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We are very excited to reach out to the community for support in spreading the word about PaxPay!

We have set aside a good 3.5 million PAX Tokens of the total sale of the PAXPAY TOKENS for bounty program for participants who participate.

We will also be giving away $250 dollars worth of ETH for best video content posted by a participant!! This will be done halfway through the token sale.

There will be more reward giveaways throughout the token sale, so make sure to always check back on the ANN thread and follow us on social media to get the latest updates and catch it in time!!!

Here is the spreadsheet for public viewing and records. Please note: Don't worry, we hide participants personal info for safety and security reasons. Ex: Participants email, facebook url, etc. If you notice something we need to fix in the spreadsheet, please PM us.


Please carefully read through the rules down below.

Please note:Bounties will be paid after the end of the token sale. Please be patient for your bounty, as this has to be done manually by us.

VERYimportant rule: Do not submit an ETH address from an exchange or any 3rd party service. Only provide an Eth address from a personal wallet where only you have control of the private key. We will not be liable for you not receiving your bounty if you do not follow this rule. Once you have submitted an ETH address for your bounties, it will not be changed under any circumstances. So please be careful and make sure you are submitting correct information.

If you are participating in more than one campaign, please use the SAME Ethereum address for the whole campaign.
IMPORTANT:It is extremely important to do your own work and not cheat, copy, or steal others work. Doing so will get you blacklisted from this and all future campaigns. We will have more campaigns after the token sale.

We have the right to make changes to terms and conditions, if deemed necessary.

If you have any questions, just let us know through PM orTelegram. Thanks

Please look down below for the following bounty campaigns! You can join more than one campaign!!

We will post an updated spreadsheet with all token allocations and stakes at the end of the token sale.

2.Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc):20%
3.Media, Videos & Blog Posts/Media:27%
6.Referral Campaign. There is a separate rewards allotment for this campaign. Please see at bottom of thread.

General terms:
1.All users must register to the officialTelegramaccount

2.The campaign starts immediately after post of this thread.

3.We have the right to make changes to this bounty as deemed necessary.

4.Using multiple accounts, negligence, spamming, or any unethical behavior will cause immediate disqualification from any bounties and result in being blacklisted for any future campaigns.

5.If your rank changes during the campaign, you will need to email the manager in charge of bounty to have this manually corrected.

Translation Campaign terms and rules: To join clickHERE. Fill in necessary information.

1.One single spot reservation per person per whitepaper language. Please look at spreadsheet to see if the language has been booked or not. We will PM you if you are accepted for that language. Also, we will change the row to green and leave a comment in the last cell and say which translations you are accepted for. Participants may get accepted for different translation types.

2.One single post dead thread will disqualify you.

3.No use of Google Translator will be accepted. No use of 3rd party translating services. Doing so will automatically disqualify you. Only apply if you are fluent and can provide a proficient translation.

4.Do not spam with unnecessary posts. Post translations of updates and necessary information only. Only new appropriate updates will be counted.

5.Please be prompt when translating. You will have a deadline of 5 days to finish translation on any posts. Not meeting the deadline will result in disqualification.

6.Translations must be posted on Bitcointalk forum only. No other forums are necessary.

7.These are the languages we need:
a.Spanish, French, Chinese, Turkish, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino

8.Stakes rewards down below:

a.Whitepaper translation: 400 stakes
b.Announcement Thread translation: 150 stakes
c.Translation of new posts from PaxPay: 10 stakes
d.Extra bonus if you have more than 1000 views: 50 stakes

9.Make sure to also post in this thread and what you are signing up for. Whitepaper translation, translation posts, or both. We will reply to you in here if you are accepted.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Campaign terms and rules:
To join clickHEREto join. Fill in necessary information.

1.After you have signed up. To record posts, please click the respective link down below:

2.No dead/inactive accounts or fake/bot accounts!
a.Twitter must have a minimum of 200 followers
b.You must have more than 100 friends on facebook
c.You must have more than 100 followers on instagram

3.You must be at least Jr. Member to participate

4.Each social media platform will count as a separate stake.

5.You must report no later than 3 days after posts

6.You must be an active user on the social media platforms.

7.You must LIKE and retweet all Paxpays official posts and tweets

8.You must FOLLOW and LIKE the official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Whichever pertains to the one you are participating in.

9.No retweets of other peoples answers will be counted and should not be filled in the report doc.

10.You must make 7 retweets and post at least 3 tweets about PaxPay per week with the hashtags#PaxPay #TokenSale #PaxPayTokenSale #PaxPayICO #ICO
(you can report a maximum of 3 RTs or Likes a day).

11.All posts must contain#PaxPay #TokenSale #PaxPayTokenSale #PaxPayICO #ICO

12.Stake rewards:

a.All participants will receive 5 stakes per post.

Blog/video/media Campaign terms and rules: To join clickHERE. Fill in necessary information.

Anyone can participate in this campaign by writing a unique 400+ words blog post and posting it online.

1. Blog and YouTube accounts must be at least 3 months old.

2. YouTube accounts must have a minimum of 200 subscribers to qualify.

3. All work must be original content. Plagiarism of another persons work will result in disqualification.

4. Blog and media posts must be made public.

5. Video and writing content must be acceptable quality work, sub-par work will be disqualified.

6. All blog and media posts must have links to the PaxPay website, the PaxPay whitepaper, the Bitcointalk thread, and your ETH address.

7. The blog or website that you post blog content must be associated and applicable to the crypto/finance world.

8. Videos must be a minimum of 1:00 minute to qualify.

9. Blog and media posts cannot be a copy or reading of PaxPay website or whitepaper. Official text and images from website and whitepaper can be quoted and used.

10. Blog posts must be 400+ words to qualify. Blog posts with less than 400 words will not be accepted.

11. Blogs that have been translated using Google Translate will not be accepted.

12. Your blog publications can be posted several times on different relevant websites, but only a maximum of 2 of the same publication will be counted towards stake rewards. If you want additional stake rewards for blogging, you will need to write another unique blog post, which can be used another 2 times.

13. Video description must include text about the token sale.

14. Stake rewards based on quality of content:

a.Low quality: 25 stakes
b.Medium quality: 50 stakes
c.High quality: 100 stakes

15. Extra bonus stake rewards for number of subscribers for YouTube video:

a.More than 500 subscribers: 20
b.More than 1,000 subscribers: 40
c.More than 10,000 subscribers: 80
d.More than 40,000 subscribers: 120

Signature Campaign terms and rules: To join clickHERE. Fill in necessary information.

1.To participate in this bounty, wear the appropriate signature based on your rank.

2.Participants must produce 10 meaningful posts per week.

3.A post must be at least 70 words to qualify.

4.You must be ranked a Member or above on Bitcointalk to join this campaign.

5.Accounts with negative trust are not allowed.

6.A maximum of 5 posts in a local board will be counted weekly.

7.For your own safety and security purposes, once you submit your ETH address it cannot be changed under any circumstances.

8.You must continue to have the signature and avatar up throughout the whole campaign until after completion of token sale, otherwise you will not receive any stakes for this campaign. If you join this campaign, please do not remove signature/avatar until PaxPay posts an official announcement to do so; we will post this on Bitcointalk PaxPay thread and Twitter.

9.Stake rewards:

a.Member: 10 Stakes/ Week
b.Full Member: 30 Stakes/ Week
c.Sr. Member: 60 Stakes/ Week
d.Hero Member: 100 Stakes/ Week
e.Legendary: 100 Stakes/ Week

Telegram Campaign terms and rules:

Anyone can join this campaign!! To join clickHEREand fill in necessary information.
Get rewards by joining the officialPaxPay Telegram!

Referral Program Campaign terms and rules:

To join click HEREand fill in necessary information.
You can sign up to be a referrer in our token sale referral program, which awards 5% of the amount that was contributed by a referred affiliate using your unique referral ID, split between you and your affiliate.

Top referrer will also be awarded an additional 50,000 PAX Tokens!!

Rules and Guidelines:
1.Very important: To receive the referral bonus, your referred affiliate must fill out the referral form completely before making the token purchase. The referral form will be timestamped.
2.No Auto Referral permitted, in which the referring party and their referral are the same person.
3.Each individual newly referred affiliate can only be referred once.
4.No spamming of any sort is allowed. Please do not spam your referral link.
5.Any attempts to cheat the system or not following the rules and guidelines could result in immediate account ban and loss of earned funds.

How to Join to be a Referrer:

1.To participate in the referral bonus program:
a.Like and follow the PaxPay Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram page (This is important to ensure each person is a unique and real individual. No bots allowed!).
b.Fill out the referral form, which can be found on the bottom of the page.
2.You must fill out the form completely. This includes:
a.Your first name
b.Your last name
c.Your email address (Please make sure this is a working, valid email for receiving correspondence)
d.Your Facebook URL
e.Your ETH public address
f.The Unique Referral ID question on the form will be comprised of your first name, last name initial, and the last 6 digits/letters of your ETH public address
i.Example: John Smith, ETH address: 0xbBb93cF611817187b0CBD5Bb4a68Cf4215862605. His unique referral ID will be: JohnS862605

Once again, we would like to thank the community for all the love and support.