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The idea of Glitzkoin is to bring transparency and simplicity to the diamond industry. It integrates the conventional diamond industry with the latest decentralized internet value system. Evaluations and assessments will no longer be done by guesses and hunches.

GLITZKOIN seeks to transform the diamond  industry by diminishing  barriers, increasing coordination, and instilling trust in cross-border transactions for the diamond industry.

High utility blockchain that, provides a win-win trading platform for both diamond buyers and sellers. Detailed records are maintained in a tamper proof environment.



We aim to build a blockchain based open ecosystem for the diamond  industry  where  all  the  trade  in  diamonds  can  be  conducted and coordinated.



The Glitzkoin Bounty Program will have following 6 campaigns - with maximum token cap:

It is Mandatory to Join the telegram Group in order to take part in this campaign. [ https://t.me/joinchat/H2lmsxLwenY3S8Fp_CFQBA ]

   Signature campaign - 160k Glitzkoin
   Article campaign - 80k Glitzkoin
   Telegram campaign - 60k Glitzkoin
   Twitter campaigns - 50k Glitzkoin
   Youtube campaigns - 30k Glitzkoin
   Reddit campaigns - 20k Glitzkoin


Check your Participation ]


Signature Campaign


Jr Members: 60 Glitzkoin/week
Members: 100 Glitzkoin/week
Full Members: 200 Glitzkoin/week
Sr Members: 300 Glitzkoin/week
Hero Members: 400 Glitzkoin/week
Legendary Members: 500 Glitzkoin/week

- Wear Glitzkoin signature as per your Bitcointalk rank
- Keep the signature until the end of the campaign
- Users with negative trust are not eligible for this bounty campaign
- Posts shorter than 80 characters will not be counted.
- Posts must be constructive and on-topic. Spamming, low quality, copy-paste and off topic posts will not be counted.
- A minimum of 10 meaningful posts per week but must be made during this period (off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count)

Spreadsheet: (signature campaign spreadsheet link)
Signature codes + avatar:






Article Campaign


- Write an article about Glitzkoin project in English, with at least 500 words and publish it publicly on Medium.
- Article must have a link to our website https://www.glitzkoin.com/
- Maximum 5 article will be accounted per participant
   Average: 500 Glitzkoin/article
   Good: 1000 Glitzkoin/article




- Join our official Telegram group(link)  .
- Must remain in the group until the campaign ends
Joining link - https://t.me/joinchat/H2lmsxLwenY3S8Fp_CFQBA
Rewards: 80 Glitzkoin/participant



Twitter Campaign

- Must follow official Glitzkoin twitter page.
- Must have more than 250 twitter followers.
- Retweet only content from the official (@GlitzkoinToken) containing the hashtag #Glitzkoin
- The retweet should remain posted till the end of the token sale.

Twitter link - https://twitter.com/GlitzkoinToken

Rewards: 250-500 Followers: 30 Glitzkoin/retweet
500+ Followers: 50 Glitzkoin/retweet




- Youtube channel must have at least 100 subscribers
- Video must be at least 60 seconds length 
- Video description must contain the Glitzkoin Website link (https://www.glitzkoin.com
    Average: 500 Glitzkoin
    Good: 1000 Glitzkoin
Excellent: 2000 Glitzkoin

Reddit Campaign


- Must be in relevant category 
- Posts shorter than 200 characters will not be counted.

Upvote: 50 Glitzkoin
Post: 300 Glitzkoin


Post your work weekly at our bitcointalk Bounty Thread only. Link 
Post in the following format for Article, Youtube and Reddit Campaign
campaign: __
Bitcointalk username : __
Campaign profile link : __
Date: dd/mm
Published Link: __