501-5000 r.f. - 5 stakes/week
5001-10000 r.f. - 7 stakes/week
Above 10000 r.f. - 10 stakes/week

Twitter conditions:
Fill and submit this form:https://goo.gl/forms/waNc179enPeZudQm1
Follow official Twitter page:https://twitter.com/advminers
Join our official Telegram chathttp://t.me/advminersand channelhttp://t.me/advancedminers
Twitter audit should show more than 85% real followers count.
Followers count will not be updated after the company would be started!
Anyone can participate the twitter campaign regardless of the bitcointalk rank.
You must like and retweet at least 3 tweets from our twitter account.
You must make at least 3 unique tweets per week with: #AdvancedMiners #ACM #ICO https://advancedminers.io/ ;
Only 1 tweet/retwet per day will be counted;
Participants in must post their report ONCE PER WEEK in this thread. Deadline for each week isWednesday 23:59 forum time. Stakes rewards are updated every Thursday-Saturday. Always make a new Report posts to submit your report. Do not edit old reports and add your new report.


Week Number:
Spreadsheet number :
1. Unique tweet1
2. Unique tweet2
3. Unique tweet3
1. Retweet1
2. Retweet2
3. Retweet3