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Our Official dates of the Presale are 21st of February - 21st of March 2018, and ICO 21st of March - 30th of April 2018.


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Official Bounty Campaign - Robotina ICO


Bounty campaign runs from February 21st, 2018, to the end of the ICO or once the bounty budget is finished.

We are growing our community of Robotina ROXers! Help us spread the word about our goals, achievements and future development by participating in Robotina bounty program. Help us by talking about Robotina on social media; writing and sharing an article about our platform on your blog; or translating content from our Whitepaper, ICO website, and videos. In return for expanding the Robotina community of ROXers, you’ll earn ROX tokens. The bounty program budget is approximately 24.45 million ROX tokens or 3% of the total amount of ROX tokens. 

Bounty rewards will be suspended for accounts with activity resembling fake accounts or bots.*

Join the Bounty via this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfQYUjN5nMUsexlhikIzTlWyNssnlFTyT-MUjxfD53NEOsWYw/viewform 

There are few ways to engage and receive rewards. The bounty budget is divided into the several categories:

Social Media Campaign (20%):
Twitter (10%)
Facebook (10%)
Content campaign (Blogs, videos and classic media - 20%)
Ongoing translation and moderation campaign (15%)
Bitcointalk Signature and avatar campaign (15%)
Newsletter campaign (5%)
Feedback campaign (5%)
Artwork campaign (10%)
VIP / Ambassadors campaign (10%)

Bounty program participants are welcome to engage with any combination of these channels and services. The bounty campaign will run until the end of the ICO (April 30th), or until the budget has been used, whichever comes first. Here are THE RULES and REWARDS for each of the campaign categories:

Social Media Campaign

Social media is a big part of our everyday lives and a place, where our ideas can easily be spread.


Follow the Robotina Twitter and earn: 50 ROX

Retweet and earn: 50 ROX per RT if you have fewer than 300 followers; 100 ROX per RT if you have 301-999 followers; 150 ROX per RT if you have 1000+ followers
Please note, RTs will only earn ROX tokens if the original Tweet is less than a week old.


Follow the Robotina Facebook page and earn: 50 ROX

Share one of our Facebook posts to your timeline and earn: 50 ROX per Share if you have fewer than 500 friends; 100 ROX per Share if you have 501-1500 followers; 150 ROX per Share if you have 1500+ followers
Please note, Shares will only earn ROX tokens if the shared post is less than a week old. 

Content campaign(Blogs, videos and classic media)

Spread the word with your original content and earn: 2500 ROX. 

Your blog must have a minimum of 300 followers; create an article on a Facebook page with a minimum of 1,000 followers; create high quality articles on crypto specific news portals, blogs, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.; Create YouTube videos (including interviews and/or reviews); 

Terms and conditions:

Unique, not copied and pasted from elsewhere. Do not copy previous articles of the participants.
Promoted in other forums, in your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any other social outlet with a large outreach.
Contain a link to our ICO website (https://www.robotinaico.com/).
Steemit & Medium blogs with subscribers less than 50 people are not accepted!
All texts must be published online and accessible to everyone.
Your text must be unique.
We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website where you choose to publish your text, must be at least 3 months old and must have user activity.
Your text must consist of 500 words at least.
Video must be at least 1:30 minute long. Shorter than that will not be accepted.
Your post must include at least 2 links: to Robotina ICO website, official Robotina Facebook or Twitter account or other official articles and posts about the project.
Make sure you have full understanding of the Robotina project.
All content will be judged on the basis of quality, traffic, views and influence.

Translation & Moderation Campaign

We’re also looking for foreign language translations to help us spread the word about Robotina to other corners of the world.
We would especially love to hear from French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Dutch writers - but if you are fluent in another language, let us know. High quality translations only!
Moderation of posts and official ANN and Bounty ANN by the OP will provide you with additional possibility to earn ROX. 

Here are the incentives:

Translate the ICO website and earn: 2500 ROX
Translate the Robotina Whitepaper and earn: 6000 ROX
Translate the Robotina Lightpaper and earn: 3500 ROX
Translate one of our videos subtitles and earn: 1000 ROX
Moderate OPs ANN posts and earn: 200 ROX

Terms and conditions:

Translations need to be proper in grammar and vocabulary.
Translations must be original, no Google translate. If we will find that the text is translated with the help of automated translation tools, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made.
We do not need any Single Post Dead Thread. If you failed to keep the thread active and up to date, your reward can be reduced to 50% of the actual payment or you could simply be disqualified.
If there will be a lot of mistakes in translation, translator will be blacklisted, and no payments will be made.
Translator should create an ANN with the translation.
Translators are expected to remain engaged in discussion about ROX in the thread specific to their language.
Translations have to be done professionally.
Only the posts of the OP are counted towards Moderation activity.

Bitcointalk Signature campaign 

For your posts you will win the following amount of ROX:

Member: 50 ROX
Full Member: 100 ROX
Sr. Member: 150 ROX
Hero/Legendary: 200 ROX

Terms and conditions:

As you apply, your rank is defined, and it will not be changed.
Spammers and multi account members will be banned.
Receiving negative trust or ban during your participation in our campaign will result in your disqualification from our campaign. Once disqualified, a member will not receive any tokens.
Every participant in this campaign has to keep it's signature throughout the duration of the campaign (from entry date until ICO ends).
A minimum of 15 meaningful posts per week must be made during this period (off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count).
Posts must have a minimum length of 80 characters.

Artwork campaign

Robotina ICO is well designed and gives artists a lot of options to incorporate it into other artworks.
Robotina project team will reward Experienced Designers and Artists who create content about Robotina Company and/or the Robotina ICO project Crowdsale.

You will be able to earn:

High Quality: 1000 ROX
Good Quality: 500 ROX
Normal Quality: 200 ROX
Low Quality: 0 ROX

Terms and conditions:

All artworks must be unique. Participants that will not produce one of a kind pieces of art, will be disqualified and not receive any tokens.
All pieces of art are allowed (music, videos, pictures, objects, drawings etc.), however they do need to project a positive image about Robotina.
All the artworks will be checked and given ratings and payouts will be made accordingly.
Any artwork that will project a negative image of Robotina will result in disqualification of a participant.
Any artwork produced can then be further shared and used as a marketing tool by Robotina.

Newsletter Campaign

Sign up to our newsletter and receive Robotina’s favourite stories and helpful information and earn: 50 ROX

All you need to do is visit our website (https://www.robotinaico.com/) and enter your email address into the form.

Feedback Campaign

We want your feedback. Mention and link one of Robotina’s channels in any social media post and earn: 250 ROX.
To qualify, each post must:

Contain at least three sentences.
Contain a link to one of Robotina’s channels (Website, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Medium).
Be your personal opinion or feedback on Robotina.
Be unique content in each media, not copied and pasted.
Be spaced a week apart from other Feedback posts you make.

VIP / Ambassadors campaign

This is the only part of the campaign, where one cannot apply, but has to be invited.
Robotina ICO team will search around the world for suitable partners in various industries.

Acceptance criteria for bounty campaign:

List of participants will be updated once per week.
After the ICO is finished and before tokens are distributed, the list of participants will be checked again to ensure that everything is accurate.
If your account activity appears fraudulent (you will be informed), you can contact us and we will resolve the issue quickly. If you are suspected of fraud, you will be removed from the participants list.

Get in touch with us:


Website | Register | Lightpaper | Whitepaper
Token Sale | Roadmap | Team | Video
Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Medium

*Your account can be suspended as a bot/fake on the basis of one of the following infringements (if matched 2+ statements below):

For Facebook

You have 0 friends
Your account is less than 6 months old
You have many friends/followers but don’t have any activity (likes/shares/comments from the community on your page/group
Your account does not use a real name
Your profile doesn’t have a photo
You have many fake followers
You don’t publish any personal content

For Twitter

More than 90% of your posts are retweets
More than 50% of your retweets are about ICO projects
More than 5 retweets are made per day about different ICOs
Your account is less than 6 months old
You have many fake followers
You don’t publish personal content