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Gentlemen Coin
For True Gentlemen Only | PoW & Masternodes

Dear Bounty Participant, we are announcing a bounty program from today and it will run for 3 weeks. We have decided to pay 5% of premine coin to our bounty participant.
How to create Gentlemen Coin wallet address? Just go to Wallets/Github then download appropriate version of you. If still any question then ask us on Discord.

Bounty Related Question: https://t.me/shasanbounty

Gentlemen Coin Official Bounty Campaign
Important Links:


Bounty Allocation:
 Article/content= 15%

General Terms:

1. Bounty Related questions: https://t.me/shasanbounty
2. Bounty campaign will run for 3 weeks Only
3. You must report within according to mentioned time. Report Except that time will not be checked.
Week 1 (25.06-01.07) Report Time 30.06-02.07
Week 2 (02.07-08.07) Report Time 07.07-09.07
Week 3 (09.07-15.07) Report Time 14.07-16.07

4. If you can’t report a week within the report time mean you will not be eligible for that week.
5. Stakes will be given before ending the next week. And coin will be paid within 30 days after bounty completion.
6. Multiple account strictly prohibited. Do not use multiple account or farm account.
7. We have right to disqualify any participant without any notice if we see unusual activity (cheating, spamming etc)
8. Project owner or bounty manager can change any rules at anytime.
9. Bounty manager is not liable for the bounty payment. It will be given from the side of Project owner/team
10. Proof of Authentication

Proof of Authentication
Campaign Name. Eg: Twitter Campaign

Signature Campaign=30%

1. You can participate on signature campaign if you have minimum jr. member rank.
2. Negative trust not allow any phase of the project. If any phase of the project you receive negative trust then you will not be eligible for the reward of signature campaign.
3. Minimum 10 posts per week. And each post require minimum 80 characters.
4. If we receive less than 50 participant on signature Campaign then reward will be 15%
5. Post will  be counted Monday to Sunday (Forum time 11:59 pm)
6. You can’t remove signature  before 19.07
7. You must wear signature when you applied on the project. Otherwise you will not be accepted. And any phase of the time you remove our signature mean you will be disqualified from the campaign and no reward will be given
8. Posts of bounty reports and post of joining will not be counted.
9. Join Signature Campaign Here.
10. Check your status Here.
Stakes Calculations:
Jr Member: 2 stakes
Member: 3 stakes
Full Member: 4 Stakes
Sr. Member: 6 stakes
Hero/Legendary: 8 Stakes

Jr. Member


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