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BitcoinToken is announcing its Official Bounty Campaign. The goal of the Campaign is to promote BitcoinTokens Mega #Airdrop for Early Investors, increase our community, help vote listings towards exchanges and bring general awareness of our currency to the greater crypto world.

30,000,000million Bitcoin Tokens have been reserved for the entire bounty pool for the eligible participants.

? We will be running this bounty campaign for at least 4 weeks and possibly extend it. Also please check back to see new bounties we will add.
? We reserve the right to stop or add new bounties at anytime.

? All bounty participants are required to join BitcoinTokens social accounts:
Join BitcoinToken Telegram group:https://t.me/joinchat/HLlnQw9SOw6HzYIehZOCMw
Follow BitcoinToken Twitter page:https://twitter.com/bitcoin_token
Join BitcoinTokens Reddit page here:https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinToken/
? We reserve the right to remove a bounty participant from any Campaign if we believe that his/her behavior is dishonest, unacceptable or inappropriate.
? We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of Bounty Campaigns, including, but not limited to stakes that bounty participants will be rewarded with.
? We reserve the right to pause or completely terminate any or all running bounty Campaigns.
? We reserve the right to increase or decrease the proportion of tokens allocated to our Bounty Campaign.
? The tokens will be distributed to bounty participants within 4 weeks after the bounty campaign is complete.
? Bounty participants are prohibited from posting any content that may be considered defamatory to BitcoinTokens reputation or discredit its public image in some way.
? One person is not allowed to use multiple accounts to participate in our Bounty Campaign.

Twitter Campaign Rules & Qualifications:
? One must have a real (not fake) Twitter account with at least 200 real followers in order to be allowed to participate
? Twitter Audit score must be higher or equal to 85%. Check your score here:https://twitteraudit.com
? Participants must follow BitcoinTokens official Twitter profile:https://twitter.com/bitcoin_token

Twitter Campaign Rewards:

? Retweet Bitcoin Token's tweets:40 Bitcoin Tokens
Retweet these two tweets:
1. https://twitter.com/bitcoin_token/status/963604692373778433
2. https://twitter.com/bitcoin_token/status/963765983671476224

? Custom Tweet about Bitcoin Token:30 Bitcoin Tokens
- Custom tweets about BitcoinToken must contain a link to BitcoinToken website :https://btk.communityas well as the following hashtags: #bitcointoken #bitcoin
- Also, tweets must consist of at least 40 characters.
- Ideas for custom tweets: the feature you like most of all about Bitcointoken; why you believe BitcoinToken is going to grasp a huge market share, etc.

To participate on Twitter Campaign, Fill up this form:HERE

Submit your reports as following:


Twitter Username:
Real Followers:
Audit Link:


Custom Tweets:

Bitcoin Token Overall Spreadsheet

Exchange Voting Campaign Rules & Qualifications:
? Vote on any exchange for Bitcoin Token.

Exchange Voting Campaign Rewards:

? Vote for BitcoinToken at CobinHood:50 Bitcoin Tokens
1. Register at:https://cobinhood.canny.io/token-listing/p/list-bitcointoken-btk
2. Upvote the listing clock on the up arrow
3. Leave a comment that is original below the vote post.

? Vote for BitcoinToken at Altcoin.io:50 Bitcoin Tokens
1. Visit:https://feedback.altcoinexchange.com/suggestions/5109/add-bitcointoken-btk
2. Click on the green upvote button
3. Scroll down to the entire bottom of the page and leave a comment that is original.

? Vote for BitcoinToken at CoinFalcon:50 Bitcoin Tokens
1. Register at:https://feedback.coinfalcon.com/coin-request/p/bitcointoken-btk
2. Upvote the listing clock on the up arrow
3. Leave a comment that is original below the vote post.

? Vote for BitcoinToken at FatBTC:50 Bitcoin Tokens
1. Re-tweet (RT) this message:https://twitter.com/FatBTC/status/962159063265001472
2. Follow @FatBTC on Twitter
3. Comment and tag 5 friends

To participate on Exchange Voting Campaign, Just post your reports on this Bounty thread

Submit your reports as following:


Username on exchange (twitter username for FatBTC):
Exchange Voted:
Date and Time Voted:
Ethereum Address:

Bitcoin Token Overall Spreadsheet

We have a press-release that we want distributed. Do you have contacts with news sites, business sites, or crypto news sites? The reward will be based on the traffic of the website and relevance to crypto currency.

We accept submissions to general press release websites also.

If you are a writer for a news site or editor we would also be interested in an original writing to be done for a special bounty price depending again on site relevance and traffic.

Messsage@bitcoin_tokenon Telegram with what site(s) you are intending to share the press release on and we can value the reward for you.

Press Release Campaign Campaign Rewards:

? PRESS RELEASE POSTING ON WEBSITE:100 - 50,000 Bitcoin Tokens (depending on quality, traffic, & relevance to crypto-currency)

We are currently looking for developers to help us fork an existing open source wallet in IOS and Andriod or create our own APP for BTK (BitcoinToken).
Please get in touch with us via PM on telegram (Message:@bitcoin_token) if you are interested to participate in this project for a bounty of BTK token.

Go ahead and suggest something that you can do for us and we will consider you. We value community as BTK is a community currency. If you have a creative way to help we are open to this.

For concerns regarding the Bounty Campaign, kindly post it in this thread.
You can also reached me on telegram here:https://t.me/julerz12bountycampaigns